Abstract Art | 5th – 16th January 2022

Abstract Art

5th – 16th January

Private view: 5th January, 6:00 – 8:30pm

Welcome to our first Abstract Art exhibition of 2022! Our focus is to give emerging artists a platform to share their work with our viewers in person as well as online. This exhibition will host artists from the UK and abroad. Our Abstract Art exhibitions are especially exciting – we showcase works that are vivid in colour, form and imagination. Visit the gallery and our website to see just how striking these works really are.


10am – 6pm Monday to Friday
12 – 6pm Sunday



JANET MASSEY @janetmasseyart

Janet’s original, abstract oil paintings evoke feelings of emotion and memories of meaningful places. Energetic colours and shimmering liquid layers of deep textured oils capture the power of the subjects that inspire her. Influences of intense weather, light infused seas, reflections on water and landscapes with dramatic skies are interpreted into large, unique oil paintings. Using large brush strokes and jewel tone paints Janet aims to trigger an awareness of a past experiences and deep sensations from the viewer.

Janet studied at Central St Martin’s school of art & Design, in London and works from a studio in her garden in Teddington, Greater London.


LAURA HEPWORTH @laura.e.hepworth

Laura Hepworth is a Conceptual Artist based in Crofton Park, South East London.

Laura’s practice explores the processes of creativity and connection, as a means to transform her own energy into an emotive language that speaks through vibrant bursts of colour and mark making. Over the years, Laura’s art practice has been on quiet a journey. Starting out as an emerging artist where her was using a limited palette of black and white, Hepworth’s current work explores colour to the furthest point of the spectrum. All of which tells a story of the ways Laura interprets her surroundings, from her home in London to the natural beauty of the Cornish coastline.

BEN WILCOX @trillionsuns

I’m from the South East of England: I love colour and I love composition. I am inspired by most art of the 20th century, in particular abstract expressionism, surrealism, pop art, modernism, hard-edge, colour, street art and music.

My work is intended to express the abstract nature of life and the modern world, reflecting the beautiful chaos we often find ourselves in.

FERGUS AUSTEN @fergusausten

Perception is everything.

How do we reflect ourselves on to one another or perceive ourselves?

These works aim to ask the viewer to reflect on themselves.

ANIA SCHMIT @aniaschmit.artlife

Ania Schmit, polish artist based in France. From an early age she was surrounded by art and its various flavours, which allowed her to find her own interpretation of what art is for her today and what direction she wants to follow.

In her paintings she chooses expanse and freedom, she puts the most attention on colours and its intensity, how it influences the feeling. As a highly sensitive person she claims that it is the colours and their vibration that dominate above the form and have the strongest impact on the receiver. And vital element of her work is also the impression of ever changing fluidity and movement.

When looking at Ania’s art it is easy to feel not only her inspiration with nature, its tones and strength, but also life in itself, its beauty, a sense of motion and transience.

Another important aspect of what inspires her is people and their light, the uniqueness, their stories of life. The artist reflects on “coincidence”, or perhaps “Destiny” of how seemingly insignificant encounters can influence our lives. The lines expressed in the paintings can be the interpretation of such stories. Intersecting lines, some interconnected, creating an image, or some which flow side by side unnoticed.

Ania transmits emotions and pure energy, by her artwork she enables the viewer to listen deep into the heart.


NEVINA WILLIAMS @nevinaartist

Nevina comes from a small coastal town on the Llyn Peninsula, North Wales and currently lives and works in Colchester Essex. Nevina studied Fine Art at Manchester Metropolitan University and achieved a Masters degree in Public Art at the University of Essex. She has exhibited in many group shows most recently in Margate, Norwich, Colchester and Ipswich. Other group exhibitions have been in London, Kings Lynn, Stratford Upon Avon, Aldeburgh and the University of Essex.Nevina also has a degree in Further and Higher Education and has taught Fine Art in Northern Collages.

Nevina’s work is an exploration into the use of colour, space and composition. Her processes are informed and driven by her observation of society. Influenced by industrial space, architecture and landscape. The six paintings exhibited are influenced by a moment in time and landscape. Nevina is on a journey of self-discovery and the information that is gathered will continue to develop her research and experimentation into colour application. Bringing colour, space and people together.


NIGEL ANDREWS @nigel_andrews_art

There is no rhyme or reason to my work, no back-story or mystery. I just began drawing and painting when the first lockdown began and have created every day since.


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