22nd July – 1st August
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Ninni Hellström

Elise Mendelle

Natalie De Rycke

Louise Southwick

Ruaridh Crighton

Alexandra Irlacher

Stefan Nedelcu

Agnes Toth



Ninni Hellström @ninnipaintings

Ninni is a Swedish artist.

“I am educated at two art schools, but ended up working in the IT field but could still carry on with my artwork in my spare time. I have illustrated two children’s books. In 2019 I gave up my IT job – it was time to follow my heart. I have always loved to paint portraits, but wanted to do it in a more fun way so I added some animals and flowers. Very strong colors are something I love to use in my paintings.”


Elise Mendelle @impressionsbyelise

Elise is a Canadian painter based in London. Her expressive brushstrokes and stripped back subjects are aimed at capturing a moment in time and asking the viewer: “What happens next?” Elise is inspired by the simplicity of these everyday moments and how they link to a deeper understanding of what’s going on behind a person’s outer veneer.

“My current exhibition creates a connection between the imagined and real world, where people can get lost in my paintings as a place of escape. The dreamy colour palettes and hazy backgrounds illuminate the portraits and figures where the viewer can draw intensity from simple moments and create beauty from the mundane. I want viewers to connect with what they are presented with, whether it is immediately positive and uplifting or conjures up something deeper and more meaningful.”


Natalie De Rycke @nataliederycke_

Creativity has always been an important aspect of my life. This is not surprising, knowing I was raised by a father engaged in the world of interior design.

In my professional career, I followed in my father’s footsteps and am an agent for several interior design brands. As such, I’m not only able to fully indulge in my interest for (interior) design, as well as maintain in contact with the related designers, product developers and more during the multiple design fairs throughout Europe each year.

My oil paintings are, as such, still an expression of how I experience life and how I feel women experience life modern times. As women, we need to show ourselves strong in professional setting, while moments after we may show our softer side to our family.

This variety in emotions women experience, and portray throughout the day is the main subject of the Feelings series. Each work intends to portray a different emotion; such as being hopeful, seductive, emotional, fierce, trusting, caring, dreamy, and so much more.

Louise Southwick @louise_southwick_artist

“I am inspired by people, the raw and real sides of us that reside within, that we often try to hide. I am preoccupied with concept of ‘The Female Icon’, but not as their status as Celebrity, but rather as human beings. I intend for my portraits and figures to hold subtle truths; for people to look at these ‘unravellings’ and just feel things. To relate to these iconic women from a new perspective of common humanity rather than idealisation and expectation. These intimate pieces find the light and dark in all of us; the fragility and vulnerability of being human. They are strong, sensitive and a little confrontational and angry. They are feminine and quiet, but full of a loud internal reckoning. Often titled in an unassuming simple first name, She is no longer ‘Celebrity’; instead befits a shared status. One that searches for oneself, which we can all relate to. Often turned away, or vacantly gazing towards us, She is turning towards an inner world that can never be wholly communicated to her audience. Paradoxically, her ‘Celebrity’ veil in these portraits, bares tiny elements of her soul; it covers and uncovers the personal that she grasps on to. She is both present and absent. Suppressions and emergences. Intoxicating and disconcerting. Repellent and alluring. A product of media and genuine to herself. Insincere and extremely real. Her ‘Personal’ has become universal Her ‘Celebrity’ has become irrelevant.”

Ruaridh Crighton @rudogart

“From working previously in an abstract patchwork approach, segmenting highly contrasted colour areas into formalized shapes, I have progressed to laying down a loose overlay of gestural random patterns and effects. This done, I superimpose in linear outline, my impressions of my portrait subject, formalizing the image as a recognizable, real person containing the emotional dynamics and tensions within the individual. The scale is deliberately large allowing for more emotional content via brushstrokes/effects and will obviously require a larger wall space to display to best effect.”

Alexandra Irlacher @studio_irlacher

Alexandra is a self-taught artist, born 1971 in Austria.

“I mix the old with the new and put familiar motifs into a new, modern context. The content of my work is mainly portraits in acryl on canvas. My main focus is on faces in unusual situations and unusual perspectives. My paintings embody joy, irony and nostalgia.”


Stefan Nedelcu @stefan_artwork

He primarily paints portraits, finding inspiration in his everyday life, trying to represent thoughts and ideas of the world and society around. He spends time looking to capture emotions, feelings, and moods that define and give life to his subjects. Happy to work with many mediums, such as watercolours, charcoal, pastels, acrylics and oils, he mixes them together with simple and recycled materials like wood, paper and canvas.
From traditional drawing and painting to the mix of the elements of collages, heavy brush strokes and splashes of paints, he utilizes hardware tools and big brushes to manipulate the mediums, continuously striving to create unique vibrant portraits, full of colour and texture

“I usually start my portraits by first creating an abstract composition that serves me as a foundation, then I approach the surface with an open mind and different ideas which will develop further in the painting process as I go. The thrill of risk-taking, exploration and experimenting with the mediums gives me excitement, almost like the artwork speaks to me. It’s a back and forth process, an interaction between structure, spontaneity, and the use of elements that gives my work a unique and effortless look.”


Agnes Toth @agnes.toth21

“I am a self-taught 56y/o painter from Budapest, Hungary, with a completely different background – medicine, but I received some visual education in photography and some mentoring from a couple of professional painters.

I often draw my inspiration from everyday images, like my or my friend’s holiday pictures, social media posts or from press photos. I am always fascinated by the uniqueness in a very common situation. Figurative painting seems to be the best way of expression for me.

The Baker paintings have been inspired by social media images of a well-known local baker and I was excited to paint both the person and the bread/dough, not to mention the different vessels in the background. The Early spring garden duties – Self-portrait with saw is based on a snapshot of me, doing exactly what the title suggests.”


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