22nd June – 3rd July

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Yolanda Pérez Sánchez @yolanperezart

My name is Yolanda. I am a Spanish artist based in Manchester. I studied interior design in Madrid and my education continued by doing several courses in glass art and furniture restoration. I was a glass artisan for 11 years and taught how to restore old furniture to retired people in small villages of Salamanca, Spain. My current work is inspired by my father’s Alzhaimer who was diagnosed with this illness a few years ago and became a child again. My work is led to the child’s creativity freedom.


Jessica Holzhausen @hol_jessica

Jessica Holzhausen is an artist, writer, and historian, living and working in Oxford. Originally from Germany, she worked as a journalist for radio and television before moving to the United Kingdom in 2015, where in recent years she rediscovered her passion for painting.

‘My paintings are deeply connected to my emotions. While I find inspiration in the natural world – the seaside, woodlands, a little garden – my art is based on my own inner landscapes: a storm brewing in my head or the calm serenity that arises from focusing on the twisting branches of a tree.’


Emma Jackson

An ethereal experience of an audience when viewing performance arts inspired my research, with a focus on dramatization of the mundane. Absence, loss, and memory are core themes during investigations into the transmogrification of the everyday to the theatrical. Observed and imagined landscapes serve as manifestations of a moment in time – an extension of the ‘self’ now departed.


Kaja Kolodziejczyk @littlethoughtsgallery

Polish self- taught analog collage artist based in Amsterdam.

Former FX makeup artist who decided to change her “canvas” from human face to paper.

Surreal yet recognizable, my hand-cut collages linger in a space somewhere between our past and our present. Vintage photographs and faded paper are accented by the vivid colors of modern imagery. In whimsical reimagining’s of the everyday sprinkled with entrancing patterns and colorful geometries, I break apart the world we think we know. The seemingly absurd amalgamations of texts, maps, and the occasional unconventional material, such as a discarded flower or remnant of string, come together to evoke an overwhelming nostalgia giving each element of the piece a reinvigorated sense of life. My analog stylings call out to us, resonating, channeling our contemporary sentiments of discontentment, displacement, and wistfulness.


Magdalena Jordán @magdajordan.artist

Magdalena Jordán (1986, Santiago de Chile) Painter and Video Producer. BA in Fine Arts, Universidad de Chile (2010) and Audio-visual Communicator from ARCOS Institute, Santiago, Chile. She is currently studying a Master in Fine Arts in the Caspar David Institute, Universität Greifswald. Magdalena has exhibited in Valparaíso and Santiago in Chile; in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main and Greifswald in Germany and in London in the United Kingdom. Her last solo exhibition in Berlin was Motor (2019), consisting in a series of watercolour paintings that illustrate a short comic book printed issue (

Magdalena composes her paintings working with images from different sources, such as news, documentary photos and her own archive of photos and videos as well, to explore and expand conceptions about Landscape in the field of painting. With this procedure she aims to question, define, and shape ideas about territorial identity and political empowerment.


Lucy MacQueen @lucymacqueen_art 

Lucy MacQueen is British, though she lives in the US. She has shown Texas, New York and Santa Fe and is now, finally, showing in London where it all began!

Lucy MacQueen is a landscape painter whose work depicts the changing light on land and water. Her intention, expressed by reducing her compositions to their simplest forms, is for the viewer to find themselves somewhere familiar, to jog a memory or lose themselves in the brooding sky or gently glinting water.


Giulia Mastracchio @giulia.artist 

Giulia Mastracchio is an Italian artist based in London.

The self-taught artist creates the majority of her work in a stippling technique, using black inks and thousands of single tiny dots to create a masterpiece. One of Giulia’s finished pieces can take over one hundred hours. She is driven by the pursuit of perfection in her work and her inspiration mostly comes from the observation of interpersonal dynamics and social constructs, with particular interest in exploring human sexuality. She identifies herself as an intersectional feminist and strongly believes in the power of representation.

Giulia describes her art as intentionally provocative.

Aiming to challenge the viewer, she uses her artworks as a statement to express her point of view on modern society.


Evelyn Bartlett @evelynbartlett7

Evelyn grew up in south London and studied graphic design before moving to Devon and freelancing in design and illustration. Eventual circumstances forced a long career break. She is now based in Hampshire and began painting for exhibitions as a totally new experience, using a particular style that draws heavily on her love of graphic tones and shapes.

“My inspiration comes from the drama in the land, sky, and seascapes I see every day, but overwhelmingly, tonal contrast is my driving force. Photo reference helps capture unique moments of light, shade, and shape, which I then adapt when painting, to emphasise those features.   I love using gouache for this, on watercolour paper which is so receptive to it.

If I want to work on a larger scale, I switch to oil or acrylic on board or canvas. This is a totally different approach for me, and the learning curve is quite dramatic, but I am loving the looser style as a complete contrast!”


Fo @fopetrov

Fo is a Bulgarian artist based in London. The basis of Fo’s work stems from his fascination with nature. His main strive is to look for harmony, interconnectedness and explore territories of consciousness beyond the human psyche. In his work, Fo focuses on our innate connection to each other and everything around us. The artist engages with gestural mark making and asemic calligraphy by subsequently letting the subconscious take over. Eastern philosophy and spirituality are some of the prevalent subjects explored in Fo’s work. The artist believes that being in the present moment and learning from nature is crucial not only for the purpose of what he does, but also for the purpose of living our lives. The artistic language he uses is painting and in his line of work Fo uses acrylics, emulsion, or ink on various surfaces such as wood, raw fabric, paper, canvas or found objects. Fo also engages in the creation of digital art.

Essentially, one of the artist’s main objectives is to invite the viewer to perceive and contemplate the depths of our interconnected existence and its often-indescribable nature. Fo has had work exhibited in London at The Holy Art gallery and Boomer Gallery. His work has also been featured in Barcelona/Algeria based Al-Tiba9 magazine.


Renata Sanna @renisart2019

“I am originally from Italy, but I have lived   in London for many years.

In Italy I obtained a master’s degree in foreign Languages and Literature, while in London I completed my language studies with a diploma in interpreting and a language teaching certificate.

My real passion has always been painting though, a love that I have always cultivated since childhood. I consider myself a self-taught artist, although I have attended several short art courses and workshops, including a diploma in Children’s book illustration.

I paint using different media. I particularly love painting with watercolours and inks which have been my passion for many years. But I have recently discovered soft pastels, and I have absolutely fallen in love with this media. What I love about soft pastels is the soft feel and vibrancy of colours, and the fact that you mainly paint using your hands. I also prefer working on paper rather than canvas.

My paintings are often inspired by the world around me. Landscapes, seascapes, and animals are my favourite subjects.”

This is my very first exhibition, and I hope you will enjoy my paintings.

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