Photography Now – February 2018

Photography Now

28th February – 11th March 2018

The Brick Lane Gallery, 216 Brick Lane







We are pleased to present the new edition of PHOTOGRAPHY NOW, featuring the works of 7 UK-based and international artists. From works analyzing portraiture and personalities with different backgrounds, to documentary series, wildlife and landscape photography, this exhibition is as interesting dive into the countless possibilities that photography has to offer.


Alexandra Mekhanik is Moscow-based artist working with photography. The works on show are from her larger series documenting life of professional dancers of different backgrounds. Alexandra offers a glimpse into their private lives, capturing revealing details about their unique personalities and beauty; hardworking feet, sensual hands, grace, temper, and mood. These are hardly noticeable particularities that did not stay unnoticed to Alexandra’s observant camera.


Annie Mae H. Worth believes that her formal training in painting and drawing has had an important influence on her photographic practice. She keeps visual diaries and the images on show document a year of her culinary adventures. ‘In hese series, I have journaled my life through my meals. I took photographed for every day of 2017, in this series we have the day when I had of a death in the family, the breakfast on my wedding day and the meal I ate before moving to a new house. I wanted to attach a memory to something less obvious to someone else who wasn’t me, but something immediately memorable to me as a food photographer. ‘ The artist has a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art from NUA (Norwich University of the Arts).


Francesca Pozzi works as a freelance photographer in Milan. She explores the concept of horizon – term generally used to indicate the line of connection and separation, the indeterminate and the determined, the finite and the infinite, the earth and the sky. The horizon is a free zone and a threshold to cross to measure and exceed one’s limitations. This line is a reassuring reference, but in the process of trying to reach it, the horizon becomes elusive, exceedingly unknown and uncertain. Through her photographs the artist aims to analyse the different states of mind of the human being, his concerns and contradictions. As Aldous Huxley writes in his 1954 essay “The Doors of Perception”: man is composed of an old world of personal consciousness and, beyond a sea that divides them, from a series of new worlds. Francesca’s Beyond the line project won the honorable mention at the IPA 2016 international photography awards in the professional Fine Art-abstract category.
The same project was published on the web by LensCulture and was on display at the Photofestival in Milan 2017.


Gary Davis is a wildlife photographer based in London. He worked in the video industry for many years returning to stills photography in 2009. Following a passion for wildlife, Gary has endeavored to produce evocative images that show the beauty of nature in his work – utilising high resolution cameras with the focus of the images being the animals themselves.


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Kasia Burke has an eye for turning the banal, functional and often overlooked objects of everyday life into frozen moments in time, provoking questions and wonder through her still life compositions, captured with sharp vibrant photography. “When I see a commonplace object, a lacklustre glass, a piece of wonky fruit, a half eaten sandwich, and small creatures from the garden I feel compelled to the possibilities of giving them a story and their own little bit of a history”. Through creative lighting, and playfully classic composition Kasia brings out an atmosphere of curiosity in her images, selecting the elements for their aesthetic quality and the character they exude. There are reflections within her art work born of nostalgia with low key illuminations reminiscent of 17th Century Dutch Still Life paintings. The configuration brings the viewer into the story and darkness draws them a little closer still, to peer into another world where life is present through the inanimate, still and forever present. Kasia’s still life is a chance to immerse oneself into a single moment, a snippet of time made eternal, the mundane becoming something more, a shape, a shadow, a form, a metaphor, and a symbolic experience of life.

Instagram & Twitter – @kasiaburke

Facebook – KasiaBurkeArt


Nicole-Shola is a photography student from Hertfordshire. Her photography looks at fine art narratives; expanding on issues close to her heart such as feminism, identity, and mental-health. Her portraits focus on colour and light, and using them to express emotions – lead by her interest in feminism and femininity as a construct.


Parth Patel has been always fascinated by the existence of life. He has had an acute inclination towards fine arts and as a child he was passionate about drawing. However, after being introduced to photography he tried to combine the two together. The artist feels like a surrealist at heart. He has been fascinated by black and white travel and experimenting with his self-portraits. He likes to complicate and disturb clean compositions, showing skepticism regarding his surroundings.




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