Abstract Art 24th November – 5th December

Abstract Art

24th November – 5th December

Private view: 24th November 6pm – 8:30pm


Daphne Simoncioni @daphne_simoncioni_art 

Daphne Simoncioni is a 21 year old Italian-Greek abstract artist currently in her 2nd year at the University of Arts London, studying Fine Art Painting. Daphne’s works are characterised by bold colours and striking contrasts, an influence of her Mediterranean heritage. Experimentation is a fundamental part of her practice; a large majority of her work is dictated by spontaneity yet unified with reoccurring themes.

As a result of the pandemic, physical contact and social interactions have been limited and strictly controlled. Responding to this as an artist Daphne has placed an emphasis on celebrating touch, the innate need to be close to another being: portraying this with self-made texture pastes.

Meg Wylie @megwylie_art @megwylie_

Meg Wylie is an Irish artist based in London. She recently has been involved in a collaborative exhibition, ‘WHAT NOW?’ at AMP Gallery and is taking part in a performative group exhibition at organised by LUVA Gallery.
Working predominantly with painting, she instinctively creates layers and marks made over time to document the internal dialogue of the continuous exploration of herself, but also; to communicate the influential energies and movements from the ever-changing world around her. Unconscious marks articulate a language through which she documents the transitory nature of her relationship with her surroundings and her work. She explores these concepts in mixed mediums and intuitively uses colour as a means to depict the fluctuations of her internal being.

S.J.Rivers @sjrivers.art

Emotional, Intuitive and engaging. SJ RIVERS work captures those moments in time and sensory experiences we try to hold onto. Bringing memories and feelings to life. Painting only with her hands to add texture, detail and emotion. 20 Years experience in fashion design after studying at Central Saint Martins SJRivers often paints in flow state inspired by personal stories and skyscapes of the kent coast line.

Rișco Raluca Anamaria @riscoraluca

Romanian artist.
Sight is usually preoccupied by judgement, and so the expression on a face can seem absolutely ugly to some of us. Under the ugly appearance of a person we can discover incredible signs of beauty. It all depends on the state of my mind, my soul, my own feelings, the moment. I always try to recreate the enigma of the expression of moods. To offer the front view what the body contains.

Astrid Haugen @astridhaugen

In my work I often use recycled materials, like awning fabric and different kinds of canvas, plastic sheets etc. -which is either glued, sewn or stapled together. I like the patina used materials represent and the traces of life.
In ́Positano ́ the dream is about the place and how one thinks it would look like, without having set a foot there yet. Then finally planning to go there and having to cancel due to corona, thus making it even a bigger dream and longing.

́Hommage á Serge ́ is inspired by the French singer and poet Serge Gainsbourg. How the human and the animal world can interpret one another, coincide and completely crash with one another.

́Flounced ́ the feeling of floating and seeing different layers in the world, the ocean, or being under water looking up through all layers and onto the sky. The work went on ́dreaming ́ of its own, making its own statement.

́Remembering Landscape ́ Dreaming of traveling again, maybe to places you have been and imagining how it would look like today. The secrets one can find when redecorating and finding layers of earlier

human life expressed as drawings on tiles. Giving an unexpected expression and patina to a modern design.

Jouke Schwarz @art_jouke
In this series the artist takes pictures of unmade beds and creates abstract landscapes he finds in these shades and folds. The idea is that the initial forms are made in a dream state while sleeping which gives every painting it’s unique shape. His work is created in an intuitive and spontaneous way, a progressive process and a constant search rather than a path to a predetermined end result. It’s not only visual, but also integrates emotion, memory, sound and movement.

Fausto Boriolo @fborioli
Playing with colours and shapes has always been my favourite channel to explore and express my inner world, the unknown and most hidden parts of myself. It’s like an exploration of the maze of the human soul. I believe there is a universe inside everyone that only waits to be discovered. I try to reach mine through the images and the emotions arising before, during and after the production of a work of art. Spatula is my favourite tool, it helps me work, mix and move the colours quickly and effectively. I can create shapes and movements that meet and overlap on the surface, and together with chromatic effects, they originate perspectives and three-dimensionality.

In my work, I use and mix geometrical elements with references to biology, psychology, physics and spirituality. I believe in the connection and the common origin of all things. I like the idea that the observers can find their personal key to the painting, through inner images, symbols and emotions springing during the observation and connected to their own personal history and Experience.

Magdalena Maestri @magdalenamaestri.art
Magdalena Maestri is an emerging contemporary artist based in Luxembourg. She was born in Poland but then lived in Portugal, Belgium, UK, Italy, and Hong Kong; the experience of all different cultures and landscapes can be found in her work.
Through her art, Magdalena sends an invitation to a viewer to start a conversation, relation with the painter of some sort, as everybody sees the painting differently and creates an individual interpretation full of associations and feelings, which is a fascinating process for her.
Her creations reflect the fascination by nature’s sublime beauty, music, photography, and in particular day-to-day emotions of life. In her view art is a form of meditation, a creative process inspired by intuition as well as self-expression and perhaps even an encounter with an inner vulnerable self. She believes art has no boundaries, she loves exploring and challenging herself.

Pamela Dunton @Pameladuntonart

British Artist, MA Fine Art University of Northampton
The conceptualisation for this series entwines itself with art and therapy for the mind, which provides a healing path for recovery, portrayed through an equivocal narrative.


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