Portrait – 18th – 29th August



Portrait exhibition 18th – 29th August

The Brick Lane Gallery – The Annexe

Private View: 18th August 6pm – 8:30pm

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Kirstine Lynfort  @kl.poster
Kirstine Lynfort is a 22-year-old artist who was born and raised Denmark.

“I come from a big and partly creative family, where you have always been accepted for who you are, therefore it was never a difficult choice for me to go after my dream. Since I can remember, I have always been fascinated by the world of art and creativity. I have always painted, drawn, built and played with clay. If it could be decorated, then I was there immediately with a brush in the hand. My art focuses on the individual, on the form of expressions, characters and moods.”


Tatyana Chekmarieva @art_of_taty
“I was born on March 26th, 1969 in Moscow, Russia. I’ve graduated from art school in Krasnopresnenskaya, Moscow in 1985 and my first exhibition was in 1981. Since 1986 I lived in Florida, USA.

I’ve always paid attention to human anatomy and focused on the combination of composition and colour. I try and connect my paintings with the mind of each person. Connection with my paintings is important on a personal level for people, especially women. As a survivor of domestic violence I know how many women have been through it and how difficult it is to stop the violence. I want to talk about and show human feelings and the individual stories of each person through art, color, face and movement in composition. No matter what nationality or skin colour, we all have feelings and passions and stories to tell.”


Chiara Vicini @chi.arart

Chiara Vicini is an Italian born Artist and Designer. Prior to residing in London, Chiara obtained a BA in The Science of Fashion and Costume History in Rome. Chiara furthered her studies with a MA in Costume Design for Performance at The London College of Fashion (UAL).

Whilst studying, Chiara began freelancing as an Artist working on a multitude of projects from Graphic Design to Fine Art.

As an eclectic Artist, she has always had a penchant for The Arts as a whole. Even when designing costumes, Chiara draws on her knowledge within the other disciplines to create distinct pieces.

Her recent work focuses on the struggles that women face in society every day. Her latest collection, called “Women in Colour” aims to represent the inner beauty of women using selected colours to show a series of emotions and inspirational messages behind the portraits.


Iren Jordan @irenjordanart

These paintings of heads belong to my Crow drawing and painting series. They form an ongoing diary of “how life is”. I feel it’s appropriate to call them “heads” because the paintings hold an intimacy, yet have less attachment to likeness. This makes it possible for an inner truth to be glimpsed.

Crow, that gloriously clever ingenious earthen bird that struts and caws, sometimes fallible oft times grandiose, inhabits graveyards and all pockets of our world. Crow is both archaic and modern. Represented in the beliefs, and ballads of many cultures, Crow is often given mythic qualities, and linked with our awareness of mortality, reminding us of the dance of life and death.

In my paintings, I am attempting to catch a momentary slip of the social masks we wear, to reveal something deeper rooted, perhaps more vulnerable. Something more “caw”, more “crow” that haunts us.


Janie Lavigne @janie_lavigne_art
I started painting in 1997, but have been drawing and modeling since childhood.
Over the years I’ve taken various drawing courses and also took a “formal” art education in Oslo in 2003-2006 at the Art School “Living Workshop”. I’ve been taught by internationally renowned artists such as Markus Brendmoe, Roar Werner Eriksen, Anne Cathrine Crawford and Yngvild Neergaard, to name a few.

I work mainly with acrylic on canvas, in my studio in Østerbro.”



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