Abstract & Art in Mind | 4th -15th January

Abstract & Art in Mind

4th – 15th January 2023

Preview Night: 4th January, 6:00 – 8:30pm

10am – 6pm Monday to Friday
12 – 6pm Sunday




Simona Negrescu – @newinteriorsbysimona @abstractbysimona

Simona Negrescu Artist from Zurich, Switzerland with a passion for art and interior designing. Painting is a refuge, a hobby that got elevated in time to a level that challenges me every time. My canvases are unique in their simplicity owning a way of catching the light and the eye of the viewer. My work is made to touch and to be touched, to physically feel the texture of it, to better understand it, to appreciate it. I get inspired by little nothings of the everyday life and my paintings rarely look alike. Abstract painting suits me well. Mixed media with organic (seeds, sugar, beans) and non-organic elements, combined with acrylic paint is my favourite tool to create something unique on a canvas. Wherever my mind goes, my brush follows it.


Miguelle Mahuton – @migullemahuton

A Self-taught artist from Benin currently living in Nigeria, Mahuton holds a master’s degree in Human Resources and communication.

Her passion for art started during her childhood when she did many landscapes using pen and writing short stories in her notebook. During her teenage years, she decided to be a part of music bands instead of groups for drawing and writing and later left her musical projects. When she became an adult, she worked in publishing house which brought her to reconnect with her artist background and live in the professional world of writing and creations.

She then evolved artistically in mixed group of artists and craftspeople after which she decided not only to use paint to create her landscapes but also to exert her passion in writing to give her paintings an expressive sense, just emotions free.


Olivia Pop – @oliviapop.art

Olivia Pop is a passionate self-taught painter based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Inspired by nature, love, and philosophy, through mixed-media and acrylic techniques, she shares her abstract and figurative artworks as visual poetry or storytelling, seeking magic, beauty and humanity awareness.

I drive my art as an act of care and freedom, in a messy, vivid, surprising inner and outer world.”


Candace DeFour Roberts – @defourinteriors_art

Based between Edinburgh, Scotland and her native Trinidad, Candace DeFour Roberts produces abstract, textured art on canvas, using a various techniques and media. The work takes inspiration from the colours and transience of nature, in both the Caribbean and in the raw wilderness of Scotland’s highlands and coasts. Originally an interior designer, Roberts has explored her chosen themes intensively together with frequent research trips, on foot and by kayak, to the remote and atmospheric places that influence her painting.


Olga André@olga.andre.studio

Olga ANDRE, born in Poland, is an abstract artist based in Normandy, France.

After years of mastering photography, more recently she turned to a new medium with the abstract drawing and painting. Inspired by a pattern, a movement, or a shape, she oscillates between a monochromatic and a more colourful palette. She ventures outside her comfort zone to embrace different techniques. Her work depicts her inner thoughts to create abstract and sophisticated works. Initially self-taught, she is receiving formal art training at the Schlum School in Le Mans.

« Constellations » is the result of a two-year voyage through artistic self-discovery and self-expression. It is an interplay between the logical construction of lines and their intuitive form. « Constellations » explore the contrast between the black and white, full, and empty, positive and negative. The artist encourages the audience to play an active role in the process of constructing meaning about her art. 


Nicky Gabris -@ stegosaurart

Nicky Gabris graduated From Loughborough University in Fine Art Painting. She has exhibited in London and Midland based galleries, but also works as an art teacher. Her work has experimented between the mixed-media, printing, textiles, and painting.

The work explores the joys and frustrations experienced in the balance of love and parenthood whilst retaining and rediscovering the sense of self. The art addresses mental health issues, feelings of loss and being lost from original self-direction, and how relationships can be navigated. Her art is cathartic and can be pivotal in making considered choices. The work explores these emotions of self-reflection using colour and texture.


Amalio Albaladejo Díaz – @amalioadz

 The two pieces from the “ESPACIOS VACÍOS” series, where Amalio Albaladejo Díaz expresses in a personal way what he interprets as knowing how to be with oneself, shapes an environment where the virtues and defects of the human being are manifested.


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