WORKS ON PAPER – February 2018

14th – 25th February 2018


The new edition of WORKS ON PAPER is featuring some of the most exciting and intriguing art on paper. The exhibition aims to explore the medium’s truly versatile features. The 8 UK-based and international artists in the exhibition present their drawings, paintings and sketches exploring a wide range of subjects portrayed in traditional and abstract styles. Alison Meek’s works are fine impressions from a two-month road trip around the USA. KUBA and Anthony Vella explore the various forms human emotions can adopt, Jillian Bennett uses a meticulous process of repeated construction and deconstruction to shape the atmospheric landscapes with small, lone figures for which she is rapidly building a reputation, while Pá.ú.lú is creating fascinating 3D objects using paper and mixed media.

Alison Meek’s art is inspired largely by her travels. The works on show are impressions from a two-month road trip around the USA. Alison saw this as a fantastic opportunity for an artistic exploration, using the places, people and not least history and politics as a springboard for how she absorbed and reacted to what she saw, heard and learnt. Working like this was a new experience for the artist and so the works are accompanied by written information explaining the background to the pictures and how they came about. Alison studied Fine Art at St Martins and Hornsey College of Art and Art History at Sotheby’s. She has previously exhibited in Hong Kong, Sydney, and London, including an exhibition at the Brick Lane Gallery.


Anthony Vella is a contemporary artist based in France. Art for him is a way to express feelings and to reveal his personality. His fascination by Amadéo Modigliani and Jean-Charles Castelbajac, these totally different masters of a kind, allowed the artist to freely engage in explorations of faces. At the age of 26, Anthony decided to finally make his artistic “coming-out” and exhibit his collection of characters who have been haunting and entertaining him for quite a while.



KUBA presents cartoon like drawings, paste-ups and woodcuts based on her momentary feelings. Dynamics, visual tensions and moves that describe actions are more important carriers of meaning to the artist than words – she explores particular forms that “loving” or “fighting” might have. Her works are paste-ups, synonymous of her own life style. KUBA graduated from Academy of Fine Art Vienna in 1995 and worked as an art therapist and art teacher in Austria, The Netherlands, Brazil and Switzerland. She previously exhibited internationally; at the Academy of Fine Art Vienna, the Space for Contemporary Art, Fondation Fernet Branca in France, and in Switzerland or Germany.

Facebook: Barbara Kuebel artandprints


James George has been exploring abstract themes inspired by nature and the urban environment for the last 7 years. This collection explores movement and colour through a series of works in mixed media. Each piece represents a singular motion through multiple layers. Using different materials and colour ranges the pieces suggest a varied range of intensity and motion.



Jillian Bennett is a fine artist based in Santa Ana, California. With a growing curiosity for human’s relation to nature and the Taoist art culture, she has revisited the series that she started and paused in 2011 to explore the concept and process further. Wielding chalk, charcoal and acrylic she uses a meticulous process of repeated construction and deconstruction to shape the atmospheric landscapes with small, lone figures for which she is rapidly building a reputation. Jillian studied art at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. She later completed her Masters at Cambridge School of Art in England, where she explored further into visual storytelling and illustration. Growing up, Jillian spent a lot of time outside surfing, hiking, snowboarding, running and it was through these experiences that her inspiration from nature grew.

Instagram: @jillbirdee



Julija Saler is an Austrian artist with Croatian roots, living in Ireland. During her studies of art therapy in Vienna, she experienced how different media can be combined to express oneself and how to get into the “flow” which is essential for her expressionistic pieces of art. Everything vintage and everything old with a soul catches her eye and inspires her, especially old walls. Julija’s pieces of art evolve through many layers of acrylic colours and would all show up the golden leaf that comes through to sparkle. For the artist it is a synonym for the divine, the divine within the rollercoaster of life.

Instagram: @julijasalerart




Lasha Beraia is inspired by intimacy between human beings and sincere aspirations towards freedom from many mythical orders and beliefs. What is the life all about? How is the future formed? How can we better cope with the overwhelming growth of civilization’s challenges? How can we read and translate the ever-growing achievements of science into our own lives while remaining ethical and human? The nature of these quests inspires him to interact with the world through his art.





Pá.ú.lú is a Brazilian born artist based in the UK. Since a young age, he has used paper as the medium of his works and has created pieces using origami and paper cutting techniques. After moving to the UK he started to explore other materials such as wire and found objects. “Carnival is in my blood. I like the historical and cultural aspect of it as well as its social importance. But what fascinates me the most is the visual: the colours, the textures, and the creativity applied by the amazing carnival artists,” says Pá.ú.lú.


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