24th June – 4th July
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Olivia Rowland
Zachary Merle
Caroline Smith
Mindyheidi Qin
Aisling Ni Cheallaigh
Eleanor Grace Tallowin
Zoë Pearce
Olivia Glennie/OG Art
Clara Rival






OLIVIA ROWLAND @oliviarowland

Olivia’s artwork harnesses both play and self-narration to navigate the day-to-day experience of anxiety, and where this intersects with voyeuristic notions of looking and being looked at. Drawing and wordplay are tools to narrate herself into ‘being’, the representation of which is unfixed and impossible to pinpoint. Snatches of speech, fictitious cartoon semi-human ‘characters’, scribbled line and bold, light-hearted blocks of colour centre both a frantic energy and light- hearted humour as equally important means to ‘cope’. The visual result is at once playful, fragmented, and phantasmic.

ZACHARY MERLE @zac.merle

We’re surrounded by objects. Some we keep, some we discard. “I’m fascinated by the latter, rejected materials that I find treasurable. My creative process begins with a collection of elements from my immediate surroundings, often newspaper scraps, cardboard and odd bits of fabric. I believe it’s important to use existing materials rather than create unnecessary waste through my practice. I focus more on mixed media and collage methods of image making, through layering up textures and papers with the main illustration taking center stage. In my artwork, I strive to convey the mundane through the combination of photographs, paint and found materials. I use the technique of collage within my work as a method of creating dysfunction and emphasizing visual anarchy. I describe myself as a painter, who is inspired by the things we choose to surround ourselves with.”

CAROLINE SMITH @urban_sketchliner

Caroline Smith, born in Blackpool, Lancashire has been sketching and drawing as long as she can remember. A degree in 3D Design followed by a career in interior design has allowed her skill to develop and the interest to grow. This combined with a love for buildings and architecture with a desire to travel and discover, are the main ingredients that have formed the brand ‘Urban Sketchliner’. Being fascinated with cityscapes and urban skylines, plus scale and proportion, feeds the urge to produce each individual piece of work. Experimenting with different mediums and techniques is on going and ensures originality. Caroline is the founder and Managing Director of WISH Interior Architecture Ltd. She has been working in professional practice for over 30 years, across the sectors in London and overseas. Caroline has also worked and lived in Australia, Russia and The Caribbean.

MINDY QIN @mindyheidi

Mindy moved to London 7 years ago from China. After losing her beloved dog, Heidi, she picked up the brush and discovered the joy of painting in oils, which enabled her to capture things like the wisdom of old trees, the reflections of light in water and the dramatically colourful movements of clouds in the sky. “All life is about connecting the changing seasons – learning to handle the winter, cultivate the seeds or dreams of hope in the spring and celebrating the joy in the harvest autumn. I am inspired by the work of impressionists such as Claude Monet and Van Gogh. Through focusing on landscape, my artwork expresses my feelings about nature, which I believe is a great source of inspiration, healing and positivity. My art is about the journey of inner discovery through my soul and emotions, and the patterns of dialogue and connection between nature and me. I believe the choice of light and colours reveals the truth of a painter’s life.”


Aisling is a London based Irish Artist who prides herself in bringing joy through art to people across the globe. As a Bachelor of Commerce with Mandarin Chinese graduate, Aisling went on to lead Marketing in a globally successful Digital Skills business working with leading IT companies in a number of markets including Australia, Ireland and the UK. In 2018, inspired by a coffee spill on a napkin flying home from a work trip to Australia, Aisling decided to pursue her idea of sustainable painting with coffee. She creatively combines her love for colour and coffee in her unique pieces, using recycled coffee from coffee pods to make different shades.

ELEANOR TALLOWIN @eleanortallowin

“I am an encaustic artist who paints using molten wax, applying it to glossy paper using a flat iron. The result of each piece is completely spontaneous as the piece is fluid as I work into it, which is what I love about the technique. No one piece is the same as the next. I grew up living on Dartmoor so many of my paintings have been inspired by the stark, rugged moorlands and woodlands of that area. Having lived in London for many years I find that painting rural landscapes is a way in which I can connect back to nature and transports me back to the scenes of my youth.”

ZOE PEARCE @zoe.pearce

Zoë Pearce is a contemporary landscape artist from London specialising in painting. Through the medium of oil paint, and the action of layering, conscious and experimental marks are built up on the surface capturing elements of natures time and space, atmosphere, changing light, and sense of movement. This energy isn’t a response to a specific sense of place but rather a combination of experiences Zoë has had within the landscape itself. Derived from her own time spent exploring the environment, becoming exposed to weather, light, change in temperature, distance, and solidarity; Zoë’s work begins to situate itself within the realm of immersion, the sensory and the poetics of space. It might be that you see the moment when a band of cloud lifts to reveal that sense of distance you’ve been waiting for, or perhaps you await the approach of the storm as it builds beyond the horizon, or maybe you’re just left searching for something beyond what you see, but the wall of overcast cloud stops you.

OG ART @og.art_studio

Olivia is an emerging British contemporary artist based in London. Her work is best known for minimal use of line, texture and fabric. Olivia’s latest works talk about experience of rediscovering who is behind the ‘I’, when being stripped back and removed from the places we know, the people we are with and the jobs that we have. Our daily lives can become consumed with comforts and repetition. Often our external world and general wellbeing can become overlooked and sidelined. Olivia conveys how the simplest of things in life are the most fulfilling. Taking on new experiences in unknown places, being your authentic self and reconnecting with the outdoors – our natural world is life’s greatest gift.

CLARA RIVAL @claririval

“I am looking for a place, when I find it, I am going to look for another one. My work is a technicolour exploration of the natural world, combining observation with invented landscapes. Lush botanics take central stage as a site to experiment with form and colour, in a constant search for wild, undiscovered possible worlds.” Clara Rival is a painter from Buenos Aires (1986). She moved to Mexico to do an art residency at Casa Rosa and since then, she has been travelling and painting. She did an art residency in Sicily in Graniti Town and spent the last few years between Mexico, France and Spain. Her work is closely related to the experience of being constantly moving around. From the city, to the jungle, taking a little part of each place to build her own kind of landscape.

JR CHUO @jrchuo

Jr Chuo is a paper cut and spray paint artist based in the UK, currently studying Japanese Studies at university.

“My work explores the notion of façades in society that conceal harsh realities. It’s influenced by a wide range of styles, from the traditional Japanese art forms of kirie and ensō, to street art and graffiti. In 2015 my interest in paper developed and I now focus on paper cut art, cutting all my designs by hand in a meditative and spiritual process, similar to that of painting ensō circles. My ‘Fluoro Tokyo Collection’ is inspired by the fluorescent colours and patterns of dying corals and the chaotic beauty found in urban transport and subway systems. My detailed process involves cutting paper by hand and using spray paint to produce vibrant paintings. Additionally, I suspend my hand-cut paper pieces in fluorescent acrylic, drawing attention to the detail and precision of the artwork.”




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