20th July -2nd August

Yann Housden
Kathryn Johnson
Karin Wassmer
Banke Jemiyo
Tarnia Magee
TC (Kelly) Naick
Mawadah Muhtasib
Tanya Momi
Michael Mihangel
Aurora Camaiani
Bea Paintings




Yann Housden
Yann is a private and mystical individual who has lived and travelled in many parts of the world, integrating influences from diverse realms.  After more than a decade of honing his skills, perfecting his techniques, gaining inspiration from unique and varied sources, he focused on distinctive signature displays of novel work. Yann is drawn to the raw unfiltered aesthetic of “art brut”, which portrays the primal, instinctual expression of self beyond conditioning. Yann has gained extensive empirical experience in the field of contemporary art over 25 years.

Metaphysical allegory is woven into the work, experience and history of the idiosyncratic artist. At times intellectually conceptual, but mostly purely visceral, his work covers an eclectic spectrum, mostly of abstraction.

A mélange of consciously mottled tones and intricately dappled colours delight the senses with a subtle and sublime patina. The result is an exquisite symphony of form, shape, colour and light. Subtleties of form, tone, texture and colour move freely between different mediums in a sensual unity of abstraction.​


Kathryn Johnson @bykathrynjohnson
“These paintings were made in response to a residency I undertook to an indigenous village in Panama in 2019 with La Wayaka Current. Three weeks of learning from ancestral knowledge and being absorbed in this tropical environment affected me a lot. Each of these works are a lasting memory of the weeks I spent there, connected to nature, living slowly and simply each day. My paintings are the depiction of memories and relationships I have made with natural environments. Thick buttery strokes and close tonal shifts build up an abstracted image of the natural worlds I have immersed myself in. I aim for the image to go in and out of focus – for you to be caught looking deeper and deeper for its meaning. The natural world can teach us how to thrive; my practice is a journal of my adventures and discoveries from nature, willing you to go on your own.”


Karin Waßmer @k.wassmer
Karin Waßmer paints bodies reflecting dark depths of human experience.

Maltreated bodies, bearing witness of violent intrusion, showing vulnerability. And yet they radiate enormous strength and fascination.

Karin is a member of BBK Nürnberg Mittelfranken (Association of Professional Artists for Nuremberg and the Middle Franconian Region) and GEDOK (Association of Women Artists and Supporters of the Arts).


Banke Jemiyo [Oreofe] @bankejemiyo
Banke Jemiyo [Oreofe], is a self-taught artist whose love for painting was birthed through sketching portraits, landscapes and still life drawings. As an artist, Banke works with a variety of mediums and through contemporary and traditional techniques isn’t shy of marrying vibrant colours and eccentric concepts in her paintings. A linguist by profession, Banke’s work is inspired by different cultures, often taking an Afro dimension and incorporating Anglo-American and Asian themes, poignant visual aesthetics and interiors to create a unique narrative. Her connection with each painting has been recaptured and appreciated worldwide as her creative journey is ever evolving.

“Bring me the colours of the rainbow and my imagination runs away with me. I grasp inspiration in the most random places; Iris Apfel’s wardrobe, the Afrofunk archives and Netflix real-life documentaries to name but a few. My artistic journey in the past year especially, has lead me to fall in love and develop my craft in the world of portraiture. In this series of works, my inspiration lies in the expression and representation of IDENTITY, the conflicting paradigm between the individual and society. My vision to create pieces that celebrated and more importantly honoured tradition, culture, physical identity and artistic movements, stood strongly in my heart and to then complement it with my signature stamp of vibrant colours was of course a dream!”

Tarnia Magee @tarniamageeart
Tarnia is an artist based in the East Midlands, UK who has been creating art since she was in her teens, which began as a secret hobby.

“As the years have gone by, I have painted on and off and these days take it more seriously as I realise how happy and passionate creating. In 2013 I completed an Art Therapy Degree,which involved Psychology, a subject that I find interesting and why I like to paint people. I mainly use acrylics and a selection of my own photographs as reference material. I enjoy the process of experimenting with colour and pattern whilst retaining the realism within each figure. In this series of paintings, I am observing daily life outside our homes, capturing individuals coming from different destinations to fleetingly end up in the same space only to continue on their own path, wondering where they have come from and where they are going.”


Kelly/TC Naick @kelnashlynn
TC is a South African artist, educator and author. He’s been teaching for 38 years and is currently teaching visual arts and science in Saudi Arabia.

“I have a Masters degree in Environmental Education specializing in Arts and Culture. I am a multi-disciplined artist. My works are especially in acrylics, oils, watercolour, pencil and string art. My works are colourful and highlight the beauty of nature and people around us.”

The dance series represents freedom of women around the world. “In house blues” is a sad reflection of the corona virus, yet the vibrancy of the colours makes the saxophone blast through bringing hope. ”The big wave” also represents the impact of corona virus. It will eventually flatten out.” Teardrops” highlights the notion that nothing is permanent. Even sadness is beneficial. Corona virus has benefitted the earth’s recovery. ”Message in a bottle” is an environmental message that is left open to add meaning by the viewer. “At the seaside” represents a vase of shells. This is equivalent to plucking flowers from the veld.


Mawadah Muhtaib @mawadahmuhtasib
Mawadah Muhtasib is a progressive Saudi Artist and a Graphic Designer from Jeddah. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Motion Graphics from Dar AlHekma University in Saudi Arabia. Mawadah was recognized nationally and internationally at an early age for her distinguished paintings and has been celebrated by media and art initiatives for her calligraffiti typeface that she personally designed. Mawadah’s Art travelled with her around the world for exhibitions, collaborations, and contests. She exhibited her art in Kuala Lumpur, New York and Detroit. Furthermore, she collaborated with international luxurious brands such as Louis Vuitton and MONTBLANC between 2014 and 2019. She was also hired as a jury member for the Purificación García contest that took place at Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University in Riyadh in 2020. Mawadah’s distinctive talent, Ithraa granted her a full sponsorship for an Art Residency in New York, USA. During her time in New York, the United Nations selected her work to be exhibited amongst globally remarkable artists at the International UN Bazar in NYC.


Tanya Momi @tanyamomi
As someone that is very passionate about the message behind her art, Tanya has had the opportunity to connect with many people. She has spoken at the White house about women empowerment and leadership. Tanya’s Art is distinctive and controversial. Since she started her “second career”, she has shown her work in India, Beverly Hills, Toronto, London, Portola Valley, Los Altos as well as other local groups, Triton museum and MUNU museum. Composing the future exhibit Bankhead Theater Livermore Ca. Hong kong & London.


Michael Mihangel @michaelmihangel

These figurative paintings are part of a series of paintings based on drawing observations of the unguarded moments a young Asian lady studying whilst in a city café in York early one 2020 October morning during the current Covid-19 Crisis.  These paintings study body language that is taken from its original context and then placed in modern minimalistic interiors with a mixture of realistic and spiritualistic views and effects across the top of the canvas’. The compositions act as a celebration of empathy, education, kindness and curiosity in their vocabulary of colour, changing of narratives and process of drawing and application of paint.

The figure in space and environment has been the main ingredient of my exploration, feeling and interpretation with the intention of re-presenting new opportunities and futures that offer calmness, harmony and dignity. Ironically the Asian Lady Studying preparation sketches were made on my way home to rural Powys after arriving in the city an hour or so early for my train and after spending 5 weeks with family after the peaceful passing of my dear Mum, who in her own subjectivity, was my greatest art fan and fervored constructive critic.  She would be so proud of this occasion and would have loved to have seen my artworks on display for the first time in London in The Brick Lane Gallery.  So with this in mind, the display of these little oil paintings of mine is dedicated to my arts and culture-loving Mum.


Aurora Camaiani @aurora_camaiani
Aurora graduated from IED in Fashion Styling. During university she studied, experimented and obtained exams in various forms of art, such as: graphic, photography and fashion.

“In the following years I went through the art of freehand graphic design which I still practice today. I spent a year of my life in London, where I worked as an intern in a graphic company – London was very important in my training because I started experimenting with freehand drawing there.

I see art as a way to channel my emotions using instinct as the main tool. Due color I a vibration and each vibration is related to certain natural imprint on the human emotion process. I work to create an emotional path that can get in a deep mind field. Each work has its own mood and in every one there is a story that anyone can interpret in their own way.”


Bea Paintings @bea_paintings
Bea is a self-taught Norwegian artist, who specializes in acrylics.
Her paintings are often intuitive and semi abstract. Bea is inspired by nature and the changing seasons, and has a strong affection for colours.
“I seek to create a feeling of joy and excitement in my paintings, and hopefully the viewer gets the same feeling.”



The Brick Lane Gallery

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