22nd August – 2nd September 2019

Preview: Wednesday 21st August 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery, 216 Brick Lane, E1 6SA


Arne Johansen – Johansen is a Norwegian Learning Disability Nurse who has used his knowledge of mental health, visual creativity and everyday life to inspire his paintings. Johansen has exhibited his Pop Art paintings in Norway but in the past year has developed his practice towards abstract figurative art.

Caroline Boff – ‘Tiger’s Eye’ was born out of a poetic affection with animals as well as an appreciation of their power and strength. The cubist aspect portrays the artist’s own battle for peace, simplicity and spiritual resolution with the vibrant multi-colours depicting the pros of expression. ‘The Followers’ is an inspired wry social commentary on the state of the art world and the social media revolution. ‘Be Present’ is also a wry social commentary of the role of women and philosophy of today’s society.

Boff challenges the notion that art must realistically depict the world; she experiments with the expressive use of colour, non-traditional materials and at times new techniques and mediums. At times all of the planning and decisions are made beforehand and the execution is a mechanical event. She can use new imagery; materials and techniques to create artworks that she feels better reflect the realities and hopes of modern societies.
Caroline’s artwork reveals her ideal visions of human life and society and a belief in spiritual progress. Her work is punctuated with feminism. She also wants to capture the movement and effects of light that she sees in nature and at times uses rapid brush marks and often-bright colours. She is largely a self-taught artist, using, for example, her extensive travels as one source of inspiration. She explores ways of expressing her profound emotions in her work. Powered by a desire to explore the definitions of an idyllic paradise she creates wondrous compositions filled with movement, energy and colour.

Caroline is a self-taught modern and conceptual artist. She makes art based on her own, personal experiences and about topics that she chooses generally beforehand. She is based in Bolton, Greater Manchester in the UK. She is well travelled and has a degree in Economics and Sociology.
She has exhibited in ‘All Abstraction’ in 2018 at the Contemporary Art Gallery Online, The Other Art Fair, London with Art Below in March, had a billboard of one of her paintings on the London underground and exhibited at New York Art Expo with Art Productions NY in April. She has further upcoming exhibitions in the States with Art Productions New York.

Denisa Klemscheova – Denisa is a contemporary impressionist painter who lives in Prostejov (Czech republic). Her distinctive personal style emanates her vibrant spirit and passion. Denisa is self-taught painter, inspired by Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet, and her paintings tells the stories of her life and her inner spiritual world.

She is also a PhD student in theological anthropology.

Izabela Kulman – Born in 1977 in Sanok, Poland.

Izabela’s work reflects her thoughts, feeling, insights and reflections relating to the essence of existence, and simultaneously concerning the sole essence of our transience. Her paintings are created when she is in a state of high emotion enabling them to become visual representations of her intrinsic response. When her paintings are combined with sculpting they become an exploration of interacting with the space surrounding her. When Izabela paints she allows herself to feel free and uninhabited, it allows her to inevitably connect with her own autonomy and emotions.

Marita Fernandez Barragan – Marita is a Latin American visual contemporary painter born in the city of Tandil in Argentina. During her whole career, her artwork of almost 1000 paintings participated in nearly 100 art salons, 40 individual and 25 collective exhibitions, receiving about 40 awards/mentions, and participating in two dozens of international art events in the Republic of Cuba as well. Marita’s artwork is divided into 9 series or stages in chronological order: Cubism, Cati (life of a prostitute), The Poet, Saint Latin America I, Saint Latin America II, The Black Work -also known as Saint Latin America III-, Labyrinths and Sculptures.

Martita’s eternal love for Latin America is highlighted by the three dedicated paintings within her series. She endeavors to portray the rich history and devastating consequences of the American ‘civilised conquest’.

Mocioaca Carmen Alexandra – Mocioaca is a Romanian born artist with previous exhibitions in Barcelona, Hull and Glasgow. Having studied architecture, she now favours nude self-portraits, explaining that it is, after all, “the subject she knows best”. These nudes, disclosing both erotic and autobiographical elements, are mouthpieces for wider themes such as identity, body and gender as well as opening discourse on race and class. She cites the works as a consummation of her own reality and fantasy, peppered both with inspiration from the natural world and a Cubist energy.

Tomas Niklasson – Represented at the Gothenburg Art Museum, Sweden
Education: Master at Valands Konsthögskola, Gothenburg University, Sweden

Swedish born artist Tomas Nikalsson notes of his series “Paint Like a Machine”
“I work as a machine, defying my intellect not to get stuck in traditional, compositional considerations, but let the material, the colour, work in their own terms, let a communication arise where I myself have nothing to tell, layers are stored in an anti-intellectual process, where the repetition, time, work with randomly selected colours, contribute to a freedom generating process, call it an act of stupidity, call it an irrational act in a rational society, working with the raw, the sensual, the fragile, not the illusionist representation.”