Art in Mind | 18th -29th January

Art in Mind

18th – 29th January 2023

Preview Night: 18th January, 6:00 – 8:30pm

10am – 6pm Monday to Saturday
12 – 6pm Sunday







Euklidean is a British artist with a focus on mark-making, geometry and intricate monochromatic drawings of a surreal nature.

These studies in charcoal derive from my fascination with automatism.

The concept of automatic drawing relies on a disengagement of conscious thought patterns to create spontaneous mark-making. This attempt to access hidden parts of the psyche aims to achieve a pure and mystical result. The final outcome is free of premeditated form and seeks to uncover the deeper nature of the unconscious mind. Through pareidolia (the perception of significant patterns within accidental arrangements of shapes and lines) each viewer can forge their own interpretation acting as a mirror into their own mind.


Sophie Wright


My two paintings sit side by side as two parts of me. One part is my Australian heritage, a bright and colourful table setting filled with fresh seafood. The other reflects the past 6 years in London and my new attraction to cosy breakfast tables with tea and croissants. I will forever be between the two countries now as I call both places home. These paintings reflect two different yet similar moments, just before you begin to eat, looking at the colourful and sometimes chaotic view of food, glorious food.




A person who reads a border based on geography,

A person who draws a border based on art.

I read the border based on the geography, and draw the border based on art.

I draw the boundaries of a person’s inner emotions using various colours.


Olivia Jo


Olivia Jo’s artistic practice spans painting, photography, sculpture and video. She explores themes of greed, desire and ownership of the body, examining the perception of women in a society obsessed with consumer culture.Focusing largely on studies of flesh – both human and animal – Olivia Jo’s multimedia art practice divulges a fascination with concepts of anatomy, consumption and seduction, listing Jo Spence, Joan Semmel and Betty Tompkins as influences. She compares the manner in which we eat meat and animal products with society’s consumption of the female form. The innate sensuality that these themes offer infuses her work, betraying a savage pleasure that accompanies both physical and sexual hunger. Applying close anatomical research to painting, sculpture and drawing, Jo’s attentive works subtly uncover subliminal patterns in cultural perceptions of the modern woman.


Larisa Han

@ Larisa_art.surrey

Larisa is an artist from Surrey, UK. She is a self-taught artist and has been painting for 4 years. When she is painting, time is suspended, lost in a world of colour and movement. In painting, she feels the connections: connections between nature and artist, artist and paint, painting, and viewer.

Her art is inspired by open skies and expressive clouds in landscapes in Surrey and beyond. She also loves the joy of flowers in still life, lifting one’s mood. Flowers are given to represent love, joy peace and loss. She uses mostly acrylics but also uses oils. She enjoys both impressionistic and abstract painting. Her paintings invite the viewer to immerse themselves in these connections too.


Hyo Jin Park


The atmosphere created by the exquisite harmony of natural elements according to light, temperature, humidity, season, and time makes you fall into a fantasy as if you are dreaming while looking at the scenery in front of you. The artist’s psychology is projected onto the original sensibility obtained from nature to complete the artist’s own new world. Maximizing the unique beauty that exists in reality and at the same time expressing the artist’s inner world through modern reinterpretation through imagination.


Isabel Russell


I am currently completing my bachelor’s degree in Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London. I have always been greatly inspired by colours and shapes which surround me. Living in a rural and scenic area of Essex means I am never short of new inspirations. My main intention when creating a piece is to capture a balance between familiarity and realism, whilst including themes of surrealism.


Ângela Melo


Ângela Melo is a Portuguese visual artist currently based in London. Starting her artistic path at Antonio Arroio Artistic School where she specialized in Product Design; BA in Illustration and Visual Media graduate at University of the Arts London. Through strong brush strokes, melancholic, and obscure colour palette while combining different media, Ângela’s work focuses and seeks the caption of powerful and deep emotional expressions. Working mainly in a digital format, Ângela also explores traditional painting, creative writing, editorial illustration, and graphic design.


Davina Macola

@ davinaaadoneit

Davina Macola- A half-Italian and half-Indian illustrator based in London. She is currently studying at Camberwell College of Arts- UAL. Davina often combines text with images to add a humorous element. It provides the audience with a better insight into her thoughts and feeling towards her environment. Davina Macola is introducing her series of lino and relief prints. They intend to, through a comedic value, highlight the mundane stresses of life and how others respond to them.


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