Portraits | 31st August – 11th September 2022





31st August – 11th September


PV: 31st August 6pm- 8.30pm


Kay Jamieson-@Kayjamieson_7

“My favourite subject is people. I am fascinated

by the unique visual qualities of each

individual and how we present ourselves to the

world. Being an avid observer of life I enjoy the

challenge of capturing in paint the likeness,

character and spirit of my subjects. With a

limited palette and a figurative style I begin by

drawing lines and shapes, developing a

structure on which to build with colour and

tone. I am inspired by the work of Rembrandt,

the Impressionists and Cezanne, to produce

work which is gentle yet strong and conveys a

feeling of connection. I love being in that

creative space where time seems to stand still.”


Brian Esch – www.brianesch.com

Although art has occupied me my whole life, I have not received any classical art education. My work is seen by tens of thousands on social media and at several European art shows and galleries. My style has developed through the difficult experiences I made on my journey. My expressive pictures with bright neon elements reflect my perspective on contacts in my everyday life.

My large formats in psychedelic-looking representations reflect my ecstatic view of the world in contrast to the gray everyday life.


Hayzie Rose – @hayzie_rose

“I see you. I can’t look away. Your brightness paralyzes me. Caught between a smile and a blush, I am stuck. You shine brighter than the sun. As I fill with your rays, You just keep walking. Yet I still can’t look away.

I look the way I look. I think the way I think. I feel the way I feel. I love the way I love. I am who I am. I surrender.

Who are you hiding from? What are you covering up? Naked and exposed, Yet concealed by makeup and filters. How far can we blur our reality before we stop recognizing ourselves?”


Timi Kakandar – @timikakandar

Timi Kakandar (b.1973) began his creative career soon after graduating from the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria in 1999.

He uses painting, drawing and collage to explore his fascination with the human form in relationship to the challenges, joy, and social political issues that emanate from living and working within the African space. His work exudes a profound intensity of bright raw colours and gestural lines that infuse a presence which powerfully engage the viewer.

Timi reveals deftness in the composition of human forms with dramatic colours reminiscent of Fauvism.He  is one of Nigeria’s prolific contemporary artist with a keen following internationally and in his native country.

Timi’s repertoire are widely collected globally.

In over 2 decades of his studio practice, he has had 4 Solo Exhibitions and over 30 group Exhibitions within and beyond the shores of his native country Nigeria.

In 2021, he was featured in the Saatchi Art (United States of America) “Next Generation of Master Artists”.

He appeared on the TVC Wakeup Nigeria Live Television Broadcast as a special guest talking about the influence of culture on his art.


Iythar Ghurab – @Iyther_ghurab

Iythar is an Egyptian – British fine artist and published author. She is a graduate of painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo. She explores Surrealism, abstract, impressionism, expressionism and realism in many of her paintings and is noted for her portraits, she also did free style Arabic calligraphy years ago. Her paintings are uniquely tied to her belief, spirituality and the heightened awareness of life and the meaning of struggle. Her work can be found in private and public collections throughout Egypt, USA, UAE, Australia, Canada, Austria and the UK. She resides in London


Alison Meek- Website: alisonmeek.com

Instagram: #alisonmeek33

I’m from London and studied Fine Art at St Martin’s and Hornsey College of Art and Art History at Sotheby’s. I have shown my work at the Brick Lane Gallery, Lauderdale House in Highgate, University College London Hospital, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, The Ply Gallery Crouch End and Crouch End Open Studios, and when I lived in Australia, in the Artist’s Eye Gallery in Sydney.

I usually work in soft pastel on hand made paper, using intense colours and bold designs. These portraits are political and are of people who made an impact by their actions and / or achievements. You may recognize Volodymyr Zelensky, Marcus Rashford, Kamala Harris and Anthony Fauci. The other two are less well known, but amazing people whom I found out about in Cambodia. Aki Ra and his teams cleared many thousands of land mines and set up the Land Mine museum near Angor Wat. The picture shows his face superimposed on the warning sign for land mines. The other portrait is of Bou Meng, one of only seven survivors of the notorious Khmer Rouge Security Prison 21, Phnom Penh, now the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, who was spared his life because he was an artist who could paint portraits of Pol Pot, Marx, and other propaganda pictures, and whom I had the privileged of meeting.


Nicole Charlotte Croxon -@nicolecroxonart

“Hello, my name is Nicole Charlotte Croxon, I am a painter from Manchester, UK, and I mainly create paintings of portraits, animals and various other things. For this exhibition, I wanted to show what portrait means to me because portraits were one of the main reasons, I started to create art. How it all started for me was when I would look at a portrait painting and I looked beep into the painting’s eyes, and I wanted to

try and understand what that person in the painting is trying to tell me I wanted to understand what his/her story was. Throughout my art career, I have been in several art show’s; ‘Works on Paper’, The Brick Lane Gallery. ‘Self-Reflect’, Coda Group Exhibition. ‘Time Flies’ Portamento Group Exhibition.

For my artwork, I get inspiration everywhere like; from things that I have seen in movies and tv-series to the shows that I have seen in the theatre. Whenever I get inspired to create it is usually to trap a moment in time (e.g.) Family members, events or something I feel strongly about (e.g.) One of my artworks which I call ‘Freedom’, is inspired by the live-action movie Mulan. I created this painting because Mulan was not afraid to do what she wanted and everything she did was for her family and her

country. This is something that I get inspired by, which is why I called this painting ‘Freedom’, But the word ‘Freedom’ can mean more than one thing. The freedom to choose what we want in this life. The freedom to live our life the way we want to.”


Victoria Horsfall – @@vhorsfallart

Victoria Horsfall is a fine artist living and working in South London. Although completing a degree in Ceramic Design from the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Victoria is a self-taught figurative artist, creating pieces in both oils and graphite pencil. Currently working on her own series inspired by ‘Motherhood’, Victoria’s work is driven by a fascination for people; our many intricate differences, passions and vulnerabilities.



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