Art In Mind 10th – 21st  November 


Art In Mind

10th – 21st  November



Private view: 10th November 6pm – 8:30pm



Leo Bell @wyewearyouremotions

My name is Leo Bell, when I was 29 years old my wife passed away and I became a young widower. For a very long time I struggled immensely and desperately clawed at anything and everything that could give me solace from my pain. Eventually, inspired by some of my late wife’s work, I began to paint my way out of my despair.

When you are viewing my artwork really try to feel the emotion of the art, do not passively stare at it but actively engage with what emotions and feelings the paintings are saying to you – even if that might make you uncomfortable.

Roberta Haik

Born and raised in São Paulo

“Art for me is: Elevation. It’s something that simply pulls out emotions and floods in memories and feelings in a deep inside out trip. In a similar way, I understand that God manifests a kind teaching about life, bringing the touch of nature from our inside out, teeming with messages.

Passionate about Art, I also seek to create such ways… Images instead of words, to translate the world of feelings through the diverse expressions within this world that we cannot see, but feel so intensively.

For that I selected these works, which in various forms communicate a bit about travelling to rebirth. Paths in which a touch of God or Light (or the various names as per diverse religions and spiritual paths) start guiding a sequence of encounters that emerge in us more than the flat reality used to do.

For that matter I loved the idea of mixing different textures and materials to “travel” into the different worlds that emotion can easily drive us in.

This collection represent not only the reopening of my own gates of acceptance, when art returned as to never be questioned again. It is also a true statement of my faith manifested midst an immersive spiritual moment.”

Holly Hamlyn, HH Designs @hhdesigns__

South African / British Artist

No man is an island, no one is self-sufficient – this is so applicable to the mind. This series of work, ironically named, is a comment on the uncontained nature of the individual thoughts and feelings. ‘Isla ‘- Spanish for island and ‘Salina ‘– a small island next to Sicily are two female figures, painted in an expressive way to convey the depth of a person’s mind. ‘Island’ – is an expression of thoughts. Anxiety and unwelcome thoughts can be so dominating, seeping out into our lives, affecting those around us and causing the world to feel chaotic. We try to paint a perfect picture of people in our minds but do those include the ever-changing feelings of the individual?

Communicating and connecting with people is crucial.

Patricia Kelly @patriciakelly_textile_artist

Patricia specialises in embroidered textiles. She constantly pushes her work in new directions exploring images through drawing and paint, but finally realising her outcomes through the medium of textile employing the use of free motion embroidery techniques. Patricia’s work has become more abstract in recent times with a greater focus on the stitched line. The repetitive use of shape and mark has become an increasingly important aspect of Patricia’s work, which imbues a meditative quality.

Sylvia Gurr @SylviaG_Art

Sylvia is a London based artist primarily drawing and painting in charcoal, ink and mixed media.

Using the sensorial quality of the mediums in which she works, Sylvia uses their expressive qualities to explore in the moment the emotional interplay between artist, subject, memory and environment, whether in the figurative or abstract. Holding an interest in the viewers’ secondary emotional responses to her work.

Her series, Capturing Beauty in the Grotesque, came from her exploration of the natural environment in her back garden whilst in lockdown, discovering the often-overlooked wildlife of the natural world whilst experiencing the inevitable internal frustrations of daily life under restrictions.

Scott Brenman @scottbrenmanstudio

Scott is an artist and a designer. His work combines bold colours, geometric lines and hard edges. Scott has painted a new artwork for The Art in Mind exhibition. The painting is called ‘When 12 Take the Knee’ and it is a celebration of the beauty and the power of the Taking of the Knee gesture. Scott felt compelled to create it, after hearing a group of England fans boo the Taking of the Knee at a football match this summer.

Constantina @conniejones67

Constantina Papanagiotou Jones was born in Athens Greece, where she studied graphic design at the Vakalo Art & Design School. Her passion for fashion magazines and music, lead her into this field. Her work, is a compilation of the graphic design artworks produced by herself, which takes the viewer on a personal voyage that encompasses her experience in the field and demonstrates the fusion of illustration, photography and graphic design.
Each artwork is a product in its own right and can be marketed as Printed artwork, Cards, Posters, Fabrics, Bags, Tee shirts and various industrial applications.
Her love and admiration for faces, of all era’s, colours, age, and history, made her work on classic pieces of art in her way, which gives them a different and personal point.
Her target group is art lovers and dreamers.

Ranjit Sagoo @ranjsagoo_artist

I am a British self-taught pastel realism artist, specialising in wildlife and conservation art.

By profession I am full-time NHS GP.

The Predator-Prey relationship imagined in a series of reflections. Simultaneously capturing the behaviour and emotions of both animals in this moment in time. This relationship is part of nature and ingrained in all of us. It evokes all of the instincts of survival, the primitive, innate ‘hunter and hunted’ and ‘fight or flight’ reactions. The concepts behind the art are always rooted in human emotion and

experiences. From the title of the piece to the composition, the tone and the selection of colours – everything embodies the underlying concept.

The viewing experience is multifaceted. The emotional connection is illustrated through the ‘story’ of the piece. A visual but also tactile connection is created in my realistic style. Creating imagery that looks and feels real draws one deeper into the image. Using pastel, the softness of fur, the hardness of scales, the smoothness of skin is perfectly captured creating a palpable connection for the viewer.

Charlie Henzi  @charliehenziart

Charlie Henzi is a multidisciplinary fine artist, living and working in London. Her work focuses on a female aspect, often combining clashing images to deal with concepts around femininity and the stereotypical female role in society.

The ‘Who’s Looking at Who?’ series combines Tiffany window designs with images from porn magazines to create collages that make the audience both the observer and the observed. The work deals with issues and themes around the gaze.


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