5th – 16th September 2019

Preview: Wednesday 4th September 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery, 93 – 95 Sclater Street | London | E1 6HR







AnVi Annie Villeneuve started painting after the loss of a loved one. It became a vital element of her healing process to paint. Annie is self-taught and works by instinct; she improvises, and is often guided by her emotions. Everything around inspires her and she reproduces the emotion she feels, not what she sees. Each canvas is for her an inner discovery. Paintings has taught her to sit, observe, and listen to all the emotions that arise within her, so they can bloom onto the canvas



Bianca Neagu – Bianca’s works are deeply emotive and sensual with her use of thick paint and decisive marks. Reworking images to their simplest form whilst other works depict figures obscured and hidden with layers of paint and expressive marks.

Bianca, a self taught Romanian artist, finds difficulty in expressing herself through words so when she discovered the ability through painting it became a vital element for her life.




  Harris-Lee Rose Harris-Lee, b.1998, is an exceptionally talented emerging artist from America with an undoubtedly bright future ahead of him. His expressive works are hauntingly beautiful and somewhat reminiscent of Jean-Michel Basquiat in their voracious delivery of the individual experience.

 “This painting was created in the wee hours of the morning while the moonlight sliced through my apartment’s living room window and Bolero by Maurice Ravel played on repeat. The one and only thing on my mind while creating this work, was faith. How powerful yet sensitive, how sweet yet bitter and how fiction yet true. From this night of mine, to a wall of yours” – Harris-Lee Rose



 Izabela BeiryloIzabela is a deeply spiritual and intuitive to the divine forces of nature, allowing her to create pieces that reflect natural elements through her use of marks and colour.

Izabela works in Warsaw teaching yoga and painting classes with the use of many different mediums.

“I’m interested in spiritual growth, so you can see some symbols and spiritual elements in my works. I believe that everyone can paint, create, it’s inside us…”




Jay De Silva – Jay has extensive experience in Photography and Fine Art Printing.  He has won various awards from the BIPP for his Photography work.

The Timeless series focuses on the ever changing landscape of time.  Whilst various aspects will change over the course of time, others look as though time has not altered the course of ageing and giving a Timeless effect.  The works embody this motion of Timeless.




Magda VaskoMagdalena is a Polish/Canadian artist who lives in Toronto. In 2015 she completed her studies as a graphic design student at Ontario College of Art and Design University. Her current focus has been on painting, collaging and diving deeper into the depths of visual arts. Meanwhile, she keeps working on graphic design projects while continuing her dance, choreography and artistic ventures. The Brick Lane Gallery exhibit is her first visual art show.

“I paint mostly abstract and ambiguous images using acrylics on paper, striving to stretch the boundaries of one’s imagination. I rely on a spontaneous process resembling a mono print technique, either playing with chance or intentionally creating forms. Having an improvisational impulse of a dancer, I aim for dynamic textures that echo movement and fluidity of the body. I tend to think of my process as a tentative choreography with freedom of expression within it. The goal is to create impactful work that is open to endless interpretation, where all eyes see something exclusive. Mostly I just hope to create something beautiful. “

Art never expresses anything but itself – Oscar Wilde




Monika Drabot RGB colours are the colours of the screens we view every day, merging artificial reality with organic reality through projected light and filters.

The use of patterned Perspex as a physical filter does not only mimic these electronic screens but also mirrors the way people blur the organic reality of themselves with artificial representations.

Your mind is the source of your reality, with emotion and sensory experiences all informing your perceptions of what is real. These personal circumstances are what your mind uses to inform your decisions as you piece together who people are through the signifiers you see without every truly knowing their personality.





Nathan Jones – a talented barber from North Wales. No Art education but passionate about displaying his creativity in all of his work.

Elliot Morris – Studying to become an Art teacher. Has a First Class Bachelors Degree in Fine Art. Previous shows include Ffin Y Parc, Llanrwst & Silver Star, Chester.

The work is modern, abstract and creative. The duos name comes from their art studio being located in the bedroom of Nathan’s Mums house, which is number 23. The pair met through the barbershop and decided to collaborate and see where Art can take them. This is their debut show working together.



 Samantha Crosser Samantha’s work is strange and bizarrely visceral. Her fascination with obscurity and abstraction started young and her exploration of deformity enabled her creativity to develop over time. Samantha doesn’t believe in studying art, her ability has progressed naturally as she has become deeply invested in projecting her thoughts onto canvas. The tangled faces and bulging eyes are her signature, ensuring her paintings are questioned and admired.