Contemporary painting | 6th – 17th July

Contemporary Painting

6th – 17th July

Private view: 6th July, 6:00 – 8:30pm

This exhibition will present the work of UK and international artists working with Contemporary Painting.
The focus for this exhibition will be on emerging and mid-career artists.
We hope you can join us at the opening on the 6th of July from 6 to 8.30 pm

10am – 6pm Monday to Friday
12 – 6pm Sunday



Michaela Ortner-Moosbrugger– @ m.o.moosbrugger

Austrian Calligrapher and Painter Studied at School of Design and Art in Zurich and Berlin Art Institute Various shows in Austria, Denmark, Italy, Germany and Switzerland Painting with Ink, Natural Studies and Forest Landscapes


Julia Pomeroy – @j.uliapomeroy

My figurative paintings analyse our evolving relationships with other people, ourselves, locations, and objects. Through an ongoing exploration of colour and light, I exaggerate narratives surrounding the rich energies emitted from contemporary figures within psychologically charged spaces. By using complimentary colour axes, and techniques to convey ‘glowing’ atmospheres, my paintings contrast the easily missed beauty and nauseating repetitiveness of our everyday. My recent works analysed ideas around self-comforts vs isolation in domestic and public interiors, highlighting our digital consumption and similar contemporary living habits. My chromatic depictions of figures caught in vibrant washes and bursts of marks elevate these interactions between our layered worlds. Commenting on the subjects’ personal thoughts, reactions to their surroundings, textures and patterns, and links between the interior and exterior realms. Influences on my practice are Jenna Gibbon, Caroline Walker, Chloe Wise Anna Freeman Bentley, and Michael Armitage. Traditional painters I love are Pierre Bonnard, Joaquin Sorolla and Edvard Munch.


William Kennedy – @william.kennedy_

“When we’re born, there’re already these predetermined boxes that people are trying to put us in, given the cards we are inherently dealt. The figure stands proudly and defiantly to say, “The boxes you tried to force me into don’t fit”. Although we do carry around boxes we do identify with, we shouldn’t be confined by them…….The box they tried to put me in.”

William was born in Washington, DC, where his creativity started at a young age, by simply drawing any and everything around him. As a self-taught artist, he has been a freelance designer and illustrator for the past 10 years. He has most recently, a little over 6 months to be exact, included Contemporary Painting to his long list of artistic talents, which has now become his focus. A lot of his work focuses on urban culture, with each piece having its own meaning. He has worked with various artists, including those in fashion and music, all over the world.


Lene Klovborg- #kunstnerleneklovborg

My name is Lene Klovborg and I am Danish. I have shown my paintings during the last three years at Galleri Hestestalden, Borup Kulturcenter, and Café Aasen. This is the first time internationally.

I have always loved colours and as a child I used to pick wildflowers and arrange them. Later photography became my passion, and I discovered an instinct for motives, light and shade and contrast – and how I could use them to express so much more. It was to my surprise when I began to paint. During a cup of coffee, I suddenly had to buy canvasses, brushes and colours and by nightfall I had created my first painting. I have taught myself everything I know. I am curious and follow my intuition when I develop new techniques. I work with acrylic on canvas and bright, intense, warm nuances that suit the way I paint, which is abstract modern impressionism.

My biggest inspiration is nature. All year round, I love to be in the woods or on the beach. It gives me a deep feeling of peace and have always been fascinated by the nature. It possesses an amazing ability to touch and to comfort – pure happiness. Nature always finds a way… I have travelled a lot in Rome, along the Danish shores of the North Sea and in beautiful, wonderful Yorkshire! I use emotions of these places in my art. I had an accident some years ago (I am fine now), and on that date two years later – I began to paint. To me it is a reminder that something special can blossom in the most unexpected places and beautiful things can happen. I hope people find happiness and peace in my paintings – this is how I feel when I paint.


Diego Parra –

Diego Parra is a Paris-based Colombian painter. He places himself at the cutting edge of Colombian landscapes and colours and a classic experience given by his work as a copyist at the Louvre Museum. Each centimetre of his canvas is dedicated to the mind and open a gate to an ever-growing universe. His paintings represent a unique moment and a specific thought. This series of work incorporates the natural patterns of Colombia’s luscious landscapes infused with subtle hints of imagination.


Stephanie Linden – @stelar_home_design

Stephanie Linden is a surrealist painter from Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA. She graduated from the Milan Institute of Art in the spring of 2022. Prior to enrolling in the institute, Stephanie exhibited her work at the Venus Rising show in Detroit and Milford Memories in Milford in 2019. In her “Take Wing” and “Garden of Eden Reimagined” series, she uses dream-like imagery to show the realms of possibility. She has a gift for color and light and shows a sensitivity towards her subject matter. Stephanie’s luminescent female figures inspire the viewer to see their own strength and beauty away from the prism of the male gaze.  Her nudes exude confidence and comfort in their own skin and are poised on the brink of self-discovery.     


Judit Neder -@juditnederart

“Bringing Art to Life”

Judit Neder is a contemporary, award-winning, self-taught artist, living and working in the U.K

The artists previous interior design experience shows in her precise, deeply detailed and hyperrealist wildlife paintings. She demonstrates incredibly impressive skills within her medium. The life size original animal portraits are given life on canvas using brave and strong acrylic paint.

The motivation for Judit is honest and simple. The love for nature, animals, and wildlife. The way she describes it is “I do not paint with my left hand; I paint with my heart.”

The paintings titles are usually inspired by in the moment personal feelings which come during the creation of a piece:

“Silence” Sir Lankan Leopard sitting in endless dark silence.

“Attraction” The White Tigers deep blue eyes attract the viewer.

“Magic of the Caribbean” This Caribbean Flamingo demonstrates magic-like colours within it`s beautiful feathers.

“Hello Beautiful” This Sumatran Tigress is simply just beautiful.

“Moonlight” An Owl sitting peacefully under the moonlight.

“Black Jack” A Black Panther is always a risk just like the game.

The artist intention is to raise awareness of the importance of the preservation of these endangered species which she does by demonstrating such animal`s true beauty, to ensure a brighter future for endangered animals.


Rudi Martz

“I had always painted as a child, but mainly self-taught, although went on to do an evening class for a about 10 weeks in Cambridge before I emigrated to Australia in 1980. Returned in 1984 and moved to Lincoln a year later and become a member of a local art group which held exhibitions in Lincolnshire. I worked in watercolours, oil and pastels, but started to develop my use of acrylic.

One way I like to work is using small pieces of cut up mount card as a palate knife. This gives the effect of oils but dries quicker than working straight from the tube. AS hr Pictures in ‘Dream Catcher’ illustrate I enjoy experimenting wit media and different methods and techniques to capture the atmosphere and movement of light and shade in a subject. I also become emotionally involved with my work to create something for people to enjoy.


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