Photography Now | 2nd – 13th February

Photography Now

2nd – 13th February

Private view: 2nd February, 6:00 – 8:30pm

Welcome to our first Photography Now exhibition of 2022! Our ethos is to give emerging artists a platform to share their work with our viewers in person as well as online. This exhibition will host artists from the UK and abroad. Our Photography Now exhibitions are a celebration of fresh, exciting and explorational photographic styles. Here at the Brick Lane Gallery we are drawn to imagery that tells a story and transports the viewer to a different place and time. Visit the gallery and our website to see these immersive works for yourself.

10am – 6pm Monday to Friday
12 – 6pm Sunday


DAVID BARNETT @davidbarnett31

Written on Skin

The physical, emotional and spiritual places we inhabit as humans when being our most authentic.
This project is about human connectivity, respect for each other and the planet.A response to COVID and current global disharmony. Signs that humankind has yet to appreciate the importance of compassion and regard for all of life.
Words have been written on the skin as slogans to signify the connection that we all ultimately share. Something that people can feel removed from when they prioritise money and technology. How might things change if we prioritise kindness and compassion for each other?
The work follows on from a previous project ‘Skin’, a progression if you will.
It also resonates with my second novel, ‘The Darlings of Soho’, that looks at the human condition and the one thing that is at the core of our very essence …LOVE.


CHARLESTHECHINESEMAN @charles.thechineseman

My principal objective as a close-up street photographer is to provide future anthropologists with alternative archaeological evidence – not of celebrities and world leaders, but of the significant everyday life.

On a personal level, I love theatre but do not like to pay for it. The theatre of the street performs 24 hours a day for free. GOOD MATCH!


CRYSTAL LEE LUCAS @crystallelucas

Crystal Lee Lucas is an artist and photographer who resides in Philadelphia, PA, and creates haunting narratives inspired by the spiritual aspects of early photography and the Victorian era. Through her use of photography, Lucas creates compelling compositions, often using herself as the subject that explores a spectrum of emotions and realms. This exploration is a means of coming to terms with the past, present, future and everything felt along the way.


KAROL KHALED @khaledkarol
Karol Khaled, is from Pará and resides in Belém, state of Pará, located at the Brazilian Amazon region. Graduated in Visual Arts and Image technology, she has experience in the arts and photography field. Between 2010 and 2012, she worked as a photojournalist at the Communication Department at the Federal University of Pará. She participated in group exhibitions in the capital of Pará and Rio de Janeiro. In 2016, she presented the solo exhibition of lomographys “Mundo Céu” at the Fidanza gallery at the Museum of Sacred Art in the state of Pará. In 2021, she presented your work on online gallery by Laguna Art in California (USA) In 2022 she will be participating in the International Contemporary Art Salon at Carrousel do Louvre.


DAVE HULL @thedavehull
Dave Hull completed a Bachelor of Science in Film and Television Production from Montana State University followed by an Internship at Lucasfilm.  Afterwards he worked on a Visual Effects shot for Michael Jackson’s music video “Black or White”.  Returning to Montana, he spent years honing his PC animated shorts which ultimately led to his exploration and development of multiplane photography.

The multiplane camera is traditionally a motion picture camera used in animation.  After the objects are placed on the glass, lights are placed and adjusted. The camera pointed down “sees” the world created on the layers of glass…in camera. What you see is what you get!


MARIAM SALARISHVILI @mariam.photographyy
Mariam Salarishvili is a Georgian-born photographer living in London. She is currently an undergraduate student at University of the Arts London studying BA (Hons) Photography, her work focusing on portraiture as well as the representation of human nature.

Catharina is a photographic series documenting Catharina Green, an 84-year-old Dutch widow who has lived alone since May 2019, when her husband, Hughie, passed away. Therefore, this body of work aims to celebrate Catharina’s attitude towards the term ‘isolation’ and the strong individuals who were aware of this noun prior to the global pandemic.


ELLIE SASS @ellie_sass
Ellie Sass was born in Athens (Greece) in 1973. She has studied French Literature, Theatre, Fine Arts and Photography. Today Ellie Sass works as a Fine Art Photographer/Visual Artist in her personal studio, on location or in theatres – in Greece. In her recent work the main axis is Spirituality. Ellie Sass has always felt that Art and Spirituality are connected – as Art is the result of inspiration and inspiration itself has its basis in Spirituality. Her faith in Jesus Christ gives her motivation to create artistically and to fulfil her purpose in life.


God is inside everyone. God is love.

I felt like shooting and collecting moments where His presence was intense..inside people..inside church…anywhere.

..His presence feels like Freedom, (Soul)Freedom (Artworks I & II)

< People come & go../People speak/People feel/People cry..laugh..roll../Exist.
I feel God Inside Me/I feel God in Nature/I feel God in their Hearts..
“God.. Don’t Go..”- Ellie>

..His presence feels like Love and Commitment (Artworks III & IV)

<People come & go/Some of them stay/Some of them stay & go.
They follow their own path.
Near God/Near Nature/Near Me/Maybe..

“God..Stay..” – Ellie>



HUNG Ching-yan, Fion (b. 1993) is a Hong Kong photo artist, who was born in a traditional Fujian family. She had lived with her grandparents for many years when she was small and since then she realized that there’s a big generation gap between the family and her. Hung graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Hon) in Visual Arts degree from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2016. Her work “To Be Used Someday” received a WMA Young Talents award in 2016. Hung is primarily creating works based on photography, images, and text. She has been focusing on the exploration of family relationships and resolving conflicts with Chinese cultures in the past few years. As an emerging artist, Hung has been actively participating in the Hong Kong art scene. Her recent project “I Wanted To Be A Mother” was selected to be one of the shows in the “Photographer Incubator Project” of the Hong Kong International Photo Festival 2020. This is also Hung’s second solo exhibition and was just exhibited in PHVLO HATCH art space in SSP district, Hong Kong. Other works of hers were exhibited in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Germany, and Italy. She is currently undertaking her Master’s degree in Photography with London College of Communication, University of Arts London.


PRITHI BRINKLEY @prithi_brinkley_art

Prithi is a London based photographer specializing for some time in photography of the natural world as can be seen in her collections ‘Black’ and ‘Ice’. She is showcasing a brand-new ongoing series here at the Brick Lane Gallery titled ‘New Era’. This is a portraiture-based series, motivated by the violence suffered by women across the country with a spike during the Covid pandemic. The images form the photographers’ own feelings and view of how women should “be” in today’s society and challenges those stereotypes. The images are for those who choose to be fearless and unapologetic about who they are. The series celebrates individuality, strength and freedom and the spirit of the female in all its ages and backgrounds.



There is much work to be done in dismantling negative connotations and stereotypes with African communities’ cultural heritage in British society. These portraits and photobook are part of a virtual exhibition encompassing photographs, moving portraits, a home-made playlist and digital photobook that aims to humanise African identities, particularly focusing on Egoli, Johannesburg, the cosmopolitan city of Southern Africa.

Countering the one-dimensional narratives of African identities is what has motivated photojournalist, Nompumelelo Ncube (Nom) to produce a celebratory body of work. To contribute to the cultural movement that has been encouraging the African Diaspora to claim their cultural heritage, no matter their place of residence.


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