Photography Now May 2018


8th – 21st May 2018

Preview: Wednesday 9th May 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery, 93-95 Sclater Street, London, E1 6HR





Antonio Sorrentino is an Italian photographer who lives in the Peruvian Andes where he is experiencing life through the ancient Andean practice and developing photography focused on documenting indigenous communities and their traditions. “Apu – A spiritual Geography of the Andes” is a story about the relationship of respect that Andean people have with the spirits of their mountains (Apu). Antonio participated in several exhibitions in Europe and South America and has published his editorial work in international magazines. He studied a Master of Documentary Photography and Narrative at EFTI Madrid and a Master of Visual Arts, Photography and Creative Projects at UMH in Spain. He has worked as a photographer in Lima, Peru, where he founded a photographic agency named Phoss, as well as teaching at Corriente Alterna, a visual arts academy in Lima. |


Aria Rose is a photographer whose work focuses on femininity and how it is expressed in nature, in history, and in our day to day lives. ‘This does not limit my work to a certain type of person but instead allows me to focus on different manifestations of femininity and the movement and fluidity between them. Living in Washburn, WI, on the shores of Lake Superior, nature surrounds and informs me. An area that has farmed for well over a century, there is something enchanting — in a romantic sense — about the pastoral degrading back into nature, as fields turn into forest and barns start to crumble. Just as we shape the land, my work is shaped by the landscape. I capture everyday fragments — ephemeral, visceral, intimate’. | |


Benjy Owusu-Daaku (CPMX SIMPLICITY) is a freelance photographer based in London, who expresses a particular focus on people, music and colour. ‘More than most things in my life, the trinity of my Christian faith, my love for hip hop and pursuit to capture this through photography has been the driving force behind my artistic direction. Both my faith and the spoken word through hip hop have the power to articulate the many situations I have been in and to give hope where there seems to be none. This body of work aims to showcase these interwoven themes in a manner that has influences from the sometimes dark and mysterious to bright and playful 90’s Hip Hop’. |





Jacqui Dean is an award-winning Sydney based professional photographer and artist. Her work is held in numerous collections and by Adelaide University, Port Noarlunga Art Gallery in S.A. and the Bundanon Trust. Her commercial work focuses on architecture and form, while her art practice explores the natural world, hidden forms and processes of change and transformation.

Translucence is a body of work inspired by the unseen beauty hidden within plants and flowers. In exploring both Australian and introduced flora I see a strong correlation between poetic currents and equivalent patterns also seen and felt in nature. In pursuing this visual beauty through digital imaging, I am nourished by family, Nature and friendship. But above all, as the novelist Nabokov once proclaimed, it is the divinity within the detail (of Nature) that inspires my vision. A small, expectant gathering of seeds waiting, hidden within a flowers petals can now be clearly witnessed through the Xrayograms I have created for Translucence. It is Nature that has given birth to this visual feast not any single process.

Jacqui has exhibited widely, including solo and group exhibitions at the 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 Head On Photo Festivals in Sydney; Ballarat Photography Festival; Gallery 1140, Malvern Victoria; the 2011 Loupe Awards in Melbourne, and successive Canon Australian Professional Photography Award exhibitions over the past two decades. In 2012 her show TRANSLUCENCE was a featured exhibition at Head On. In 2014 it was exhibited at the Maud Creative Gallery, Newstead, Brisbane, and was also a featured show in Shimmer Photo Biennale, Port Noarlunga Art Gallery where Translucence was voted the most popular photographic exhibition and earned Jacqui the Robert McFarlane inaugural prize. In 2015 Translucence was also exhibited at Inverell Regional Art Gallery, 2017 Black Eye Gallery Darlinghurst, Sydney and is currently showing at Shoalhaven Regional Art Gallery,Nowra NSW Jacqui has been extensively involved in the photographic industry, holding Board positions with the ACMP and the AIPP, and was the first female AIPP President (2006-2008). |


Martin de la Foi is exhibiting two works in his unique DELAFOI-method of ‘Print & Destroy’, that aims to produce the highest form of exclusive photography. The result is that the owner will be in possession of the only existing copy. Each print using ‘Print & Destroy’ is guaranteed 1 of 1 since all original print files are deleted post production. The image will not – and can not – be reprinted. In the world of photography this is extremely rare – probably unique – but it’s both significant and aligned with the over all creative process of Martin de la Foi. ’To let things go is a very special feeling for a photographer. We are used to several photo copies, different sizes and there is always that feeling, that possibility, that you can go back and change whatever you think needs changing. But by fully committing to a ‘print and destroy production’ I eliminate all of that. It makes me sharper, it makes me better’. | |









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