Contemporary painting | 20th – 31st July




Contemporary Painting

20th – 31st July

Private view: 20th July, 6:00 – 8:30pm

This exhibition will present the work of UK and international artists working with Contemporary Painting.
The focus for this exhibition will be on emerging and mid-career artists.
We hope you can join us at the opening on the 20th of July from 6 to 8.30 pm

10am – 6pm Monday to Friday
12 – 6pm Sunday




Despina Symeou @DespinaSymeou_Art 

“The narrative of the flesh is the story of our individual identities and lives. By posing nude, these models were confronting the perceptions of their own bodies, viewing themselves through the lens of the artist, and in the process achieved a feeling of control and empowerment.

We are all collective in this human trait, and yet experience these issues uniquely within ourselves.

I hope to play my part in shifting perceptions regarding the female nude and celebrating womanliness, while simultaneously contributing to dismantling the taboo of nude art.”

David Urquhart @durquhart77                                                                                                                                                                                                             

David Urquhart is a London born and based painter.

Studied at Camberwell College of Art, and University of Humberside – Fine Art Painting. His work has been exhibited in London and Budapest.

David works from his own photographs taken around the city, which are digitally manipulated and composed. His objective is to recreate and capture the scenes he sees in daily life in the city – a celebration of London’s richness and diversity and the beauty of the everyday. Within this idea he suggests a sense of drama and tension between the characters, a frozen moment in time where paths cross. One of the reasons he works from photos and not from life is an interest in the nuances, the subconscious and fleeting moments of bodies and minds in motion.

His work is also a form of documentation of a variety of fashions, media/graphic styles, attitudes, lives lived – things that happened – although separately, are combined to create the beginnings of a story.

His preferred medium is acrylic paint and canvas but has also worked on board, perspex and polythene. Bold, vivid colours and strong contrasts and definition are central to his art.


Dan Webb @anterradorsa

I have been painting, drawing, and creating all my life.

From my earliest influences of whatever was around me at the time, building other worldly mechanical machines from found objects, to draw and paint man made machines and nature, selling my first painting when I was 13.

I am influenced by the beauty and chaos of our world and beyond, space, the great oceans , wilderness, animals, the naked male form, the spirituality of the human existence, large man-made machines, I’m always drawn to discovering new ways to make my art, and new mediums to create it with.

I am Admin for the ‘Boyzart’ page on facebook.

I am on Instagram ‘Anterradorsa’


Carjetski Drawings / Miki Karczewski @carjetski_drawings 

London-based Artist & Architect. Born and raised in Warsaw, Poland, I moved to London in 2012 to study Architecture at the Architectural Association of Architecture. I have completed the full AA School Course, graduating with commendation in June 2019. I utilise my passion for cars, architecture, drawing & design through my automotive works, created in parallel with everyday’s profession in architectural field. The automotive part has been an inevitable part of my life from the youngest years – from then on depicting objects (mostly cars), has turned into my biggest passion. Having explored promarkers and paints as my main media in previous years, my works currently revolve around acrylic paintings on canvas. It is my way of celebrating automotive shapes and beauty of their reflections, using the latter ones as a tool for storytelling – becoming the focus and trademark of my artworks.


Artmaandme by Charannya Balakumar @artmaandme

 I am a British Malaysian self-taught artist and NHS surgeon. Artmaandme was established while working as a frontline doctor during the pandemic. Art allowed me to express my emotions and mental state using colours, textures, and design. My art surrounds abstract expressionism, most of it surrounds my Indian heritage, of colours, patterns and the half face which carries subtle symbolism of courage, brave, vulnerable and beauty.


Lavinia Shore Tyler @laviniashoretyler

Lavinia Shore Tyler is a British artist who divides her time between Shropshire, Bristol, and London.

Her background in illustration and art direction for the film industry inform her approach to the paintings currently on show.

These are works depicting real landscapes, but with their natural forms and colours refracted and reimagined in vibrant colour.


Elinor Henry @elinor.henry

British-born artist Elinor Henry currently practises from a studio space at AspireVia Studios in Borough Market. Elinor holds a place to start postgraduate studies in Fine Art at Goldsmiths in September. She spent eight years abroad forging a career in communication, design, and behavioural change first in Australia, then Singapore. Almost three of these years were spent at Google working on programmes to shape employee culture.

This collection on display introduces her journey as an artist over the past few years. Currently, Elinor investigates the landscape of the female form and ownership of oneself as a woman. Drawing on personal stories, she explores connections between a woman’s experience in society, human sexuality, and forms amongst urban and natural settings. Her collections of prints and originals are available for purchase at

Gemma Norris





Ian Dolwin @iandolwin

Painting for me, is my way of expressing my thoughts and feelings about the world around me.

The inspiration comes from the things I see, places I visit and/ or stimulating images I find.

I will start with a sketch or a photograph and make preparatory drawings and studies before making the final piece.

The subject matter reveals itself through the process of working and is unknown until the end

Painting I believe is a metaphor. i.e. – a substitute for reality that enhances the world we live in and is a positive contribution to the world.




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