27th May – 6th June

Davina Morgan

Natalie Bennett

Laura Jay Meadows

Ann Palmer

Maria Teresa Molner

Laura C Richardson

Kristina Tonev

Kinga Sokol


27th May – 6th June
Opening: Instagram Live 26th May 6


DAVINA MORGAN   @davinamorganart

Davina is a portrait and landscape painter based in South London and works exclusively in oils. Her aim in capturing a figure is to create a conversation with the subject and the viewer as if they are being listened to. Her subjects are close friends of the artist who have sat for her in multiple poses but she can work remotely also. The paintings are completed alla prima to reflect the momentary expression of the subjects.


NATALIE BENNET   @natalie.j.bennett_art

The artist has always been fascinated with both the physical and mental aspects of desire. The wonderful bodies we so often take for granted. Passion, sensuality, imagination, longing, anticipation etc… all have their parts to play.


LAURA JAY MEADOWS   @laurajaymeadows

Meadows takes inspiration from the human form, with a heavy focus (but not exclusively) on celebrating women. She emotively expresses through bold, striking colours, bringing noise and statement to the place we all call home. Meadows wants to highlight the beauty, energy and strength in all of us whilst championing empowerment, self-love and body confidence.

Every body is beautiful, unique and interesting; whether it be decorated with cellulite, stroked with stretch marks or laden with lumps and bumps – Meadows’ work reflects the love she wished she had given herself and her body when she was younger. With her paintings, Meadows want to help influence the change where it’s no longer the norm to just accept imperfections as if they are flaws and hopes to help people everywhere to feel empowered to love their bodies just the way they are.


ANN PALMER   @annpalmerartist

Ann Palmer was born in the UK and lives in Rochester, Kent. She spent 40 years working as a Public Health doctor in hte NHS, has always enjoying creating and began drawing and painting in 2007.

Ann paints in oils, principally land, sky and seascapes, inspired by the shorelines of Kent and Cornwall. She works loosely with thick paint using a palette knife, often producing highly textural work.

Ann’ style is impressionistic and representative tending towards abstraction and expressionism. She developed her reputation as a plein air painter working from a beach hut in Whitstable and still uses this location for inspiration standing on the pebbly beach -watching the tide ebb and flow, the morning mist across the Swale, the light on the horizon, the clouds coming in from the west over London, and the light out to sea in the North East, the low tide exposing sandbanks, pebbles, and seafood for the gulls to seek.


MARIA TERESA MOLNER   @mariateresamolner

I enjoyed drawing from an early age. I was the youngest person to enter the Academy of Fine Art in my home city of Barcelona, Spain in its history and obtained my Certificate and Degree in Decorative Arts from there.

I found my artistic fluency inspired by the Mediterranean light. This method with palette knives, using oils and acrylics, tends to give the paintings a third dimension with the generously applied pigments creating a relief which plays with the light and the colours. Nature is transported to the canvasses. I can also work in large dimensions, for example creating murals and I accept commissions for such work.


LAURA C RICHARDSON   @lauracrichardson

Yorkshire born artist Laura established her studio/gallery in Manchester’s Craft and Design Centre in 2005 following her BA Hons Textile Degree and a six-month work placement in New Zealand designing Maurice Kain interior furnishings.  Her experience of weaving resonates through her West Coast Collection of artwork in her preparation method: Laura premixes a vast colour palette of oils then begins layering and constructing memories of journey and adventure, here we see a glimpse of a road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway, California’s hidden beauty spots that most people miss in the blink of an eye.

Standing momentarily at a truly exposed coastline there’s a feeling of vulnerability, yet we take away a renewed energy from the shifts in light and the rhythm of the tide, a reminder to breathe in just what we need and let the rest go.



These 3 pieces tell the story of every woman in her struggle to gather the strength to be independent and have the confidence to destroy the stereotypes in order to build the lives they deserve. Inevitably she will reveal her potential to be on top of the world… and beyond.


KINGA SOKOL   @sokolkinga

I was born in Poland, studied politics at Uni in Kiel, Germany. I am self-taught oil painter for a little bit over 3 years.


The Brick Lane Gallery – The Annexe

93 – 95 Sclater Street | London | E1 6HR