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GERI DICILLO @geridicillo
Geri is originally from Italy but was born in Venezuela. After working in the interior design field and running an art gallery in Venezuela’s golden years, Geri moved to Italy and then London in 2018, where she resides with her children and is dedicated fully to painting. Her paintings are inspired by daily life, memories and travel.

2021: Geri participated in the International Dante Alighieri Award held in Florence, Italy.

2021: her work “Il Trentino” was exhibited at the Festival Cultura Identità 2021 in Alessandria, Italy. And the same work was published in the III edition of ART NOW MAGAZINE (MAY-JUNE).2021: her work “White City” (inspired in London) was awarded at the Biennale d’Arte “Oscar della Creatività” held in Monaco.

JACK COLEMAN @jackcolemanart
I am a self-taught artist living and working in London. Using mixed media, I create works which interpret the visual language of nature into themes of history, colour and composition.

Whilst studying a history of art MA in Italy, I observed art from Ancient Rome to the Renaissance. I was inspired by the techniques used in paintings to give viewers an experience beyond their perceived reality. I echo this approach to explore the ways in which we experience our own natural environments today. Stylistically I’m influenced by landscape artists like David Bomberg and Wayne Thiebaud,

I primarily depict Mediterranean landscapes with vivid colours and dream-like perspective as though they are a memory. I paint nature (such as olive groves, rivers and valleys) which at one time may have held a sacred significance and still carry some element of the sublime.

During the lockdowns, I continued to explore themes of nature and history through still life works with subject matter from my home. I’ve been using watercolour and coloured pencil to create works on paper for many years. I used this time to develop the technique as it offered a degree of control and, like with oil paints, the ability to build layers of bold colour.

French artist, 61 years old, chemist, self-taught collage artist since 2017.
I let a dynamic stream of shapes and colors flow, without consciously deciding how to arrange them. I digest my environment and reconstruct it in an impressionistic way. I feel my art as a mood, as therapeutic art. I build harmony through distressing clashes.”Guillaume Meigniez vision of my art: “The collage projects us a few nanoseconds after the Big Bang, somewhere in the original plasma with unlimited energy which will perhaps become the world as we know it. At this moment the density is infinite, and the objects of this universe do not yet have enough space to differentiate themselves. All the images are constrained and play a random choreography, slipping and piercing each other.

POLINA SHUSTOVA @polinashustovaart
I am an artist-designer by education.
I was born and live in Russia, I really like to travel.

In 1991 she graduated from the art school in Angarsk and entered the Art and Graphic Faculty of Rostov State University.

In 2003, she defended her PhD thesis on the topic: “Philosophical and cultural analysis of the human face” Participated in exhibitions: “Unconventional graphics”, “Young Artists of the South of Russia” and in several exhibitions in Rostov-on-Don, Moscow, St. Petersburg and in the south of Russia. I am a member of the Eurasian Union of Artists. I have a diploma of artistic merit from the La Pinacothèque Museum, located in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

I am looking for harmony in life and painting. My works are an experiment with color, where abstract forms are combined with natural phenomena and creatures. Full detail, contrast of color and tone, immersion into the depths of the form give rise to a feeling and representation of the harmony found, which I really want to share with the world. Favorite materials are watercolor, ink, pen and oil paints. My works hang in many houses in different parts of the world.

TOSIN AKINGBA @venusakingba
Tosin Akingba is a Nigerian Pencil artist, based in Lagos State, born by Nigerian parents. She holds a B.A (Bachelor of Arts Degree) in Mass Communication.

She sees art as a way of expressing her feelings, thoughts and emotions right from her soul, making depiction with a drawing medium of pencils (graphite and charcoal) in such a way that it is understandable and relatable by those who come across her art.

She started drawing as a little kid and popularly known in her school for her amazing drawings. Tosin Akingba’s drawings are majorly on facial expressions -telling a story with her drawings, to strike the mind of her audience and anyone who comes across her works.

Tosin’s graphite drawings subject major on mental, social ills, climate change, identity, depression and anxiety.

Tosin Akingba regards herself as an “Artivist”


STEPHANE ILLAND @illandstephane
A French painter born in Paris in 1966. He finds his source of inspiration by observing nature. The gaze of an animal, the close-up of an insect or the colours of a flower trigger his creativity.

His purpose is to capture the wonders of the living to link humans to nature. The artist encourages us to take the time to observe nature, the living, to see another world.

Engaged in preserving the environment, his artistic process is now based on beeswax painting.

INTERPELLATION: “We are here, think of us, you are not alone!” Our distant cousin calls for awareness: humans are not alone on earth and every living being deserves respect.

MEDITATION: Enjoy the present moment by keeping negative and harmful thoughts away. In this anxious world, the gorilla invites us to meditate to live in harmony with the world around us.

REFLECTION: What can we do in this rapidly changing world that is destroying our planet? The orang-utan urges us to think about this in order to preserve our mother earth, the essential element of our life.It is time to stop and observe the nature that surrounds us. This is how we will understand it in order to better protect it.


ULLA ABBAS @ullas_art_work
Ulla was born in Denmark and is mainly self-taught but also trained at Sønderjyllands Kunstskole (Southern Denmark Art School) and by taking part in different courses offered by professional artists. Even though Ulla has been encouraged to exhibit her art for many years it is not until recently that she thought the time was right.

The aquarelle paintings exhibited are inspired by memories of her life in Africa as a young woman. It has always been the people who interested Ulla most when living on the African continent. This series of paintings is the start of a journey visiting many other figures from the past and present.

Ulla says: “I have painted the figures in a much tighter way than I normally do. Many times, my work is painted without prior sketch but this time I decided to sketch before applying paint. I wanted the figures without a background and to be portrayed with a hint of caricature. It is my aim for people to stop and have a closer look and discuss the bit distorted features, the story of the people and why they look like they do. To have a look at what Ulla also paints she has brought along a few smaller works all painted without prior sketch.Ulla’s art has been sold to collectors in Denmark, Germany, Sweden and the UK.

Ulla recommends framing her paintings in a contemporary style behind fine art glass in a deep frame, which allows the painting to be raised/floating away from the frame background. The raw edges and nature of the paper (which sometimes buckles a bit) should play a big part in the framing and final look. That is also why passepartouts are not used in the large paintings. Please have a look at her website for framing advise.

Aquarelle paintings/watercolor painting is a very lively medium and Ulla loves the unexpected effects one can achieve. The paints used are all of artist quality, painted on acid free heavy cotton rag paper. Framed behind glass the paintings will last a lifetime and even longer.


Anaëlle Schlaeppi, Swiss nationality, trained decorator and graphic designer. For two years I have been illustrating people in a graphic and poetic way. For the pleasure of the eyes and the sensitivity of each person. Softness and finesse are my signature. I like simplicity in both form and colour. The themes vary from rock’n’roll to bohemian.


MELIKE ÇAGICI @melikecagici
Melike Cagici was born in Zonguldak in 1976. She studied arts at the Fine Arts Department of the Faculty of Education ,Gazi University. She took printmarking courses from Prof. Guler Akalan.She partipacated in annual exhibition of the same university in 1998. In the same year, she started working as a painting teacher at the Turkısh Ministry of Education. She took courses from Prof.Zafer Gencaydın and Prof. Hasan Pekmezci at Faculty of Fine Arts of Hacettepe University as a guest student in 2000. She has been functioning as a painting teacher in Adana since 2002.She also continudes producing her own works at her home studio. She was America in July and August 2012 and made some observations in. She studied with Professor Kristin Gjerdset from Wisconsin Lutheran Art College. She made art researches and studies in USA(Chicago and New York) in the summers of the 2012. Artist is a member of the International Association of Plastic Arts.

My working principle:

Light and color in my work consists of my observations colors give the greatest freedom. My spiritual and personal attitude, pure color vibration enlightened with the light pattern on the surface, I’m lean and mean with a unique expression.

I paint en plein air,working with the changing dynamics of natural light,atmosphere and tempereture in the forest of the Mediterranean region.



Macarena Vicuña (Macaví) was born in Viña del Mar (Chile ) in 1971. She moved to Santiago for study Art and graduated in General Fine Arts, mention in Painting and Sculpture In Catholic University.

She has her atelier in Santiago, where she works for her exhibitions and teaches art classes.

She has exhibited in solo and collective exhibition, bienals and art fair in many places around the world, such as Florence, Paris, España, New York, New Jersey, Miami, Mexico City, Panama City, Buenos Aires and Santiago.

Her Works are inspirate in human figure and landscape, the notion of a moment, of an instant. Is in the act of discovering and experimenting around this notion that shape those permanents that occur during the process, through the painting and drawing. Thus we can appreciate and visualize the revealed traces, the imprint through the superposition of features and expressions that occur in a unique and unrepeatable moment.

Her work is set up by a sort of “summation” of instants, all present and essential, imprinting their imprint on the canvas, where each drawing and painting – one on another, layer upon layer, fragment on fragment – intertwine as testimony of the Instant, space, drive and materiality; Showing the boundary between figuration and abstraction.





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