Art in Mind | 31st August – 11th September 2022

Art in Mind
31st August – 11th September

PV: 31st August 6pm- 8.30pm



Art By Minnig – @artbyminnig

Father and son making Art together.

The art collective “Art by Minnig” lives their passion since many years and is established in late 2009.

Willy Minnig (swiss artist)

Creative work has always been a passion of his. He has never lost his feel for the haptic element of fabrics. He expresses himself mostly with powerfully expressive and vibrantly colorful works. Yet in contrast, he also implements charcoal in simple black-and-white compositions.

Marco Minnig (swiss artist)

The young and creative artist is being inspired daily by many events, which is mirrored in his varied artworks. He mostly works with acrylic on canvas, whereby he constantly implements new techniques and uses various design tools.


Natalie Charles 

Natalie Charles is an artist from London working across multiple formats including observational drawing, animation and portraiture. She studied Illustration at the University for the Creative Arts and usually favours charcoal, pencil and pen as her mediums of choice. A recurring thread in her work is a need to understand and appreciate our personal histories and how they impact our present circumstances.

“What different ways do we care for and protect ourselves?

How do we identify when we are not?

Can we take pride in the moments we allow ourselves to reset and recharge?”

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to truly rest. How to care for yourself – body, mind, wellbeing – in an age where value directly correlates to productivity and the need to constantly be ‘doing’. The works on display are my articulation of this. They represent the first time in a long time that I’ve put myself, my health and my needs first and been able to create work from a place of joy, curiosity and comfort. For a more detailed explanation of the works on display and to view the corresponding animation to the ‘comfort as routine’ series, please visit


Gaia Rose -@_gaiarose_

“Her brokenness was beautiful, as without it SHE would not be HER”

‘Broken but Beautiful’ Sculpture Collection. By UK Poet, Artist, and Activist Gaia Rose.

Vintage, feminine, stone effect, ‘Greek statuesque’, unique! Carved from clay, fired, and individually hand painted, each sculpture has been ‘birthed’ with a brokenness about her from life’s emotional seasons, traumas, or societal oppression, portraying the fierceness within the female spirit to survive, and how the heart and strength of a woman continues to birth and blossom – just like the feminine beauty of the rose – through the hardest of heartaches, inner seasons, and deepest of scars, yet indeed still be ‘broken but beautiful’.

{Each rose is very slightly scented with rose oil, giving off a beautiful scent when close, although will fade overtime. All sculptures are individually signed ‘G.R’ by the Artist}

Gaia’s Story

“Sculpting, drawing, and creating with my hands is something I have been doing since I was a small child, but due to challenging life paths that arose, my art took a back seat until my later years when I began to feel inspired to delve into my creative side once again. Through sculpting, I not only found a deep peace, but also discovered it became another channel for me to share my ‘stories of woman’, my activism, and my inner voice – alongside my writing, speaking, and teaching”


Shona Elrick- @shonaelrickart

My paintings with how the authenticity of mark-making and the power of colour can express a moment in a landscape, which has evoked a sense of wonder and awe within me. Painted newsprint collage (saved from cleaning my brushes) underpins my work: I ‘play’ with the spontaneous brush marks and underlying structure of the newsprint to articulate planes and create depth as I create my initial studies. I enjoy the arbitrary found words and phrases within a painting which provide poetry and synchronicity to my life or world events.


Rebecca Bucalossi (Buca) – @bucalossi_

Rebecca Bucalossi, is a sculptor and draughtsman, who focuses on taking the familiarity of certain norms, cultural objects and physical states, and converts and places them in uncomfortable environments.

Recently, she has been working with Hair, creating a storyboard of these monstrous creatures that have taken over her hygiene routine. She has been using and examining the theory of ‘The Monstrous Women Phenomenon’ whilst creating these mythological hair creatures, looking at the aesthetic, its influence on women’s lifestyle, and the revolting effect Hair has once it has left the female head and not seen as a glorious maine but an excess of youth, purity and beauty.


ClauDio- @artcangialosi

Uncertainty or anguish Chastity or change Irony or art Ambivalence or faith In response of the vast changes the world is going through, I have tried to define and redefine myself as an artist. We now understand the impact society has on us all. Trying to catch these changes, I went back to what humanity has used as a base for all art: the symbol. A symbol to refrain and frame life. The QR code has rapidly become the symbol of our age. Each code holds a key or a summary of faith. What is behind each one? It’s up to you to find out.


Hayley Whalen – @hw.abstract

The main purpose of my Art is to portray my emotions and ideas in relation to places I’ve been and experiences I have had. In this way it is a powerful form of self expression for me. This series “Beauty’s Detour” is inspired by Joshua Tree, California, and the Joshua Tree itself, which symbolises the strength and beauty that can arise from struggle. This idea is explored in my paintings – Beauty can come out of unlikely spaces, situations and experiences.


Andrew Ciccone – @ciccollage

Andrew Ciccone is a multimedia artist and trash collector from New York. Since migrating to London he has doubled down on his artistic output with deep ventures into live improvisation, paper collage, metalwork, abstract videos and prose.

These collages, with their whimsical titles such as “MacroNesia”, “Anima Farm”, and “RapScallion”, are sourced from old photos and magazines found at flea markets and junk shops, adorned with colourful splatters of spraypaint in a process which can take weeks or even months per piece.


Dylan Bardoe- @dylan_bardoe

I am a 24-year-old visual artist living in East London; primarily as a painter, I have been showing and selling my work for the last two years. After completing my first year at The University of Edinburgh where I studied Philosophy and Politics, I left in disillusionment with the course and university lifestyle and spent two years travelling and working in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. When I returned home, while working as a bartender I started painting as a hobby and perhaps as a form of therapy, a year on I had my first solo exhibition of my work at Bermondsey Project Space and decided to pursue a career as an artist. I have since shown in three subsequent solo exhibitions around London as well as group exhibitions and art fairs.

It seems to me, if you’re trying to your feet in the 21st Century; in the age of information overload, you’re thrust into a complicated and aggressive stream of disposable simulacra, and promiscuous superficiality, in which arguably the traditionally valued qualities of depth, coherence, meaning, originality, and authenticity are evacuated or dissolved amid the random swirl of empty signals. We are all collectively sucked up in the whirlpool of access and excess, in a global display of the instinct to binge. The internet and other tools of global networking have given us abilities that we are still yet to wield responsibly, and our tendency to splurge and rampage means that our collective pile of information, content and material grows and has seemingly become inescapable. I feel as though this can make life prescriptive, the overload can become overwhelming. What I want to express in the work is the experience of growing up in such a world, the appearance of constant forms of excess, and my desire for people and myself to find a form of aggressive instinct and a sense of individual impulse, in which I find a strong sense of calm.


Matt King – @mattking_artist

Matt King is an American/British London-based artist. He is a recent MA Fine Art Painting graduate from UAL Camberwell College of Arts and was selected for the prestigious London Grads Now. 21 exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. He has shown his work internationally and has been featured in Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Tatler. Matt considers himself an expressionist, blending figuration with abstraction, painting directly fro m the subconscious. Utilising symbols, dreams, myths, and memories, his work is transformative and reflects his life experiences.


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