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MUXUE LI – @muxueli_

Muxue Li is a Chinese artists who graduated from Camberwell College of Arts, University of Arts London, in 2020 with a BA in illustration. She is currently working as an independent artist in Britain, focusing primarily in oil painting.

‘Confusion and restlessness, which has filled every corner of life since I became aware of their existence. I found that I was unconsciously using these specific emotions for self-obfuscation and finding comfort in lying to myself. I’ve fought through the anxiety after it was created, but I found myself as a trapped animal, fighting against itself; the rope that binds me is in my own hands. ‘

This moment of emotion is caught on canvas, serving as inspiration. My aim is not to seek out pure emotional representation cause I recognize that emotions are hard to pin down as a straightforward thing in the mind, recollect emotions can never be on par with experiencing them exactly as it was. The aim of my works is a process of retrospection and reconciliation with my past self by visualizing the emotional experience created by the feelings always present in life. Therefore, by combining depictions of emotions with my personal life, the objects around me, or parts of the human body. Through this painting process, I am finding a space to link this experience with reality to keep it in existence.


LUDWIG – @ludwigluisantoine

My name is Ludwig Louis I am an Italian artist. I have always had a passion for art from an early age that I had as a self-taught person. I managed to make this passion a job, as I participated in many competitions and exhibitions.

I attended many iconography workshops and worked on various techniques (iconographic, pictorial, abstract, material and sculptural) through practice and various art workshops.

I create paintings that combine abstract style with the use of voluminous materials such as plaster that give the painting a sculptural, material effect. For me, the use of color is fundamental. I prefer to use bright colors, which blend into dark colors with mixed techniques.

Currently my main job is to always paint and develop innovative techniques.


NEHHA KANDHARI – @nehha_kandhari1986 

A Mumbai Based Indian Artist who came up with the biggest Revolution in the Art World by making the Paintings Vastu Compliant which heals the problems faced by the end users and her artworks helps to create abundance , prosperity and healing. She has had two successful exhibitions at the prestigious Taj Mahal Palace Hotel , Mumbai twice . She has been commissioned for several months by existing and new clients.

Nehha Kandhari has cleared CA Inter and her other life work includes working as NCFM certified professional, a business woman and a mother of two.

Her paintings are transforming people’s lives across the globe for better . The artworks made by her are a blend of spiritual and creative work which heals , creates abundance as well as beautifies the space . She also customizes as per client’s problems , directions, size and interior of the space .Nehha Kandhari has been felicitated by the Governor of Maharastra (A province in India) for her Iconic Work in Art And Creativity in March 2022. She has been featured in the Forbes India ( The World Billionaires Edition in April 2022 ).


RENATE WEST – @renate_west

From business diploma; jewellery apprentice; jewellery designer; BA (Hons) art and design; T-Dip; psychotherapist; art therapist to professional artist.

Renate’s paintings, although starting with an idea, always leave room for spontaneity which plays a vital role in her work. Her inspiration is guided by factors like: post war years in Germany, traumatic life experiences, people, society, nature and most of all emotions. Renate’s paintings challenge people’s ways of thinking into directions away from the norm. Encouraging them to question what is presented to them. 
When beginning a painting, Renate has a preconceived idea; once started, the ultimate aim is to let go, dig into the subconscious and to achieve freedom from confining principles and establish an equal partnership between emotion, expression and working with the medium, allowing the moment to dictate the development of the painting. Renate’s main medium is acrylic, she uses charcoal for her life drawings.
Renate is very aware how people in general struggle with expressing any emotion, more so if these are negative.
This increases her determination to tackle emotions in her paintings. Equally important to her is to acknowledge the beauty around us. Thus, making the viewing public aware that every negative always has a positive, we just need to learn to look for it.
Her work is private collections:  In the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Australia and the USA

SUE CARROLL – @scar_art203

I see colors through sound. My pieces are from the soft and lofty, to the bold, edgy and hip. I use bold brush strokes to mimic the beat of a drum or the musician’s tone in their song. Some pieces have a prior outside influence, while others are a simple surrender to what I feel in lieu of what I think, pouring emotion onto canvas and encapsulating that energy. I enjoy the process as I find it cleansing, leaving behind something beautiful or interesting for the viewer to relate to in their own world. I feel our connection to one another is very real, but it’s when we connect without speech I find fascinating and beautiful.
EILEEN TICHAUER – @eileentichauer 

Growing up In New York City and living in Toronto I have always been inspired by my surroundings, my observations of life and the dreams I have. I work as if completing a puzzle balancing the flow of colour and shape while repeating patterns that create a sense movement and harmony.

The shapes are all drawn and painted freehand which allows for a more organic variation within the design. I have a B.A. in Fine Arts, L.I.U.. C.W. Post, I studied art in university primarily as a printmaker. I was in search of a new way to express my creativity that would allow me more flexibility. Working with acrylic paint on canvas offers me this freedom as well as the opportunity to work on a larger scale.


VICTORIA WATT – @vicwattpencil

Hugely inspired by nature and the intricacies of the botanical world, Victoria aims to capture elements of nature in a clean, contemporary style of drawing, using graphite, coloured pencil and pigment ink. Victoria is building a portfolio collection of large scale contemporary botanical drawings in 2022.


HAYLEY WHALEN – @hw.abstract

The main purpose of my Art is to portray my emotions and ideas in relation to places I’ve been and experiences I have had. In this way it is a powerful form of self expression for me. This series “Beauty’s Detour” is inspired by Joshua Tree, California, and the Joshua Tree itself, which symbolises the strength and beauty that can arise from struggle. This idea is explored in my paintings – Beauty can come out of unlikely spaces, situations and experiences.


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