ART IN MIND – February 2018

28th February – 11th March 2018

Preview: Wednesday 28th February 6 – 8:30
The Brick Lane Gallery – The Annexe, 93 – 95 Sclater Street





We are pleased to present Art in Mind mixed-media exhibition.  Featured artwork include painting, drawing, works on paper and sculptural pieces inspired by themes of urban life and human interaction. Showcasing the works of 10 UK-based and international artists, this show is an exciting journey in the multiplicity of contemporary artistic practices.

Afsaneh Ghafouri’s Synapse series are explorations of connections. Our engagement with our surrounding determines the kind of connection we will have with the world. This net of connections is obvious even in cells, the smallest building blocks of life. Synapse is the place where neurons connect with each other. These connections coordinate all the cells within a body. So thinking about other forms of connections; humans with each other, with other beings and with their surrounding is the key to understand life and the reason of our existence. The Synapse series are a product of these thoughts. In her paintings, Afsaneh tries to convey a unique feeling about our connection with our world by using simplified model of human body and net-like and filamentous forms.

Facebook : Afsaneh Ghafori

Instagram: @afsanehghafori


Anthony Vella is a contemporary artist based in France. Art for him is a way to express feelings and to reveal his personality. His fascination by Amadéo Modigliani and Jean-Charles Castelbajac, these totally different masters of a kind, allowed the artist to freely engage in explorations of faces. At the age of 26, Anthony decided to finally make his artistic “coming-out” and exhibit his collection of characters who have been haunting and entertaining him for quite a while.



Dilber Duygu Temur is a young Turkish artist fascinated by the human face and its ability to express complex emotions without the need for words. She tries to capture those emotions with her acrylic portrait paintings as well as her art dolls. She uses papier-mache and fabric to create the art dolls and aims to tell a story suggested by the doll’s facial expressions as well as the props she uses. She completed an art degree in Turkey and worked as a sculptor before deciding to continue her art journey in London about a year ago.


İlkem GÜNERİ lives and works in Turkey. His works are iroic, grotesquelly exagared impressions of his subjests. The artist’s works span drawing and illustrations, as well as large murals painted in cafes in Antalya. İlkem participated in numerous exhibitions in Antalya and and in Akdeniz University. After graduating from high school he attended Akdeniz Fineart University in Antalya.




Jonatan Alfaro’s works are explorations of our perceptions of reality. “How does one represent landscape and territory without becoming a contemplative landscape artist idealizing nature, nor a Cartesian cartographer putting the earth in order?
The abstract paintings of Jonatan Alfaro are, precisely, those pictorial thoughts where such a language might just be possible. Each one of his canvases creates a pictorial distance with respect to the “real” color of the referent in nature he is painting, whether one is merely looking at the landscape or through a memory. But more importantly than whether we see or recognize a landscape, his abstract paintings possess neither background nor figure. It confronts us with a limit of contamination among each one of these categories, and, as the Lacanian philosopher Slavoj Zizek says of the paintings of Rothko (which contained a sort of osmosis between the background and the figure in the painting), it is the passing of reality into the real.”


Gul Durmayaz Guducu is a Turkish self-taught artist from Istanbul. She has been painting and drawing for a couple of years and this is her first exhibition. “One word to describe my work would be “Existential.” Every aspect of human experience is my subject,” she says. “I reflect what is inside of me to the canvas. Generally the objective of a painting for me is to leave the splits of everyday behind and reach the feeling of expansion, mystery and wonder. For me painting is a journey, a method of becoming whole. I start the blank page with splits and turn them into one. It is a chance to reveal the stories of my soul’s journey even before this lifetime.”


Shikha Vijai is contemporary artist living and working in the UK. Having lived in 8 countries over the past 17 years, art has been the only constant in her life, helping her to connect with her inner self and with the rapidly changing world around her. The artist tells stories based on her travels, finding inspiration in the immense beauty that she has witnessed on this journey. She paints landscapes and cityscapes to celebrate the vastness of the world – both in its geographical extent and in the myriad of cultures, customs and aesthetics that coexist. Shikha wants to treasure the diminutive and the vast, the vague and the concrete, the rustic and polished.

Facebook: @artbyshikhavijai

Instagram: @artbyshikhavijai


A young mother, Vera Tsepkova, found her inspiration in arts. Using paints and palette knives, the artist creates vibrant paintings transferring the beauty and shades of nature in an unobtrusive and experimental way. Observing her works, one fleetingly catches a thought that the beauty around us does in fact saves the world. Using abstract expressionist technique, which liberates mind from any control of intellectual and logical principles, she expresses herself spontaneously creating abstracted shapes. The final composition is a free and autonomous deposition of paint over a canvas, happening purely upon the influence of psychological and emotional states of the painter. Vera is based in Kramatorsk, Ukraine.

Instagram – @itsmyart_vera


Yamaç ATAN lives and works in Ankara, Turkey. He has been interested in painting since he was a child. The artists’s drawings and illustratiobns often depict doomy and melancholic subjects. Yamaç has been exhibiting in Antalya and had his most recent exhibition in Aya Haralambos Church in İzmir, Çeşme. He makes illustrations for Turkish magazines such as ‘’Kafkaokur’’ and ‘’Gamlı Baykuş’. He graduated from Akdeniz fineart University in Antalya.

Facebook/ yamacatan

İnstagram @yamacatan



Giacomo Bevanati

Since an early stage, Giacomo felt interested in the visual perception of the volumes, light, transparencies, light materials, and how the eye treats the mind with a thoughtful use of them. Bachelor in Exhibition Design and a Master’s degree in Architecture provided him all the technical aspects of the use of strengths, understanding of materials and 3D modeling.
Once has the technical knowledge and the convince of creating art, the material chose was the step to follow. The keenness of using a simple material whit shining properties became stronger thus after an examination of different materials the decision was to use brass and steel wire. In addition, the concept of using something cheap to create something precious is very attractive.


If you wish to know more about our programme of exhibitions or if you want to become a future exhibitor email us at

If you wish to know more about our programme of exhibitions or if you want to become a future exhibitor email us at