27th May – 6th June
Opening: Instagram Live 26th May 6pm

Mari Halonen
Melody Reynolds
Steve Bicknell
Geoffrey Reed
Erik Alexander
Mick Whyte
Sai Linde
Elena Gonzalez Muñoyerro
Sophie Dunne


Mari’s art is a sweet combination of everyday life and fairytale. Her drawings are small, imaginary trips to the world of fairies, animals and cozy creatures. In her own world of imagination she is chatting with mushrooms, bugs and robots. Motherhood, nature, self- portraits and knitting are some of Mari’s top drawing subjects. She keeps her sketchbook as a journal and it is the most important tool for her.

Mari is using a brush or a wooden stick when she draws with ink. The colours that she uses are all kinds of markers and watercolours. On the Brick Lane Gallery wall you can see a mixed group of drawings, from small and sensitive brushwork to rough sketches and flow drawings

MELODY REYNOLDS   @melodyreynoldsart

Melody Reynolds studied at St Martins where she developed an immediately recognisable style with her bold use of colour and dynamic composition. Her figurative work is unique and expressive – often acting as a visual diary in which she captures relationships and raw emotion. Melody uses acrylics and oils in abstract landscapes or expressionist figurative work.

Her paintings combine truth with an intriguing other worldliness. Her highly individual storytelling leads the viewer through strange landscapes which often depict different time periods and narratives.

STEVE BICKNELL   @bicknell_contemporarysculpture

I work in steel and concrete for personal art projects, with work being cast into bronze for fine art editions. My work is influenced by the organic forms found in nature.

Represented in the UK by The Ava Gallery in Plymouth and in Europe by The Monat Gallery in Madrid. Two of my bronzes are to be featured at the Paris Art Fair in June.

I will also be showing at The Sussex Art Fair, Goodwood in July and a solo show is booked for The Brick Lane Gallery in September. A member of The Surrey Sculpture Society.

GEOFFREY REED   @geoffreyreed7

Emerging artist, Geoffrey Reed is at the forefront of a new movement of Protest Art through the use of bold political statements, dry humour and thought-provoking imagery.

The aim of which, is to bring into the light the evils of big business, which are those that operate for sinister purposes and against public well-being. In particular fast-food companies, which contain cancer inducing chemicals.

ERIK ALEXANDER   @erikallexander

I moved to London almost 10 years ago from Brazil and my heritage deeply influences my work. The varied Brazilian architecture, the rich landscape and rainforest, and events such as Carnival inspire my colour palette and subject matter. I like to create with lots of different media and materials from traditional paper to discarded lumber. I interpret my emotions through bold, mostly contrasting colours. I really enjoy painting portraits because I can present the subject in a new way. Highlighting with pops of a single colour allows me to focus on the unique qualities of each sitter. Painting is my emotional outlet and I always try to have fun with my work.

MICK WHYTE   @painterofpictures

I am an artist who is interested in the physical qualities of the paint itself and the effects of light on the forms. I consider, that although my art recalls the representational aspect of the past, it pays tribute to the flatness of the modern and the physicality of the medium.

These images were all created in the long Covid Winter, in a Prehistoric Woodland that has endured, far longer than any of us can imagine. Like us, this forest has a past a present and most importantly a future I like to think that in the quiet of the winter I have captured the timeless quality of the woodland and noticed things that have previously gone unnoticed.

SAI LINDE   @sailinde

Born in Barcelona, Spain, moved to Italy at a young age, always passionate about art, he got the chance to attend art school, and then to the Fine Arts Academy of Rome. Now he lives and works in Barcelona and started his artistic career during the first lockdown in 2020.

These characters come from the world of the artist who works to represent his personal story day by day and the urban life of Barcelona. The entire work is very sensitive about his surroundings, where Sai can daily take part in a magic circus of souls. The artist mixes the life of his urban characters with various worldwide cultural references and charges every detail with symbolism. Characters are overwhelmed by esoteric daydreams that mostly control their lives, stopping them in time, which comes to be an important focus on the line that divides them from reality. Personal references are also very clear, often putting himself in paintings or using details like the tattoos on the bodies to signify different people.


I am a mixed media artist who graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca (Spain). My subject matter is the body and, more specifically, the women’s body. I decontextualize body shapes, and then I reconstruct them as an exploration of women’s strength through vulnerability. My goal is to inspire, those who see my work, to look more carefully at the world around them and discover how women are still not fully seen. I show the power of femininity through curve lines to enhance certain parts of the body, showing the subject’s soul. My works aim to lead viewers to question what lies beyond the plane picture, hence I use thread to give the painting a 3D effect.

SOPHIE DUNNE   @sophiedunnephotography

Artist, creator and photographer Sophie Dunne presents a sensational new photo collage series at the Brick Lane Gallery on 25th May 2021. Soulful studies celebrating people who have embraced their beauty in spite of mental and physical adversity, challenging the viewer to confront perceptions regarding the fragility and beauty of human existence.

Sophie Dunne’s powerful new portraits evoke the sentiment expressed by Matisse that “Creativity takes courage”, an underlying theme resonating throughout Dunne’s creative journey as an artist. Her unique mixed media concept was developed whilst facing personal adversity – the loss of career and livelihood during lockdown.

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