Art in Mind | 25th April – 5th May



Art in Mind | 25th April – 5th May

Preview Night: Wednesday 24th April, 6:00 – 8:30 pm

Open: 10am – 6pm Monday to Saturday, 12 – 6pm Sunday


The Brick Lane Gallery is delighted to present the dynamic and evocative works of our contemporary artist in the latest exhibition ‘Art in Mind’. From vibrant photography to organic ceramics, our exhibition features a vibrant selection of works that promise to captivate and inspire. Join us in celebration of the talent and creativity of our featured artist and embark on our journey through their unique vision.



Angela Thouless, Teresa D’Elia, Cello, Lydia Cotton & Daniel Hertel-Cournoyer


Angela Thouless‘s spray can painting series uniquely blends the vibrant palette and compositional elements of graffiti with the traditional aesthetic of tribal masks. Through her work, Angela aims to celebrate diversity and promote a sense of togetherness, emphasising the beauty of unity within our global tribe. Her work breaks down aesthetic barriers and also cultivates a sense of belonging, underscoring the harmony in our diversification.

Italian artist Teresa D’elia unveils her latest exhibition in London, presenting a vibrant collection inspired by her 2023 journey to Africa. Renowned for her expressive prowess and distinctive style, Teresa’s artworks engage the audience, weaving a rich personal narrative with the vivid hues of her travels, captured through oil, acrylic, and ink. Driven by a constant desire to communicate with her viewers, Teresa shares reflections of her past and aspirations through her art. Her technique brings to life the most captivating experiences of her travels. Her previous exhibition highlighted a profound connection to the nuances of colour in contemporary times.

Cello, an Italian photographer residing in London, unveils a striking collection of images that vividly encapsulate London’s vibrant and unconventional diversity through a unique artistic lens. By encapsulating the city’s raw, ever-moving atmosphere, the artist compels the audience to cherish the momentum, view daily routines as adventures through a new lens of delicate tenderness, and embrace a mindful ambiance.

Lydia Cotton, founder of Rock Garden Ceramics, introduces “Clay on Canvas,” a fusion of pottery and painting. Finding beauty in the errors of disorder, Lydia saw beauty where others saw chaos. Rather than removing the natural marks made during the pottery process, she chose to eternalise these clay impressions in her wheel thrown vases and handcrafted canvases. In her artwork the artist discovers the beauty of mindfulness,solace and freedom of the creative potential.

Artist Daniel Hertel-Cournoyer, originally from Cleveland, brings his unique vision to his hometown of Sorel-Québec. With a background in history from Cleveland State University, Daniel has exhibited his photography and paintings internationally, garnering acclaim for his original techniques like Extrusionism.




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