Portrait & Art in Mind | 4th -15th January

Portrait & Art in Mind

4th – 15th January 2023

Preview Night: 4th January, 6:00 – 8:30pm

10am – 6pm Monday to Friday
12 – 6pm Sunday




Attila Mucsi @unique.portraits

I have a never-ending fascination for human beauty. Expressing the uniqueness of my models and capturing the essence of their characters is a lifelong passion of mine. I predominantly use sharp colour contrasts and gentle strokes to enhance the details while I become absolutely immersed in the process.


Raphael Gradel @ raphgradel

There’s a place on the outskirts of my mind. The Red Room, I call it, though it’s really something between a speakeasy and an inn. Considering its remoteness, the place gets more passersby than you might imagine. Some tell me their story. Some don’t. Either way, it’s where I get all my ideas.

Ladies in the Red Room is not just a collection of portraits. It’s a collection of stories.


Sophia Ambrose @SophiaAmbroseArt

Sophia is a British artist living in Spain. In early 2022 following a spiritual awakening she sold everything she owned and moved to Andalusia to paint full time. Her recent solo show at Green & Stone, Chelsea, in November 2022, was hugely well received, particularly in respect of her vibrant contemporary portraits.

I am first and foremost a portraitist and I almost exclusively paint women. There is a technical aspect to my work, particularly in the exploration of colour and the possibilities of oil paint, which I use exclusively for portraiture.   At their heart my portraits are concerned with showing strong, individualistic, women who challenge society’s ideas of how they should dress and express themselves. In this respect I consider my work to be political.


Maria Pensi @bymariapensi

My name is Maria Pensi and I work in graphic design, content creation and communications in Barcelona, also feeling the urge to express myself through drawing or photography. Minimal, line drawing, clean and geometric art have always predominated in my work.

I feel that in a world full of labels, it’s nice to be able to take a breath from time to time and leave your mind free to interpretation. That’s why in my illustrations there is the presence of endless and unfinished lines or situations where is not clear where they are going, letting each one imagine it. You don’t have to define everything. Not even yourself. That’s why it took me so long to write these lines


STGD (Soom-tan-gut-deul / Gwanwoo Jin) @ animals_in_korean

“Soom” means life and breathe, “tan” means “be gifted with something”. “gut” is a postposition makes sentence as a noun form, and “deul” is a also a postposition make the noun in plural form. So totally, Soom-tan-gut-deul is a original Korean compound word which means all of the living things in the world. STGD works in various fields to enhance public awareness of biodiversity


Evi Panteleon @epsilonartgallery_

Evi Panteleon is painter. She born, lives and works in Loutraki Korinthias, Greece.

The last years painting has been focused on the creation of works based on anthropocentric issues in which creates with expressionist mood with abstract ways. The art result is supported by the following factors: continuous update on art performances, searching and studying through art history and experimentations aiming the deepening

and the liberating her drawing, the brushstroke and the colour.


Besjana Kryeziu @artworkbybesjana

Besjana Kryeziu is a visual artist from Kosovo, living in Belgium.She earned her BFA and Master’s degree from University of Prishtina. She took part of more than 60 local and international exhibitions:Two of them as a curator, also she was a winner of 7 prices and 25 certifications.Places that she exhibit was in USA, UK, Italy, India, Hungary, Czech Republic, Swiss etc.

Paintings are part of “Women’s World” series. I express the world of her, starting from beauty and spanning the soul, fashion, shapes, courage, power, motherhood, overthinking, profession, responsibilities, simplicity, intelligence, confidence in her self etc.

Women must believe in the potential they possess!


Sarah-Marie Shaboyan @smshaboyan

Sarah-Marie is a printmaker from the UAE. Her work depicts colourful environments that have been distorted in a playful manner.


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