Art In Mind | 19th – 30th January 2022

Art In Mind

19th – 30th January

Private view: 19th January, 6:00 – 8:30pm


Welcome to our first Art In Mind exhibition of 2022! Our ethos is to give emerging artists a platform to share their work with our viewers in person as well as online. This exhibition will host artists from the UK and abroad. Our Art In Mind exhibitions are particularly special because of the range of artworks we exhibit – anything from sculpture and embroidery to digital and conceptual art. Visit the gallery and our website to see the eclectic mix of artworks that we have on display.

10am – 6pm Monday to Friday
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Spiess, an artist who brings academic rigor and sensitive expression to his work, is inspired by the reminiscences of his childhood, capturing them in his sculptures and transferring the concept of the organic to the mechanical field. He has moved from the world of fashion to the sculptural one, with compact materials that are sensitive to fire.

I am Sebastian Spiess, a Colombian-Swiss citizen, born in 1992 in Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia. I am a fashion designer and a specialist in Creative Intervention. I have chosen to express my creativity through the plastic arts, in the modalities of sculpture and installation. My work is a millimetric one, as I look for precision in it, working with concepts of Engineering and Aesthetics, and also giving room for improvisation. I tell stories, based on “foreign bodies”, which allow me, in a certain way, to recreate part of my childhood, healing my experience of loneliness. In this regard, I have always thought that I receive from the world what I give.

NEZ ART @n3z4rt

Nez Art is a British wheelchair using Fine Artist with limited arm strength due to the day by day deteriorating illness Muscular Dystrophy. Her previous works used to consist of photography but due to the deterioration in her arm muscles, practicing photography was eliminated from her ability. She continued her art journey with drawing as that is currently the only method she can practice with the minimal muscle strength that she has left in her arms. Her works consists of portraits and bodies all drawn with her trademark style blue biro pen. The drawings are then enlarged and printed to A0 as rare limited editions.

The name of every art work she creates is called ‘Messily perfect’ as she links her life experiences of health imperfections and difficult life circumstances to the literal messy lines and scribbles in her drawings which when all come together, results in a complete piece of art work. (each piece of art is differentiated from each other with a unique specific number before the title). As people, as human beings, we may individually have messy thoughts of many imperfections of our bodies, messy past experiences and messy lives but when all these pieces are put together we need to realize that instead of picking our selves apart and feeling down about our selves, we are actually.’Messily perfect’ the way we are.

BECKY PATON @beckypatonmosaics

Becky Paton studied Public Art and Design at Chelsea school of art, specializing in the art of mosaic. Since graduating, she has undertaken many public and community art commissions, including the V&A Museum of Childhood’s nameplate, nearby to the Brick Lane Gallery. She has exhibited widely, both here in the UK and Norway and takes part annually in the Oxfordshire Artweeks festival.

Becky’s work is often inspired by nature with insects being a recurring subject matter, their delicate structures lending themselves beautifully to intricate designs in glass and ceramic. Portraiture has been a relatively new area of fascination for Becky. Her Anne Lister/Gentleman Jack portrait was commissioned by writer Sally Wainwright, and is featured in a short film made especially for the Oxford Festival of the Arts.       

BOBBY FORSYTHE @forsytheart

Bobby Forsythe is a British artist based in Suffolk. Her work typically focuses on the beholder’s interaction with installation art and transforming space by utilising both natural and artificial light; however, her focus has been redirected to understanding how her work reflects the environment, after a discussion with an artist in 2021 regarding sustainability and how an artist represents efficiency through creation. Forsythe began to alter her utilisation of materials and processes.  Climate change has been highly considered as of utmost importance within the last few years regarding government changes on a globalised scale, and this inspired Forsythe to reflect on her creations by using representations of climate change realised in resin forms. Forsythe’s world series was inspired by NASA satellite photographic images that represent greenhouse gases, global warming, tectonic plate collisions, and oil spills, which all result in disaster. Utilising art to represent the catastrophic impact of our actions, framed by four white pieces of wood in a controlled manner.

ELOISE GRACE MORGAN @eloise__illustrates__

Eloise Morgan (22) Recently Graduated from Norwich University of the Arts, studying illustration.

From my degree my practice developed to be informed by psychological concepts of representing the human mind within a painting, introducing different medias such as seashells and ink to include texture and depth. Triggering emotions through artwork taught me how to project personal thought, meaning I could both process conflict within myself and draw conclusions.

‘I felt when creating the paintings a release from crisis due to the significance of therapeutic outlet, within contemporary art philosophy of spirituality through abstract expressionism. The release of tension was found while creating spontaneous movements, relating to the Lyrical Abstraction styles of being in a state of ecstasy.’

POPPY BH @misspoppybh

Hello! My name is Poppy BH. I am an illustrator based between Ireland and South London. I didn’t go to a fancy art school. I didn’t even go to art school: I have just always really loved making things. I made all these drawings in 2021, and when my mum bought a kiln back in January, I decided to turn some of them into ceramics for no other reason than it was REALLY FUN.

THERESA KELLY @theresakellylace

Theresa Kelly is one of Ireland’s most influential lacemakers. Theresa grew up with threads – her mother’s sewing room was the heart of the house. After studying Art & Design and following a move to Co. Monaghan in the 1980’s, Theresa discovered the intricacies of Carrickmacross lacemaking expertly shared by Kathleen Flanagan. It is within these gossamer threads that Theresa has remained.  Theresa is a sought after lace teacher sharing her skills in Ireland, Australia, America and most recently the UNCON Lace Congress 2021 and the upcoming DoilyFreeZone, Australia. She has exhibited extensively in Ireland and abroad and has won many awards for her innovative lace design including the inaugural Eleanor de Branchiere award with the R.D.S. Dublin and the Sally Johansson Award at the O.I.D.F.A. World Lace Congress in Finland.

Having first mastered the technique of traditional Carrickmacross Lace Theresa began pushing the boundaries of the craft. “What lies beyond conventional Carrickmacross Lace is what interests me most.  My work is informed by the lace stitch, but I am constantly striving to find my voice in that intangible place of shifting rules and boundaries, creating a different aesthetic while always remaining faithful to the essence of the lace itself. Historically lace has always been associated with the most opulent of fabrics and jewelry but Theresa’s work explores a dialogue between lace and the raw earthiness of objects found in nature.  Using patterns of lace juxtaposed with patterns in the natural world her work is characterised by the contrasting use of textures and design to create an abstract and expressive art form.  Theresa notes, “within nature everything is cyclical, nothing is static, and for a craft to be vibrant, dynamic and reach new audiences it must continue to change and grow as I continue to do with my own work.” This exhibition continues the themes she has worked on since the Millenium focusing on Celestial Skies.

I am a British Pakistani.
This is my first ever exhibition.

I mostly use acrylic it’s my most favourite. I taught myself how to paint and discover new styles and techniques.

I have always been a sketch artist with no experience so to teach myself how to paint has been an experience.

I love doing abstract paintings I use different tools to paint, I find my paintings as an escape from the reality of this world and the anxiety I have had for many years. I am inspired from many things including people an image even a moment. Most of the ideas just pop up in my head. I want others to see my work and feel and understand how I think and imagine this world.

EMILY NINA LEÓN @dinner_at_ems

Emily is a mixed-media artist based in Aarhus, Denmark. Her art focuses on the fleeting but arresting power of faces as they manifest themselves in dreams and our daily lives. In a strange way, we attempt to posit some form of ourselves onto the world around us, and nature in this sense takes on a spirit, an almost human quality bereft of suffering or ecstatic joy. Her work therefore depicts surrealist imagery within an attentive, yet drifting array of faces that embody the many conflicting emotions we see, feel, and remember throughout our waking lives as we attempt to make sense of it and ourselves in the process.

ILANA BARTLETT @ilanabartlett

ILANA BARTLETT (b.1998) graduated with a BA (Hons) in Painting and Printmaking from the University of Edinburgh in 2020. At once colourful and complex, ‘’Against the Grain’’ weaves a complex array of colour into the organic markings of wood. How each composition is handled has it’s own unique narrative potential for both the artist and the viewer. Repurposing the wood from a local furniture factory’s recycling pile, the artist paints each piece to emphasise the organic beauty found within the grain of discarded wood. Motifs, the natural beauty and incorporate motifs, and cosmetic defaults, into the design.

Commissions available, please get in touch with the artist.


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