Abstract Art | 31st March – 10th April

Abstract Art

31st March – 10th April

Opening Night: 30th March, 6:00 – 8:30pm

10am – 6pm Monday to Friday
12 – 6pm Sunday



I have studied different artistic tendencies, focusing on abstract expressionism and constructivism, incorporating different volumes of matter and turning the practice of collage into an experimental laboratory.

This is where I use non conventional tools and materials, not just brushes and pigments to make a pure painting through expression.

​My work is inspired by literature, travel books, real or imaginary cities and landscapes, that inspire me with images of unreachable places.

RICARDO FUENTES @ricardofcontreras_art

Spanish artist Ricardo Fuentes Contreras, based in London since 2017, was born in 1993, Granada. From an early age, Ricardo expressed his interest in Arts, as his father, a professional artist, served as inspiration throughout the years. Quickly Ricardo developed a passion and love which has shaped his whole life.

His dedication for all types of Art has been always present in his life, while discovering the magical touch of brushes on canvas and the ethereal shades he could produce with graphite pencils on paper, Ricardo found in music another way to express himself. As a versatile artist, he undertook his Master of Arts degree in Music, specialising in Viola performance, at the Royal Academy of Music, London.

At the moment, Ricardo explores the use of different brushes and spatulas, in order to create unexpected perspectives and emotions with bright colours inspired by Andalusia’s strong sunrises and sunsets. The mixture of dark and light acrylic technique allows him to highlight certain points of visual contact. As an artist, Ricardo wishes the viewer to experience his art work in their own interpretation with the understanding of the playful atmosphere created by solid shapes and varied lines.

Recently, Ricardo feels inspired by the bold Mondrian’s tricolor blocks.


GEORGIE BELL @georgie.studio_

My approach to art is raw and intuitive. A conversation rooted in passion, an adaptive dance onto the surface – inquisition, wonder, excitement and primarily, joy.

A finely distilled palette matured in the Highlands of Scotland, inspired by North Sea Scandinavian interiors, driven by a sense of strong family values and a desire to play a small role in combating climate change for the sustainability of our planet.

A fine balance of nature’s elements: colour (fire) texture (water) and space (air), that creates the home (earth) for my artwork to nurture.

FEDE ZEST @fedezest

B 1985, Italian, self taught painter and graphic designer. Lives and works in The Netherlands.

Fede Zest works tread on the line between abstract and surrealism, in which polygons arrays and sharp lines are often in juxtaposition with soft and organic tonal gradients. Furthermore, the use of vivid colours give his works an almost cartoonish effect.

Science and space exploration, in the middle of which sits the human condition, are the main themes that artist explores.

SABINE KAY @sabine.kay3

Born in Hamburg, Germany, I am living in Luxemburg for about 20 years. I am a mostly self-taught artist who has always loved paintings as well as to paint. For me, abstract painting means that my inspiration is translated to the canvas to create a story that communicates without talking. Her/his imagination make the painting complete and allows a personal and unique interpretation. Abstract landscapes reflect my love for colour and nature, which is where I find my inspiration. While painting I am building the oil colours in several layers with a colour palette ranging from soft and serene to vibrant and invigorating. Since colours can express the full range of human emotions and experience, they are quite important to me. And by experimenting, my artworks become extraordinary.

SILVIA RANZA @sissi_ranza

Silvia Ranza was born in Milan on February 20th 1971. She graduated in Fashion at the European Institute of Design. She was a Stylist for Cerruti and later for Nicol Caramel.

The founding idea at the base is that of a free modern art, in which the purity of movement becomes the subject, stripping from superflous practical and aesthetic ends, depriving oneself of the falsity of appearance. It is a choice that embodies the strong hope for a return to the essence.

The scene is thus dominated by the primacy of pure artistic feeling, rather than by the visual representation of objects.

The latter, in fact, is for itself meaningless, because the fundamental Part remain the sensation as such and regardless of the context in which it manifests itself.

JESSIE HUTTER @resinjart

My work is a visual exploration of nature and all it’s beautiful colours, textures, and patterns. I use epoxy resin and various pigments and materials to create a unique colourful expression of abstract aerial art. Each piece is inspired by the walks on the beach, the sunrise swims, and the memories I have of places I’ve visited on my travels. I mix the clear resin with pigment, heat, burn, mix and spread. Then I wait 24 hours for each layer to cure as I build layer upon layer of depth and detail.

Whether it’s memories of the West Australian coast, crystal clear Indonesian oceans, or just a sunrise swim at my local beach, I get my inspiration from my memories of nature and travel.

From Cornwall originally, I made the move to North Devon and found my love of Resin in lockdown November 2020.


London based conceptual abstractionist and travel photographer. Debuted in Holborn Gallery with a tribute to the victims and families of Grenfell. Abstract is Jarek’s favouritr way of expression allowing for a free interpretation. “Jarek is a prolific artist who works in a wide range of artistic styles, from pure abstraction to expressionist landscape.   Reminiscent of artists such as Van Gogh or Kandinsky, Jarek’s art stands apart.   When looking at a Jarek Filipowicz painting, one easily falls into a different world made of movement and total freedom. “ – ArtWe London.



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