Art in Mind | 17th – 28th August

Art in Mind
17th – 28th August

Opening Night: 17th August, 6:00 – 8:30pm



Vanisha Patel- @artbyvanisha

Vanisha Patel is a British contemporary artist. She graduated from the University for the Creative Arts with a BA Hons in Arts & Media in June 2015. During this time she explored contemporary art, photography and filmmaking where she ignited her passion. Vanisha’s creative practice entails time based media, painting and photography. Her work explores raw emotion and identity, drawing on elements from her personal life. She has previously shown her work in Futurity at the James Hockey Gallery, Farnham; Hypocrisy of our Beliefs at The Elaine Thomas Gallery, Farnham and at the Hotel Elephant Gallery, London.

Drawing on nature and the unspoken, raw emotions we feel, my paintings explore the essence of life. To capture the depth and movement of the emotion, each subject matter determines the mediums of the work. Through the combination of painting techniques and creating connections between colour, emotion and nature, I delve into the notion of oneness. With the intent to feed my soul, I have found healing and solace through each painting and I invite the viewer to look inwards, embrace every feeling and connect with their soul.


Drash La Krass – @drash_la_krass

“I’m French artist from La Rochelle and Paris Education: fashion school LISAA and gold embroidery college Jamain Made some exhibition in Paris at gallery Bridaine 75017 Contemporary Venice Contemporary London Ladies In The West in La Rochelle.”


 Reyna Noriega- @reynanoriega_

Reyna Noriega is a multidimensional visual artist and author. As an Afro-Caribbean Latina she has seen first hand how damaging it can be to not see positive representations of one’s self in art. She aims to fill the world with vibrant, joyful depictions of marginalized people. In the selected pieces she plays with shape, color, and texture to create dynamic yet simplistic silhouettes that celebrate the softness and vibrancy of Black women.


Sean Christopher Winwright – @WinwrightMA

“We make art because we love to, and others enjoy. For myself the texture and the abstraction aids to a losing perspective of size in the imagery and during a prolong gaze in person; focusing on the cracks, the islands of textures casting shadows minutely onto the canvas, contrasting and complimenting with the layer of leaf which glisten and are reminiscent of clouds on a summers day’ clear in some spots and hidden in others, this is how I see the art I create yet like most artistic or creative pieces in life they’re open to interpretation.


Lauri Smith – @laurismithcreatures

The Secret Conversations of Snow Yaks was inspired from a vivid dream I had about three snow yaks with human heads huddled together in a snowy landscape. They were having a secret conversation that I, as dreamer, interrupted. The image and mood of this dreamed vision inspired me to re-create this image through sculpture.

The materials used mimic realism such as skin like silicon and mohair to create these otherworldly creatures.

The metal and pastel versions is a recreation from this original silicon sculpture. I casted these them from a stone material mixed with different metal pigments and dry pastels in layers.

The antique metal edition gives them an ancient and timeless feel.

The pastel dreams edition is a surreal dream like version of this sculpture.


Batsheva Cutler- : @batsheva_artist

Batsheva is a multi-disciplinary activist-artist, exploring sculpture, instillation, paint, and the spoken word.

She is drawn to the visceral nature of sculpture, how it can both occupy and change a space.

The core of her practice is rooted in psychoanalyzing the human condition, exploring topics such as: The manifestation of trauma in the mind and body, impermanence, and the subconscious.

Her work unpicks issues in society and raises awareness.

“I create art because it liberates me,

It always stuns me to silence how much a material can unearth

with a mind of its own, something new emerges out of the unknown,

beauty, pain, the incomprehensible depth of the human psyche unfolds.

an undoing, a redoing, a mastery of existence itself.”

‘I hope my work stimulates various conversations and questions, challenging viewers to rethink certain issues and topics with renewed perspective.’







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