14th to 26th March 2018

The Brick Lane Gallery, 216 Brick Lane, London, E1 6SA



Anisha Samani is a full time abstract artist and poet based outside of London. Her current work is based around figurative art and using bold colors to extenuate her energy and emotion onto canvas. Anisha’s signature style is to allow the paint to drip down the canvas which can be just as powerful as a brushstroke when telling a story.



Alexandra Fridman is an Israeli based contemporary artist. “My work explores the relationship between acquired synesthesia and human multimedia experiences. With influences as diverse as Caravaggio and Jackson Pollock, new synergies are manufactured from both simple and complex layers. Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the unrelenting divergence of the universe. What starts out as contemplation soon becomes corroded into a hegemony of futility, leaving only a sense of unreality and the chance of a new synthesis. As shimmering phenomena become transformed through frantic and personal practice, the viewer is left with a hymn to the limitless world of imagination”.



Gabrielle Mutti is a self taught Swiss artist with workshops in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. “I seldom make sketches and let me drift. The single control is the research on internet, the rough topic, the experience. It is a constant repetition and reaction to what I am creating with my hands, trusting in my intuition and in my taste. Apply, scratch away, paint over, glue, blow dry, shape, print. I call it total development. Where chaos was before, everything is flowing”.



Shannon Idzikowska is a self taught artist and an Advaita Zen Buddhist. She has been painting as an expression of the ineffable for seven years. Thick swaths of oil paint are characteristic of earlier work, and she later branched into formative acrylics with the evolution of her mind in relation to art. Past exhibitions include: joint exhibit with mural artist Vanessa Longchamp, 2014; Poptart Gallery ‘Sweet Tooth’ group exhibition, 2017; and Hackney WickED ‘Inside Out’ group exhibition, 2017. This collection displays an awe for the infinite and the secrets we have in our heritage as human beings beyond comprehensible time. Interest in Buddhism and Zen, the universe, and ancient knowledge and wisdom have inspired these works



Ann Bubis is a British artist who has exhibited extensively across the United States and in London for the last 20 years. “The plant world is a passive one that evolves at its own pace, following the cycle of the seasons. I question the superiority of the animal world over the world of vegetation. In this series of paintings, I’m creating poetic rhythms that echo across the canvases, symbolising the vulnerability of nature. Dark shadows are softened by light vibrant colours pulsating through them in the movement of the paint. The patterns are inspired by my observation of different tree barks. This was my starting point as I tried to understand the complex structures of this protective layer that evolves continuously over time. The intricacies of the natural world can teach us so much. I lament our inability to stop, look, listen and care for this universe”.



Paz Andrade is a Portuguese artist exhibiting ‘LOOKING BEYOND’ for the first time in London after successful solo shows in Portuguese galleries. “My paintings are the result of a state of mind, ideas they come from nothing and from everywhere. Lines, shapes and colors meet my thoughts, my sadness, my happiness, myself. The theme or the lack of it it’s a characteristic of my plastic language”.



Rosemary Collard is an Australian artist who has spent 45 years researching ways to compose pictures with the basic visual elements of art – colour, form, line, shape, space, texture and value. “As a student I was inspired by the work of Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee and held the view that their work and that of the Modernists would always be regarded as contemporary. My goal since then has been to discover my own style of abstraction based on the principles of Modernism. The abstract artworks I’m exhibiting at The Brick Lane Gallery are examples of where this research has led me to date”.



James David is a 15 year old artist who works primarily in acrylic, pen and clay. James is exhibiting his large abstract canvases for the first time in London. His ambition is to become a mineralogist and he is particularly interested in showing the structure and forms of objects found in the natural world.

“I find painting to be a very peaceful activity where I do not feel stressed with managing the world around me”.




Lorraine Willis is a British artist who follows the techniques and principles employed by classically trained fine artists and has taken up inspiration from the abstract expressionists and contemporary intuitive artists. The Lilac Wine Series, exhibited at the Brick Lane Gallery is based on the song James Shelton wrote in 1950, and sung by both Nina Simone in 1954 and Elkie Brooks in 1981. The combination of the powerful lyrics and emotional rendition provided the idea and inspiration for these pieces. The canvases were all activated using the lyrics to the song in charcoal and intense sticks. A limited palette of secondary colours of violet and green was used along with black and white to create these harmonious, yet distinctive, works.



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