10th – 20th June
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I-Vanessa R

Jamie Iskander

Shirin SaHa

Emma Lilly Thomas

Margo Yaguda

Pedro Sousa Louro

Patricia Ortiz

Marco Lupi

Alejandro Señero

Çağla Us


I-Vanessa Rumstejn is a painter. Mainly she is, painting in a abstract spectra, vivid figures.

“2 paintings which conclude each other. Not concluded paintings, yet, can fit together. To exaggerate what they wear and what they think. These two painted figures with a lot of cogitation pondering.”


JAMIE ISKANDER @jamie.iskander.arts

This work was mostly painted during 2020. The lockdown and separation from family and friends meant I was constantly battling with loneliness and isolation, which is reflected in my work. I play with light, which to me translates as hope.

I’m inspired by the Impressionists. They were able to capture a moment whilst expressing their individuality through brushstrokes. I battle keeping a looseness in the way I paint vs. trying to refine my skills through realism. I learn constantly.



Shirin Saha is a surrealist painter who lives and works in Denmark. She was born in Iran in 1988. She has worked as a game artist and art director in the game industry for more than ten years. After immigrating to Denmark, she began painting on canvas professionally.

In her paintings, she tries to show the suffering that silence imposes on human beings for any reason. Silence that sometimes arises voluntarily and sometimes through force, threats and intimidation.



“Spheres feature heavily in my work. Life within the sphere takes many forms; from human to animal kind, to plants and stars which lay within the night sky. They all have a cycle. The cycle is nature. It is the whole. It is the round. It is a sphere.”


MARGO YAGUDA @margoyaguda

Margo is an abstract artist who has a special talent for using mixed media to take clean line and order and create complex chaotic patterns.

“I believe that art should create. Create a reciprocal feeling, provoke shameless thoughts, ignite your imagination, arouse inspiration, and ultimately create a desire to create yourself. I hope my art does that for you.”


PEDRO SOUSA LOURO @psl.artstudio

Pedro is originally from Portugal and moved to the UK over 29 years ago to study his passion for art. Pedro is hugely inspired by his favorites artists Francis Bacon and the British abstract cubist Ben Nickolson but also finds himself drawn to so many other great masters in art. Is from them that he finds himself creating his work. In his artistic abstract expressionism and cubist language translations attempts, he tries to not stick with just one technique, because he does not stress the subject matter.



Patricia’s knowledge and experience on art psychotherapy practice in mental health, has been the preliminary process leading to the creation of her work. While living in Europe, she was inspired by the drapery of the Renaissance old masters and the dramatic chiaroscuro of the Baroque, later adapting the oil painting technique of grisaille and colour glazing into contemporary realism.

Initially, I imagined traumas and fears as ghost-like entities that reside in our unconscious minds, thus inevitably, achieve visible forms. My collection presents a series of these forms as veiled portraits embodying mental states of existential awe.


MARCO LUPI @marco58lupi

“The beginning of my painting is purely instinctive and triggers that need-pleasure to create, to ‘play’ seriously, which allows me to release emotions and sensations that live inside me and that at a certain moment take shape and color. So in my paintings I fully recognize myself, because my soul is contained in them. Presenting them to the public is tantamount to a confession which I hope will arouse further emotions. ”


ALEJANDRO SEÑERO @contemporary_xiu

Born in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina in 1993.
 His works are a constant search for unconscious beauty,
 symbolic perception and the expression of experiences, 
both individual and generational.
Crossing different currents such as primitive arts, German expressionism,
 the school of Paris and the naive arts.
 The dreamscapes and voyages, love and death, dualities, myths and rites,
 are his source of motivation and inspiration.
 In constant aesthetic evolution towards a complete fusion of being with matter.



The painter produces in 3 different styles by using senses and emotions that form her different likings. Each style sembolizes different personalities that belong to her. While one of them abstracting the subjects such as nature, natural pohemena, life and etc. in a soft genre, the other consists of more complex and sharp images. And last one is fantastic and figurative abstraction paintings.

The Brick Lane Gallery

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