Portrait & Works On Paper 29th September – 10th October





Portrait & Works On Paper Exhibition

29th September – 10th October
Private view: 29th September 6pm – 8:30pm

The Brick Lane Gallery London



Richard Day @rchrdday

My name is Richard Day I am an artist living and working in Norwich, UK. I graduated from University of Suffolk in 2014 with a degree in Fine Art. I create contemporary full figure paintings and portraits. My style of painting is a combination of my passion for street/graffiti art mixed with my love of traditional portraiture. This painting explores the relationship between the universality of myth and vegetarian ethics.


Natacha Bisarre @natachabisarre

Born and bred in Brussels, Belgium, Natacha currently lives in South East London. Natacha is a self-taught visual artist, working primarily in the media of painting, film and photography. Evocative of both freedoms and restrictions, Natacha’s work is heavily inspired by her experience as a professional dancer, where discipline and freedom of movement were always at stake. Using combinations of pools of colour and often intricate lines and markings, she depicts the paradox of a dancer’s reality but also that of the human condition. “I rarely know in advance how I want the final piece to look, I’m more interested in the physicality of how I will achieve it.”


Dominic Harker @dominic.harker

“I am a British born, Oxford based printmaker. I studied Fine Art at UWE Bristol and previously exhibited as part of group shows in Oxford, Sydney and Bath. This series of prints have been inspired by Botanical Line drawing. The print designs are kept purposely minimal and quite simplistic, with the intention of making the prints bold and with a stylised look to them. My colour palette is black & white which is a style choice to make them both graphic and bold in style. All prints on display have been hand printed.”


Frank Briffa www.frankbriffa.weebly.com

British. Born 1947. Educated at Challoner School London and Newcastle University.(B.sc, Ph.D, P.G.C.E. Cert. in Art Studies). Three-year painting course with The Open College of the Arts.

“I have Exhibited widely in the UK and at the Rossocinabro Gallery, Rome. Most of my work continues to have strong links with music though some do not. The music based pastel drawings in this exhibition have links with specific pieces by composers including Ives, Janacek, Beethoven, Vaughan Williams, Franck, Richard Strauss and others. My main purpose is to find pictorial equivalents to the musical language rather than to illustrate.”


Franca Luzzi   @francaluzzi.art

Franca Luzzi is a female artist from Austria. Her main focus is on the representation of femininity, the distress and suffering of which is represented in many ways in Luzzi’s work. This unadorned, radical view of social oppression makes Franca Luzzi’s work an important contribution to feminist thinking, but rather it still functions as an expression of an entire generation and its increasing disruption. – Katharina Geissler, cultural theorist, M.A.

In her `Shift in perspective` series, Franca Luzzi refers to the most important part of the personality in analytical psychology according to C.G. Jung, the shadow. The shadow represents the counterpart to the persona, the mask of a person and often contains the negative, socially undesirable and therefore mostly suppressed and denied parts of the personality. The work to become aware of the personal unconscious is one of the central tasks of the human maturation process and represents an indispensable step on the way to individuation.


Ross Dalziel @scottieboyross

“I am a professional Graphic Designer and Paper Collage Artist from Scotland, living and working in London. In my day-to-day line of work, I spend a lot of time staring at a computer screen working on digital artwork, and so I was looking for some creative escapism from this, but in a more analogue and handmade form. I’ve found great joy in creating surreal paper collage compositions from cutting up old magazines and vintage books. I’ll pick out any interesting images that appeals to me and think ‘could this work in a piece?’. Sometimes I might have an idea for a composition piece, but then something might come together by accident when putting some images together on a page. That’s the beauty I find with this type of work, it can be spontaneous and constantly evolving into something else. I hope you enjoy my work and find it interesting.”


Alfie’s Originals @alfiesoriginals

“My name Alfie Sutton and I’m a charcoal artist based in the Cotswold’s. I spend a good amount of my time outdoors exploring my local areas and taking photos of wildlife, which has led me to draw them giving my own personal twist and style into each. I focus on charcoal as my main medium as I enjoy the textures, expressions, and effects it can create. As charcoal is a natural compostable product, I find satisfaction that my work will leave no trace or environment impact.”


Leila Mead @leilameadprint

Leila’s work is an expression of colour, figure and form. Through carefully orchestrated colour combinations and drawings, she attempts to convey sensuality and fluidity. Her work aims to celebrate the feminine nude, and invites the viewer to appreciate the curves, shapes and colours of her works subjects. She enjoys going through a creative process, completing each step until there is a definitive clean-cut product. Screen printing allows her to fulfil this enjoyment whilst also allowing her to concentrate on the colour aspect. Vintage colour palettes are her main source of inspiration, in particular sixties and seventies textile designs and interiors.


Linda Lasson @linda_lasson

Linda Lasson is a textile artist based overlooking a lake and forests in the northern part of Sweden. The surrounding landscape is a constant presence and inspiration to her when creating embroideries, taking elements from the patterns, shapes and colours of nature and blending them into intricate works of art. Using simple, thin sewing thread, Lasson’s work has both sculptural and graphic expressions.


James Gibson (Frag-Repro) @f.r.a.g.r.e.p.r.o

James is an emerging artist with a background in graphic design in the fashion industry. He grew up near Manchester UK and has worked in London, Bali and Munich. Besides hanging some works in a bar in Chorlton in 2008, this is his first exhibition. “Fragmentary Reproductions is taken from a book called An Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud. Freud described Dreams to be Fragmentary Reproductions of time spent awake. I found it helpful in realising that creating while awake is much the same, pulling everything you’ve ever seen, heard and felt into a piece of work. When working in an absent mindset, I let my hand, eye and heart wander.”


Nicole Charlotte Croxon @nicolecroxonartist

“Throughout my art career, I have always incorporated flowers with a portrait. The simple reason being is because a flower can add more colour to a portrait painting. Flowers can have a hidden meaning, which could be very meaningful to the model or the viewer. I work in the mediums of oil and acrylic paint. I mainly create portrait paintings. Since my first animal commission, I have been creating artworks of animals and small artworks of flowers. Throughout my career, I have looked and seen the masterpieces of many artists. Some historical and some contemporary artists, the one artist that has been my inspiration through my art journey has been the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.”


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