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Hannah Stone @hannahstoneart
Hannah (b.1994) is a British mixed-media artist based in Surrey. Varied textures and vibrant colours are the defining elements of Hannah’s work. Balancing observation and intuition, layers of paint are built up, then scraped away to convey a range of subjects from British landscapes and reflections on water to celebrating the female form. Hannah’s technique shifts from realism to abstraction, depending on the subject matter and context of the piece. She works loosely from photographs and paints with a variety of mediums, including acrylic, oil, gouache, alcohol inks, white spirit and gold leaf.

Alongside her artistic practices, Hannah has a background in events and marketing and a Politics BSc from the University of Bristol. Inspired by art from a young age, the Covid19 global pandemic re-ignited her passion for painting and the importance of colouring the world with art during its darkest times.

Jenna Murphy @jennamurphyartist
Jenna Murphy is a self -taught artist from Cardiff in South Wales, she has been painting and selling her work for over 9 years both here in the UK and internationally. Working with acrylic paint on canvas, Jenna has only recently discovered her love for painting wildlife.

During lockdown in 2020 she wanted to try something new and quickly grew an impressive portfolio of beautiful, contemporary wildlife art. Never been exhibited before. Using a Monochromatic style and technique which limits the pallet to a few, usually obscure colours, her paintings are not your usual wildlife paintings.

“I am obsessed with colour. Colour evokes another emotion to the image, it can be playful and abstract, the colours I choose

enhance the pose of the animal. The contrast of the high detail and unusual colours takes the viewer on a journey that is unique to them.”

Apes have become a passion for Jenna, as you can see in this collection. I think because of their ‘human like’ expressions, they look back at you with intelligence and a story, which we can relate to on so many levels.

Petrică Bistran @p.bistran
Petrică Bistran’s recent works, made during lockdown 2020- 2021, mark a deliberate transition from his more familiar abstract compositions to a more figurative approach to representation. More intimate in size and subject matter, these new paintings, brought together for “Art in Mind,” resemble something of a thrift shop; a series in which questions of sentimentality and value we give to everyday objects are being explored. The use of words, or half words, whether political in tone, personal or ironic, further interrogates the relationship between what is seen and what is being represented, whilst pointing towards an integration of language as a formal element of the paintings themselves. Based in the UK, Petrică Bistran was born in Romania, where he studied fine art at Art College Oradea, and is currently studying painting at Camberwell College of Arts, London. His work is held in private collections in the UK and abroad.

Shua’a Ali
Shua’a Ali from Doha, Qatar has long been inspired by the work of abstract expressionist masters such as Franz Kline and Joan Mitchell. Her cultural identity coupled with her time living around the world has afforded Shua’a a hybrid of European post-war expressionism infused with Arab heritage references in her subject matter. This self-taught artist’s curiosity of a textured color palette to visualize imaginary places as well as her own personal experiences makes for an array of work that is striking and palpable in emotion and form. Shua’a Ali is an artist whose work is recognized for its signature expressive stoke.

H. Mills-Dennison FRSA @h.millsdennisonart
“My work explores the relationship between the universality of myth, legend and the theoretical limits of the human mind. A spark, late at night, becomes transformed by my ever searching mind, becoming darker, finessed into a tragedy of power. Sometimes with a sense of dread and thereby the chance for change.
Influenced by classical art, new insights are created by bringing the past somehow into the present with the addition of subtle modern nuances. Since childhood I have been fascinated by the unreality of the moment with a yearning for tragedy, drama and romance.”

David C Morton @david_cmorton
David C. Morton is an international award-winning Artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Best known for his large-scale monochrome collage work, his marbled, warped and torn aesthetic centres on a connection to humanity, material experimentation and creation through destruction.

Inspired by lucid reflections of inner turmoil and marbled notions of fear, these works develop into dark manifestations of fragmented realities.
These figures while they exist on another plane they mirror humanity’s sense of mortality, which is distant yet familiar.

Calina Postolache
“Having an interest in psychology and the human form as well as the combination of different materials is what began the study of this series. The aim was to project various mental states through the use of light, colours and textures to portray the subconscious.”

Samira Shah @samirashah23
“I am Samira, a London based artist of Indian origin and have enjoyed art since a very young age. I took an interest in graphic art and design in my teenage years and since moving to London I have further developed skills in different mediums such as oil paint, acrylic and ink work. My subject is primarily in abstract landscape and sea-scenery; however I also enjoy figurative forms and still life. I believe that it is possible to draw inspiration from our surroundings and I have been fortunate enough to have been a part of two very different, but equally beautiful cultures, which has motivated many of my pieces. Coming from the vibrant colour and landscapes in India to the bold and structured city of London has allowed me to incorporate and comingle both elements into my work. The expressional aspect of art is something, which I really value and I love being able to convey my own philosophical thoughts and bring meaning to all my paintings. My art has followed me through my entire life and I truly believe that the power of the mind, creation of the hand and eye for art is a reflection of God’s will and creativity through this journey.

My “Sea Senses” oil painting collection, aims to portray human nature through the volatility of the Sea. The mind is full of one’s thoughts, aspirations and imagination, which float around much like the waves and tides in the sea – sometimes sharp and aggressive yet sometimes calm and soothing. I try to capture the essence of this ‘mood’ using a semi-abstract, impasto technique and through powerful brush strokes contrasted with calming colours. I hope that through this artwork, people will be reminded of how powerful the mind can be, but that much like the waves, their thoughts will come and go quickly and one must focus on the beauty of their imagination in order to cultivate better mindfulness and peace within. Finally, I will be donating 10% of my sales to the BAPS charity for the COVID-19 relief in India. Having grown up in India, it is heartbreaking to see the devastation that the pandemic has caused and I would like to be able to contribute to their recovery in any way possible.”

Erika Fabókné Kocsi @erikakocsi1_watercolor

“I live in Hungary, in a quiet, peaceful little town near Budapest. I studied logistics, pedagogy, I continued my art studies in Budapest as an interior designer, as a decorator, creativity has become a part of my life. I worked with a number of techniques, but I found myself true in watercolor painting.

The place where I live is a determining factor in my life. Through my work, I would also like to present this wonderful countryside.

I work so that through my work the observer can feel and see my thoughts and feelings. I create with love!”


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