Contemporary Painting | 18th – 29th January


Contemporary Painting

18th – 29th January

Private view: 18th January, 6:00 – 8:30pm

10am – 6pm Monday to Saturday
12 – 6pm Sunday




Christine Weber-Nolte


“Born in 1959, I took a long career of colleges and studies about the human being as a physiotherapist and natural practitioner. I started to paint nearly 20 years ago, but since I retired from my former professions in 2020, I do paint as a whole-time job, and I study at the Free Art school Wiesbaden. I exhibit since 2019 and had some Solo Exhibitions near my hometown and a couple of Group Shows in Berlin and Madrid. For me, artwork is indeed heart work. My art deals with power, joy, and lightness at the same time. I want to inspire and support people, to give them simplicity and delight – what I feel while painting. My artwork has a touch of playfulness and energy, and people should be touched by my paintings. My art is as if I am standing in a beautiful garden with flowers in my hair and I would like to donate thousands of flowers to the world.”


Patricia Walker


“Born in London in 1946, I escaped the post-war concrete jungle and bustling cityscape for the North Yorkshire Coast. For over 30 years, my artistic inspiration has been taken from centuries-old churches, rust-soaked fishing boats and the industrial, dramatic and ever-powerful North Sea. I am inspired by the power of nature, reclaiming what man has built, slowly eroding what was believed would last forever.”


Carol Owen MBE


Formerly I was a portrait painter whose sitters included Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, but I now prefer to paint London Scenes which give me the opportunity to explore the relationship between colour and light, which is my primary interest”


Olga Goldina Hirsch

@ olgahirschart

My name is Olga Goldina Hirsch, I am a British painter, illustrator and essayist who was born in Moscow, Russia.

Since I moved to London more than ten years ago I have been building my professional career in Art. I got a Master’s degree in Fine Art and graduated from the City and London of Art School, Birmingham University, London in 2018.

At the present time I continue to develop my artistic and professional skills: participating in group exhibitions in London and abroad, printing and ceramic workshops, collaborating with Art Galleries, visiting Art Conferences and getting a place in the Art Residency in Tokyo and Athens. My solo virtual exhibition was taking place recently under the curation of the London Art Number 23 gallery.


Alexander Genov

@ alexander_genov

“Created in different periods of my artistic development. In a way, the three ones contrast each other. ‘’Lute Player’’, which is a portrait of my brother, contains strong colour dissonances, while ‘’The Web’’ shows three-dimensional space in muted colours. ‘’The Web’’ expresses my concern about the state of our society, ‘’Lute Player’’ expresses immersion into the music and ‘’Dressed in White’’ expresses hedonism. My concept is to build a harmony out of these three different paintings, showing different sides of life.”


Rocío Cancio

Rocío Cancio (28) was born and raised in the south of Spain, and she has been living in London since 2019. She studied a double degree in English and Spanish Literature, Linguistics and Culture and a master’s degree in Education at Universidad de Huelva (Spain). Rocío’s preferred technique is oil painting, but she also works with gouache, watercolours, and digital supports. She has participated in several collaborative exhibitions and very recently she has illustrated a book by Celia Rodriguez, a Spanish poet. Her work is known for the use of bright colours and the representation and celebration of women and the LGBTIQA+ community.

“I consider my work to be a clear representation of my own values. Most of my art focuses on celebrating freedom and diversity in all its forms. One of my main goals is to give visibility to subjects that I consider extremely important, such as feminism and sexual and gender freedom. I want to transmit boldness and positivity, which is the reason why I normally choose bright, solid colours to emphasise my intention. “


Christine Fertey-Green


“I was born in Paris, France but now live in South Oxfordshire with my family.

I studied life drawing and composition at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris and still life and portraiture with John Jonas in London.

My semi-abstract compositions are inspired by the shapes, forms and colours of the contemporary world and reflect my individual concept and expression of beauty through composition and colour management.”


Claire Burriss


Born in the UK, Claire lives near Reading outside London.  Originally, Claire studied Geography and went on to work in urban planning. Since having her children she has gone back to her passion of Art which started from a very young age.

Claire enjoys painting a range of subjects. A scene, object or colour might evoke an emotion that she would like to capture. Working mainly in oil paints she feels their properties best complement her technique and style. Generally painting quite realistically, Claire has projects like her ‘coffee cups’ to allow her to completely use her imagination and to explore colour and emotions. This enables her a freedom of expression in her practice which in turn helps her art as a whole. Portraiture is another avenue of interest that gives her a lot of joy and artistic challenge – the challenge to capture a person and create an interesting image


Dongcheol Youm

@ dongcheol_youm


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