Works On Paper and Contemporary Painting 27th October – 7th November

Works On Paper and Contemporary Painting

27th October – 7th November

Private view: 27th October 6pm – 8:30pm




Annika Cox @annikamcox

Annika Cox was born in Edmonton; London 1979. She has a BA 1st Class Honours in Theatre Design and Practice from Croydon College 2002-2005 and completed her Masters in Art Psychotherapy from Roehampton University 2015-2018.

Cox is interested in exploring the complex and often contradictory nature of our relationships with the self, others and the natural world. The artist constructs meaning by blending dreams and memories with unconscious fantasies, wishes and desires, resulting in a dichotomy between what is known and the unknown.

Joanna Green of The Green House Art

I am a self-taught artist based in Essex. I recently took my artistic journey full time due to successfully using social media platforms to promote my work.

I aim to capture the classical beauty in the contemporary, using current on trend colour palettes to inspire my concepts. I enjoy creating pieces that will remain timeless and elegant whilst being a talking point where they are in situ.

This body of works captures a year in my life where I took my greatest risk to fulfill my artistic passion. The feeling of freedom and exploration as I took a leap of faith to pursue a dream. Leaving behind precaution for confidence.

Tunde Valiszka @tunde_valiszka

I am a street photographer painting with light. I take inspiration from post-apocalyptic movies such as Blade Runner, Mad Max or The Hunger Games. My work explores creating cinematography on stills rather than taking photos of urban spaces. I like to visit chaotic cities such as Kathmandu in Nepal or Havana in Cuba to capture the night street life or create movie scenes with my models.

I was born in Hungary and began taking photos at the age of 4, learning from my hobbyist photographer mother. I studied Journalism and Media at Birkbeck, University of London and obtained an MSc in Marketing from the same university.


Julia McClurg @lulu_bella_art

American artist Julia McClurg is a real life inspired painter driven by her deep love and respect for animals and unique view of contemporary life. Using whimsy, modern interpretation of trends, vibrant color and well known brands and issues she embodies a creative way of capturing qualities, contemporary issues and cultural changes in her animal character personalities. ‘Lulubella’ her signature Italian Greyhound character is often shown colorfully with well known brand names and emerging trends.

“My goal is to give life to my creative inspirations through modern provocative subjects and art”.

Art is an expression of the soul and the soul is something limitless. That’s why I’m always seeking different elements to bring into my work. Painting to me is like water and sunshine to a plant. It nourishes my soul. I am obsessed with bright color and the whimsy I see in the world.

Julia McClurg (b 1967) is a contemporary Artist from The United States living in Costa Rica. Her artistic journey started at a very young age after she became a graduate of The Colorado Institute of Art, as well as studying Art History at Stephens College (Columbia Mo). McClurg, spent 20 years selling commissions, after playing in punk bands (Her band The Hectics opened for Patty Smyth & The Indigo Girls in 1995) as well as publishing her own punk fanzine (Diagnosis). McClurg studied and still evolves at mastering her technique as a pet portrait artist as well as her whimsy paintings of LuLu Bella her Italian Greyhound in her worldly travels. McClurg has painted numerous portraits for clients all over the world including the likes of the famous celebrities Sheryl Crowe, Kristin Davis and Kevin Costner.

In her latest works, McClurg engages questions of identity as they relate to art history as well as our everyday interactions with mainstream culture and social media. Greatly inspired by modernist masters as well as pop-artists, McClurg mixes fragments of different iconic images in vivid and colorful compositions. Of her experimental and high eclectic style, she says, “art is an expression from the soul, and the soul is something limitless. This is why I am always searching for different elements to bringinto the work. Art makes me happy! My paintings are representative of the world I see around me. My paintings are statements that often times are a reflection of the experiences I have in my life or ways I’m feeling about current situations.”

Simon Watson @simonflemmers

I am a British citizen whose parents are from Barbados.

I have been doing art since I was an infant. I studied an ND in 2D/3D Design, an A-level in Graphic Design, HND in Communication Design. My art is based on the subject of multidimensionalism, that we can be more than one thing. I specialize in using pencils for my work. I am equally versatile and have dabbled in using mixed-oil paints.

The purpose of art in my humble opinion, is to enhance the minds of others. I enjoy doing geometric, black/white, monochrome and colour rich art, I’m inspired by graphic/fine artists such as M.C Esher, Kindinsky and Blake. I am very imaginative and my art leans towards the airy and imaginary. The qualities in my art are illuminated by enormous depth and perspective, illustrating unique narratives to do with multi dimensionalism.

My work explores multi dimensions through turning the image 180 degrees it becomes another completely different image same concept but different perspective. attached are the same featured pieces flipped and given their second names if you could include these details.


Dave Martin

I moved to London in 2011 and soon found myself homeless. I started selling the Big Issue the same year to support myself and I now have a regular pitch outside Tesco in Brook Green. In 2014 The Big Issue took me to an interactive exhibition at the Tate Modern. I saw lots of great art and was particularly inspired by the work of Matisse, and in 2016 I started making my own abstract art. I make collages out of coloured card, where I explore different colour and shape combinations. I then make prints based on those originals. I’ve been exhibiting since 2019 and last year my work featured in a group show at the Jealous Gallery. I recently launched my own website where you can buy art from me directly.

Boy With No Name @boy_with_no_name_art

I always try interpreted, destroy reality by my own way to show my emotions my feelings and what I see as artist. Sometimes it’s expressive sometimes it’s arrangement.

I try to find myself between :

-Abstract and figurative

-Reality and flashback

-Colourful and monochrome

-Emotion and logical thinking

-Things that inspire and things that are empty for me.

I’m using technique as oil and acrylic paint, ink, spray paint, marker, screen print.

I was born in Poland
 and graduated from Jan Matejko Academy Of Fine Arts in Kraków.


Mia Lana @_art_mia_

Mia Lana is a multidisciplinary artist specialising in process lead painting, claymation, and mixed media sculpture. A recent graduate of Chelsea School of Art, her interest in the self-penned cultural phenomenon ‘Cutification’ explores the notion of aesthetics in the digital age, and continues to influence her work today.​

She is interested in working in traditional mediums and creating hand crafted visuals.

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