Abstract Art & Art in Mind | 26th May – 5th June

Abstract Art
Art in Mind

26th May – 5th June

Private view: 25th May, 6:00 – 8:30pm

This exhibition will present the work of 10 UK and international artists working with Abstract and Contemporary Art.
The focus for this exhibition will be on emerging and mid-career artists.
We hope you can join us at the opening on the 25th of May from 6 to 8.30 pm

10am – 6pm Monday to Friday
12 – 6pm Sunday



Cerys Murphy @dirteemurfee

Cerys Murphy is an visual artist working with text based paintings, digital design and street art.

Story telling through text based creative, Cerys uses her own experiences with womanhood, love, struggle with identity and mental health to put a humours spin on her past fights.

Starting her artistic journey while living in Dublin, Ireland. Cerys developed the alter ego ‘Dirtee Murfee’ from her political and sexually charged street art in Dublin.

Now based in her home city of London, Cerys continues to carry the feel and energy of street art as a foundation of her canvas with a ‘decaying, warn and post vandalism’ texture underneath her copy.

Emma Christian @artsforhumans

I was born in France but lived in the UK since 2007. I’ve done three exhibitions before, one of which was Roy’s Art Fair in London. I started Artsforhumans in 2019 and I’m now working in wine and as a freelance designer. I have a Master of Arts degree and design wine labels. 

My work aims to transport people through the journey of Eugene (the giraffe) and give alternative colourful landscape inspired by surrealist art.

Caroline Dickinson @caroline.dickinson_

Caroline Dickinson is a London based abstract artist working across a variety of disciplines but mainly working with textiles. She works in a layered abstract approach exploring how shapes, forms and brushstrokes create depth and movement within each piece. As a lover of warm sunny climates, Caroline takes inspiration from favourite childhood beaches, travels to faraway countries and nostalgic summer moments, and through abstract forms, layered colours and brushstrokes her aim is to create pieces that let people escape, and to ignite their own memories and nostalgic emotions.

Davide Poggi @d.poggi_abstract

Born in 1996 in Udine (Italy) and based in London, Davide Poggi was attracted to painting from early childhood years. He started in the street art world with the nickname of ‘Cobo’, making graffiti around Italy, from Milan to Venice. In 2016, the artist created a collective called ‘Maison 2332’ supporting the local underground scene through customised streetwear, expressing himself by painting pop art on top of recycled clothes. He began experimenting with the abstract style in the beginning of 2018, studying and trying to implement several painting techniques to develop an equilibrium of color and flavour that best suited him. His paintings imply a chromatic movement aiming at synthesising a melange of interior impulses that alludes to as ‘MASKS’.

Stefan Romeo @stefanromeoartz

Stefan Romeo describes his works as writings, rather than just describing them as paintings, his Art form is embodied by a strict discipline of self taught penmanship. Stefan Romeo has presently been successful in gaining independent notoriety in small corners of the world, in which he has advertised or exhibited his works.

Stefan Romeo is well known for his innovative out of the box expressions his style is appreciated as a creative cross between abstract and pop culture. Stefan Romeo is also a creative writer and musician or as he would prefer to call it (a writer). He follows a different set of rules by taking his background inspirations and combining them with concepts that suit his own identity. Stefan Romeo’s work both dominate and transcend the space in which it is placed.

Please feel free to visit his online store, where you can order and collect his merchandise at www.stefanromeoprints.com

Giuseppe Ottaviano @giuseppe.ottaviano

GiuseppeOttaviano was born in 1955 in Ragusa, Sicily, the city where he currently lives and works.

Since he was a boy he was extremely passionate about drawing, graphic and painting, in fact herealises his first works, especially of graphic ones, while in high school in Ragusa.

At the beginning of 2000 he decides to focus in a particular way on oil painting, always trying to purse an innovative and personal work. During the last years he above all focused more on the study of colours, and also of materials, using a large variety of sands, soils, clays collected in many areas of Sicily.

He pays a lot of attention to the bases on which he paints, and over recent years he often uses fabric canvas of old cotton (end of XIX century and beginning of XX century) woven with hand looms, so they present a very irregular pattern full of knots and imperfections.

He took part in several exhibitions in Sicily, enjoying remarkable success for his art pieces.

Jiwon Jang @jiwonjangart

What moves me is always my inner and emotional stimuli. I find mine in the time when I face the inside rather than any external entity. I started painting after staying at home after Covid-19 and it was just a very natural flow for me. I practiced it every day to paint what I wanted to paint, and if I saw a missing or added part in the painting I painted that day, I applied a variety of new attempts the next day. I have learned to paint in an empirical way, away from the theoretical ones. I used a lot of different materials, tried different patterns, different compositions, and layers, and repeated the colors I wanted. I believed that I would find mine in the process. I wanted a bigger and bigger canvas and expanded the scope of painting.

I am faithful to my emotions when I start painting.

A free touch creates overlapping layers by casually. and I get another inspiration from it and continue to painted. I usually start painting from the edges and enjoy compositions that are immersed in the center. The symmetrical structure gives stability, and the vivid and sensuous color contrast and non-formal free touch make the composition more immersive. The emotional parts I have are revealed in the colors in the painting, and my passion is revealed through the touch. This relay, which continues without sketching. and without interruption, is also expected of me, and I also do not know exactly what kind of painting will be completed in the end. I am not obsessed with forms, and I am not interested in seeing and painting real things. I expect more stories to come out of some non-perfect non-formal ones.

I want everyone to feel in their own way and to project and discover the novelty that is found in various ways in each condition through my paintings. Above all, I want to convey the passion and emotions that come from living vitality, tension, immersion, vivid color, and free touch. Even if we don’t know art well, I don’t think there is any disagreement that it’s good to see. We are instinctively drawn to the good things. Painting is not difficult. I believe that various emotional motives, such as love, hope, passion, and happiness, that we feel are essential in life, can play a greater role through my paintings.

Jo Davies @paintandpolaroids

Jo Davies is an Australian mixed media artist living in East London. She would describe her paintings as dreamy abstracts that are designed to bring positive energy to the viewer. Davies has a BA/Btch majoring in Visual Arts and is a full-time secondary art teacher in South East London alongside being an all-the- time artist. 

During the 2021-22 winter, I painted a collection of dreamy abstract landscape paintings entitled “Take Me Away”. Take Me Away was developed as a means of escapism from the depths of winter to transport us to a warmer, more energetic and vibrant place. I want these paintings to provide a sense of comfort for the soul when feeling stuck in one location. I love travel and am often inspired by nature so it was no surprise that these mountainous forms finally made an appearance in my work. 

Aileen Hennessy @aileen_hennessy_art

Aileen is an abstract artist, from Ireland, currently living in the UK.. She began her artistic journey a few years ago after deciding to leave her hectic office job in the city. She is primarily self-taught however grew up watching her very creative mother paint from an early age. Aileen has had a number of features in high profile interiors magazines and also featured in a book by a Bristol based art gallery.

The major theme of her work is emotion. “I want to make a feeling visible to you in the colours, movement and the energy of the paint. Whether I’m painting about love, heartbreak, grief, the afterlife or those moments in life that change you forever. I want to extract the power of that emotion and translate it on canvas.”

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