Photography NOW – 5th – 15th August

Anna Papadopoulou @annap97_
Humans are at the epicenter of the art of the Greek street photographer, Anna Papadopoulou. As the key protagonists and narrators, they are the ones who set the scene and eventually make up the essence of her photos. The artist’s inspiration mainly derives from her innate curiosity and deep fascination about people and her thirst to get a glimpse of their intimate selves. Anna’s photos capture moments and scenes of everyday life in different parts of the world, in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, often encapsulating ethnographic elements. A sense of timelessness and enigma as well as comic tragic overtones, accentuated by the photos’ black and white effect, are fundamental features of the artist’s work.

“Photography has always been a complete revelation to me. It captures the intangible, sheds light to the unnoticeable, and unveils the human soul. In photographing ordinary people, from all walks of life, I wish to seize the different shades of our existence; the ordinary and extraordinary, the comic and the tragic, the familiar and the unknown. Above all, I aspire to establish a silent dialogue and an intimate exchange between my subjects, the audience and myself, shedding light on our fundamental oneness.”

Jerry Webb @jerrywebb47
He is self-taught and often at loggerheads with convention, interpreting what he sees using his own individual methods and style. His photographs include people, street and project photography. He has been published many times and gives online talks and workshops.

SHIFTING POSITIONS is a Jerry’s 4th exhibition and as the title suggests, the exhibition reflects his move away from pure street photography, to more narrative driven work, often with a political edge.

Jahnavi Sharma @jahnavixi
“I’m Jahnavi Sharma, born in India came to the UK to pursue fashion styling from Istituto Marangoni. This is my first time showcasing my work at the brick lane gallery. This year I got the opportunity to experiment and fall in love with different mediums of expression such as photography, and graphics.

The theme of the photography series showing at the brick lane gallery is based on the theme of ‘ SEXUALITY WITHIN’. I have been always attracted to explore the subject of nakedness and self-exploration within females and non-binary individuals. Working with a lot of mix media has been one of the best ways to showcase my perspective on the different bodies and movements. Through these photography pieces I want to convey the power of sensuality; taking the body as its own art form without social constrains and stereotypes. Using different surfaces for the final print to showcase the diverse range and paradox of blending images and distortion caused and experienced by oneself through sex exploration and awakening. It’s my way of communicating the unknown ideas and desires of being yourself through these images.”

Anna Murphy @littletinypeople
Anna is half Spanish, half British and is based between the two countries. After she finished her Masters in Advertising in London she found her path in content creation.

This ‘little’ project came around out of quarantine and boredom. She felt inspired to do something creative during lockdown. She loves making people smile especially during these tough times and these photos do the trick. By using model train figures and objects found around the house, she creates miniature landscapes with colourful backdrops.

In August 2020, she posted her first Little Tiny People post on Instagram and her audience has been growing since then.

Ben Peers @benpeers
Born in London, Ben lived in Australia for some years where he held his solo exhibition ‘Looking Sydney Up and Down’. This is the first time he has brought his distinctive style back to London. Ben is fascinated with using photography to capture unique moments. Spontaneous and unchoreographed moments that will never happen again. Whether the moments contain humour, poignancy or a hyper-real beauty, these images immortalise them forever.

DonStevie @donstevie_street
DonStevie is a London based street photographer who uses street photography as a meditation on life and fending off the need to play golf, or worse, dress in lycra.

DonStevie is publicity shy & promotion-phobic, yet is a published street photographer, whose work resides in various private collections.

Annabelle Averty @annabelleartgallery
“As a child I dreamt of Africa, of her landscapes, her wildlife. Many years later, in 2006, I got a professional assignment in Tanzania for 4 years and had the privilege to witness incredible nature. It’s in Tanzania where photography took on its full meaning. Nowadays a lot of wild species are in danger because of lost habitat, climate change and poaching. For these reasons I have decided to dedicate my photography to the cause of preservation so the future generations might admire the incredible wildlife on our beautiful planet. Today we look but we don’t see. My photography is to see because to see is to love and to love is to protect.”


The Brick Lane Gallery 

216 Brick Lane