Abstract Art International | 8th – 19th May 2024

Abstract Art International | 8th – 19th May

Preview Night: Wednesday 8th May, 6:00 – 8:30 pm

Open: 10am – 6pm Monday to Saturday, 12 – 6pm Sunday

The Brick Lane Gallery is delighted to present six distinct voices from across the globe united in a compelling exhibition of Abstract Art, showcasing a vibrant tableau of innovative forms and expressions.


Yi-Chiao Chen, Chia-Yin Lin, Hsiao-Ching Chen, Hsin-Po Lin, Max Turland & Ingrid Jinca.

‘Abstract Art International‘ is a celebration of artistic diversity bringing together six distinctive voices from around the world in a dynamic showcase which promises to intrigue visitors with its explorative forms and abstract artistry.

Yi-Chiao Chen, based in Taipei and London, brings a unique perspective to the exhibition with her paintings that explore the interplay of line, colour, and nature and concern themselves with the subject of Mother and Child, a notable work of which was exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery and reviewed by Waldemar Januszczak and offers a glimpse into the ethereal realm of energy and consciousness. She leads the ‘Chiao Artist’s Group’ which brings together Artists based in or who hail from Taiwan, of which she and the following 3 artists are part of the collective.

Chia-Yin Lin, from Taipei, delves into the sensitivity of raw emotions. Drawing inspiration from Buddhist philosophy of impermanence and the interplay of oil and water, Chia-Yin’s artworks serve as a reflection of her ongoing emotional journey. “ I realised that the reason why I suffered is because I did not want to accept impermanence.”, says Chia-Yin. “My works are created to capture my ongoing emotions.”

Hsiao-Ching Chen, born in Taiwan and based in Taipei, believes that abstract art is originally a product of another time and space. Offering a unique perspective on abstract art through her textured and layered compositions, Hsiao-Ching invites viewers to embark on a journey of self-discovery and introspection. “In order for the three-dimensional viewer to experience it concretely,” she adds, “it is necessary to use media that can be sensed by the three-dimensional body for creation.”

Hsin-Po Lin, a multidisciplinary artist and costume designer from Taipei, brings a playful and experimental approach to art by incorporating a diverse range of materials and techniques into his creations. From leather armour inspired by ancient Greek mythology to whimsical bunny sculptures crafted from toilet paper, Lin’s artworks are a testament to his boundless creativity. Using traditional Chinese New Year elements in his work, such as red envelopes and scrolls, he plans to invigorate the exhibition atmosphere and with an injection of ‘Year of the Dragon’ energy, an element he hopes others find ‘fascinating’.

Max Rafaël Turland is a French/Dutch artist based in Paris. Exhibition guests are first greeted by impressively-sized, politically explorative works filled with a speech in which Max remarks on topics such as community divides and gun violence. With a debut collection that has garnered acclaim across Europe and North America, Turland’s upcoming exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery, London marks a significant milestone in his artistic journey as his first exhibition in the UK.

Ingrid Jinca, originally from Romania and now based in London, rounds out the exhibition with her fluid and dynamic alcohol ink work. Her art typically incorporates acrylics, collages and textures that explore the abstract nuances of nature. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, Ingrid’s art offers a moment of contemplation and invites viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty of the ephemeral. “Each piece serves as a dialogue between the viewer and the natural world,” Ingrid says, “the process involves a deep sense of intuition and spontaneity.”

Join us at The Brick Lane Gallery for our “Abstract Art International” Exhibition opening night on the 8th of May from 6 to 8.30 pm and hear talks from the Artists from 7 pm onwards.

We hope to see you there! For tickets to this event see our event brite page [Link] or contact us directly at info@thebricklanegallery.com