25th May – 5th June

Opening Night: 25th May, 6:00 – 8:30pm


WOWSER NG @wowser_jaynean_ng

1998 Born, based in London. As a master degree student at UAL currently. He sells artworks in Japanese gallery “TRiCERA”.

He gets a letter of recommendation from Steve Brodner in 2019. His artworks are selected to 5th Fida Awards final list, ijungle illustration award 2021-New Talent. Wowser exhibits globally, including “Art Zoo” (Shanghai Exhibition Center)“Tableaux Voices of a NYC Victorian Salon”(New York City) ,YOUNG BLOOD Vol. II”(THE HOLY ART Gallery) ,“Art in mind”(Brick Lane Gallery). “Fashion is Art”(New River studio), “Darts and Shafts“Central Saint Martins Museum)

“Fast,” “hype,” “packaging,” brings extravagant material consumption, as well as symbolic business culture, which makes the power of the individual irresist the tide swept. Therefore, it easily leads the public to succumb to the quick and temporary popularity. The essence of pop art is to deconstruct thoughts, which is a kind of ideology of deconstruct and remodel. It is anti-historical and anti-classical, and often takes social figures of the masses and it copies the original appearance of life as the basic elements of creation. But this empty “art” is over-interpreted, which makes the empty subject matter more superficial. The existence of the pop culture further defines the connotation of the commodity as anti-art, which makes the commodity and commerce as a symbol of overturning high spirits attack traditional art. Commodity is an essential element in life, from which art originates, the distillation of life experience and perception of the crystallization. We can’t live without commodities. As an element of life, It should be refined and presented as an artistic crystallization with thoughts. Rather than as monotonous and superficial copy products which be used to against the art.

EX.FIGURA @ex.figura

Ex Figura develops experimental types of architecture, balancing between different art forms, materials, textures, and construction methods. The objective of the studio is to create elements that will shape a better reality – from simple beginnings to meaningful results. It is a multidisciplinary studio focused on developing strategies that improve people’s lives. From complex problems to natural and innovative systems. The context is always the foundation of the projects. Considering every reference, thinking about the future and every transformation it may hold, is part of the process. The end result are spaces that are seamlessly connected to the world, to people, to nature – from real situations to efficient and local solutions.

TERRY MCGINITY @terencemcginitysculpture

I have worked as a sculptor for 27 years essentially in stone, wood and concrete. I am based in London, UK. Having been an actor for many years my interest is to carve an expression of inner and outer worlds. The subject of my work has been a trace of memories; moments that have touched me either politically or personally. I also worked with children and their Emotional and Social Needs. And so, a continuous theme of my work is Attachment and Separation. I have mounted solo Exhibitions here in London and auctioned many pieces for Freedom from Torture.

JUAN PALMER @modernart_balearic

Born in 1959 to a lower-middle-class family at the core of a conservative community, he quickly learnt that he did not belong there. Juan started to feel amazed by the hippy movement of arts which made his imagination spring. After quick beginnings in art, reality kicked in and creating had to become secondary as he had to start working at the age of 14 years old; Art just had to wait until better moments, which went no earlier than in his 60s.

RACHEL MASSEY @rae_massey_artist

Rae is a multi-discipline, mixed media creator working as a contemporary abstract artist trying to discover deeper connections of the dangers and beauty that life is. I make art to encourage people to live deeply, love fearlessly, and be who you want to be in the face of fear.

What starts out as triumph soon becomes corrupted into a hegemony of futility, leaving only a sense of what could have been and the unlikelihood of a new synthesis. By applying abstraction, she seduces the viewer into a world of ongoing equilibrium and the interval that articulates the stream that is filtered and restricted throughout our daily lives. Moments are depicted that only exist to punctuate the human drama to clarify our existence and to find a somewhat poetic meaning from the dark and light in our social constructs.

she makes work that deals with the documentation of events and the question of how they can be presented. The work tries to express this with the help of mixed media which is able to tell a story or create a metaphor.

The pebble collection itself connects the viewer with her home town of Deal, kent. Sitting on the pebble beach, sifting through the cold hard stones, imagining the childhood days full of colourful buckets and spades wearing jelly shoes in which to protect her young feet from the sharpness of the beach. The use of colour feels connected to nostalgia at the same time it contrasts the harsh rock formations with the softness of the wool. The wool originates from a small West Yorkshire village which she spent some time growing up, which is shown in the use of materials the contrast of moving from the cold harsh Yorkshire Moors to the sunny beaches of south east Kent.

ALICENT ART @alicent_art

Since arriving on the art scene in 2013, Italian born, London based Alicent, has gradually successfully integrated within the art community. As a professional self-taught artist, she works with acrylic on canvas, using mainly the palette knife and drip painting technique, she expresses her emotions translating them into vibrant and contrasting colours with consistent texture and striking effects. Alicent has steadily progressed with her artistic journey throughout the years with exhibitions in Rome, London, New York, Paris, Venice, Milan, Tbilisi, St Petersburg and more recently Doha in Qatar. Further updates can also be found on her Instagram FB and Twitter profiles @alicent_art and website


Gwyneth is an artist living in Cornwall. She was educated in North Wales and Liverpool. She has exhibited in Prideaux Place in Padstow and also in Falmouth and St Austell.

She trained as an Art teacher in Liverpool and later moved to Cornwall where she was captivated by the landscape and coastline. She lives in Truro and works in her small studio dividing her time between ceramic work and painting.

She tries through her animal sculptures to bring personality and humour into her work.

She also creates portrait heads after working with a group of artists in Wales and West Dean College in Sussex and has received several commissions.

ALEJANDRA SIEDER @alejandrasieder

Alejandra Sieder is a Venezuelan-Spanish-Australian Graphic Designer and Visual Artist, graduated from the Miguel Neumann Design Institute in Caracas, Venezuela. Sieder lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

Alejandra’s monochromatic op-art is a distillation of personal memories and emotional experiences into pure black and white geometry. Each work is the product of a meditative process between artist, memory and canvas.

Her aim is to engage the audience by challenging and pushing the limits of their comfort zones. The first-impression of discomfort caused by optical illusions that appear to vibrate and swirl give way to an appreciation of the detail and precision of each work.

She creates works that go beyond the limits of painting and installation. Made with canvas, wood, Japanese ink and acrylic, Sieder’s work is characterized by his intense study of form, volume and materiality, as well as his great aesthetic care and conceptual subtlety, while his practice emphasizes temporal aspects and performative of the creative act.

These recent works show the characteristic methodology of the artist, which consists of creating works of art in three dimensions. Sieder is based on the presentation of the movement for the effect and that it played with the viewer in the first person.

Its objective is to involve the audience in a new dimension within the visual experience and create a piece that effectively expresses the interrelation between matter, space and the sensations of the viewer.

In these new works, Alejandra Sieder transcends the limits of her usual practice by orchestrating works in 3D. This particular work combines the volume of matter and the visual of monochrome colour, becoming an unprecedented installation creating volumes in the gallery space.

In the exhibition, the artist not only demonstrates her absolute mastery of the techniques she has been using but also her constant and versatile artistic evolution.

MARTIN RAZPOPOV @martinrazpopov

Born in Bulgaria, Martin Razpopov moved to the UK at the age of 18 to pursue creative development. He studied as an Actor at Academy of Live and Recorded Arts and self-trained as an artist throughout the COVID pandemic. ‘Art in Mind’ is Martin’s debut show.

I believe that art is an intimate source of creativity and a raw expression of the personality. In its nature, my work is expressive, intuitive and experimental while showing my affinity to the unusual, weird and the outcast. After years of research, I found that those attributes give you the opportunity to just be yourself – your most vulnerable yet most powerful self. The colours you see unlocked the doors to my inner catacombs and they released a wondrous circus of imagination – the circus that saved my life.

SARA VARADY @sara.varady

Sara Varady (b.1992, Budapest, Hungary), obtained her first degree from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics as an industrial designer (BSc). After gaining a direct entry to second year, she started her second degree at the University of Dundee, Scotland, Fine Art BA. During her course in Scotland, she completed ERASMUS at Universitat Politécnica de Valéncia, Spain, then received a full scholarship for the Summer School at the East China University of Science and Technology in Shanghai, China. In 2018, she graduated from University of Dundee with a Fine Art Hons degree, then moved to China to teach art at Olive Tree International Academy and travel in Asia. In 2020, she moved to London and started her master studies at the Royal College of Art MA Print, where she will graduate from in June, 2022.

She has exhibited in Hungary, Scotland, the Netherlands, Wales, and China.

EMILIA SYMIS @emiliasymis_art

In 2019, I graduated from Norwich University of the Arts with a BA(Hons) degree in Fine Art, in the same year I was fortunate enough to make the final of the John Ruskin Prize and I was awarded the winner of the Bishop’s Art Prize. Since graduating, I have exhibited across the country and continued to develop my artistic style.

I am particularly interested in combining opposites in my work, recently I have been exploring the contrast between natural and artificial beauty using flowers. By adorning already beautiful and pure objects, I am able to create a different kind of beauty that is perplexing and garish. The vivid colours I often use in my work further emphasises this. I also sometimes highlight environmental issues in these paintings, by illustrating the destructive impact humans are having on nature. Often my paintings initially look beautiful, but there is usually something peculiar about the image that may make you think twice.



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