Contemporary Painting | 19th – 30th January 2022

Contemporary Painting

19th – 30th January

Private view: 19th January, 6:00 – 8:30pm


Welcome to our first Contemporary Painting exhibition of 2022! Our ethos is to give emerging artists a platform to share their work with our viewers in person as well as online. This exhibition will host artists from all over the world. Our Contemporary Painting exhibitions encapsulates a broad spectrum of painting techniques, styles and even subject matter. Visit the gallery and our website to see the eclectic mix of artworks that we have on display.

10am – 6pm Monday to Friday
12 – 6pm Sunday



PERCY LIZZARD @percylizzard

Percy Lizzard studied at the Royal College of Art, tutored by some of the leading contemporary artists of the time.

His work can be found in many private collections at home and abroad, including Australia, the USA, Canada and India.  Some of his paintings hang on the walls of Restormel Manor, Prince Charles’ residence in Cornwall, bought by Annabel Elliot for the refurbishment of the estate early in 2019.

His paintings are influenced by the natural world and faraway destinations such as India and the Far East.  They typically feature brightly coloured birds, plants and animals.  He cites Matisse, Picasso, Beckmann and Fry as strong influences.  He says:  ‘As an artist, my default position is happy.”

EMILY MALONE @malonemily

Emily is a contemporary painter and BA Fine art student based in Norwich. Her work explores Greek Mythology and Renaissance style painting through the lens of pop art. Her paintings detail what femininity means in Greek Mythology and how women are perceived through the male gaze, whilst not encouraging any one school of thought to the viewer. The excessive colour palette and pop-artesque style of painting becomes less about symbolism and depth within its subject matter but rather about the sheer enjoyment of colour and aesthetic value.

ELIZA DOWNES @elizadownes

Eliza Downes is a London Based artist. Her work aims to uplift, excite, and entice the viewer by capturing the beauty of natural forms. Eliza’s style is distinctive; using bright colours, bold patterns, and textured oil paint to create a fauvist-style image that celebrates the mundane. ‘My Table’ embodies Eliza’s developing style, a larger scale piece that challenges traditional perspectives as it enjoys the creative freedoms of painting through a dream-like lens. Within the context of many cancelled occasions, this work portrays the artist’s idea of contentment, as it invites the viewer to also relish the simple joyfulness of a shared watermelon on a summer’s day.

HOLLIE WOOD @holliewood_art

The exhibited works are part of The Angel Collection, a collection of acrylic paintings created in 2021. The collection takes a step away from Hollie’s signature bold colours and aims to be a memorable, calming and separate collection from her norm. Layers of differing techniques and a running theme of gold bring these pieces together.

Hollie takes inspiration from the colours and/or shapes found in nature. She explores these themes in an abstract way using mixed media on canvas. The Angel Collection, however, was made in memory of a loved one and uses colours and a softness which reflect this Angel’s personality.

DARREN HEWITT @darrenhewitt2021

Born and Growing up in the UK I came from a family of Artists, I’m mostly self taught along with doing an access course specialising in Fine Art at what is now Sheffield Hallam University/Institute of Arts. Having moved to London 16 years ago I have exhibited at various Galleries/ Exhibitions around London both collectively and solo including The Bear Gallery, Camberwell and Kent Artbreakers. Recently as part of the London Wide Thames Festival Sea-Reconnection Exhibition at Le Sorelle in London’s Canary Wharf.

The two pieces on display explore the theme of the raw power and force of Nature its energy and beauty in Water. Painting large scale was essential to capture the impact and feeling associated when one is actually present in these scenes, Together with the emphasis on dramatic light and brushstrokes the idea is to transport the person to the place and to also be a part of that shared experience. The feeling of the raw energy from the turbulent sea or the force of water cascading over the cliff front suspended in paint.


I am a Cypriot artist based in London. I work with photography and painting, exploring the symbioses between the two mediums.

My current series of work focuses on the abstract composition of geometric lines and the colour theory. My aim is for the viewer to be pulled in by the size of the work and the bold complementary colours that flood the panels, as I find that this encourages the audience to immerse themselves into the paintings. I tend to direct my practice through composition, finding that less can sometimes be more. The empty space found within my work becomes just as important as the subject.

Ultimately, there is no right concept or message behind my work- instead, the emphasis is placed upon the composition and process. The viewer is left to fend for themselves and interpret the painting on their own terms.

TYREL OSHINOWO ART @tyrel_oshinowoart

My work is mainly of faces and places. I find faces fascinating to look at and enjoy the challenge of recreating a face with the many different colours it takes to produce different skin tones. I try to use traditional and digital media in almost equal measure and enjoy the variety of different materials. Cityscapes contain so much detail and allow you to transport yourself to the streets and waterways where you can escape for a break.

ILINA MUSTAFINA @mustafinagallery

Ilina is a multimedia artist. Her work is a collection of memories and dreams of the colorful world she beholds and translates through oil, acrylic, watercolors and pastels on different surfaces. Wildly expressing the impression.

She comes from a Mongolian heritage family with deep love and connection to nature, tribal culture, and family values. She grew up spending a lot of time in the fields, forests and by rivers. Since early age Ilina developed love to beauty and was expressing it through colors, shapes, and textures.

In 2012 young artist immigrated to America.

Ilina graduated from Art School and studied Architectural Design. Now she works as an interior/furniture designer and a commission artist on various residential projects. Based in New York.

I have been drawing my whole life, since I was little. My father was in navy and my mom was a nurse, she taught me how to hold a pen, I was 3. Everything my parents did was to support my artistic talent and provide the best future for me. This is the greatest gift I have – love of my parents, which translates through my ability to hold a pen or a brush or any other kind of tool. 

I have no rules. I change and improvise. I choose to paint with a feeling. Love or hate – it is true emotion, it’s free in the movement like a dance. Materials don’t matter, it is all about what you want to say. 

Most of my work is done in one breathe with childish flame of curiosity. Some of it never finished. There is a beauty to raw. 

My art is very diverse: paintings, drawings, photography, as if different people were working on them. Passion is what they have in common and what’s important. 

I want my viewers to feel the power of emotions, to take their breathe away, to give a hug, to make them cry or smile, to love, to believe, to be free. 

I mean what is the meaning of this short life then? 



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