22nd August – 2nd September 2019

Preview: Wednesday 21st August 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery, The Annexe | 93-95 Sclater Street | London | E1 6HR



Pia Kintrup – Pia is an emerging young artist from Germany. She was born in 1988 in North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany. She studied photography and graduated with an MFA in 2017.


Pia is highly interested in still life, materiality, and surface character. Transformational processes, value, emptiness and abundance, and photographic steps of transition are essential for her artwork. She uses the medium of photography to transform the three- into the two-dimensional and therefore to fix a particular perspective. Besides her groundwork in photography, she’s working with installations and sculptures as well. In her three dimensional work, she’s working with the contradictory relation of man and object, surface, materiality, and artificial structures. Her entire work is based on staging, and an imitation of the reality, as well as the imitation of natural structures. These themes are essential aspects of Kintrup’s recent artwork.


The artwork yún is a variation of the photographs of aerial views from an onboard camera on an airplane. They are taken somewhere between China and Russia. The title yún means cloud in Chinese and is written in Pinyin phonetic spelling. The photographs depict clouds from above.

Brigitte Ali – Brigitte, an artist of French/Italian heritage, moved to London in the 1980s where her interest in art remained an on-going passion. For this exhibition Brigitte is displaying two collages that are in direct response to pieces of music. She has combined her love for art and music by creating watercolour and mixed media pieces en plein air. She explores the themes and duality of nature and music with images of climate change that she believes need to be seen and recorded.



Russ Snedker – An intense passion for art and photography has fused Russ’s talents into creating surrealist imagery of his chosen subjects. He likes to mix figurative realism and intense graphite detail in his latest pieces.


Russ is a European artist born and educated in Dorset. He has exhibited in Dubai and the UK over the last few years with many personal and corporate commissions. He lived in Dubai for 11 years working as a photographer and artist before coming back to the UK in 2015. He works from his studio in Bridport, West Dorset.