London Art Prize





The meeting and the think tank of the creatives

1 0 – 1 3 MAY 2 0 1 8



From the British Museum to the National Gallery, from the Halls of the Tate Modern to the

Victoria & Albert Museum, up to the numerous galleries and exhibition spaces,

London is one of the most vibrant cities in the world where every form

of art finds its space. 


And it is right in the heart of the East End, in one of the places that have become a symbol a

London, which will host the “GREAT MASTER” International Award , in the area

always considered the meeting point and the think tank of the creatives and where each artist

in a flash it achieves unprecedented international visibility: Brik Lane.



Brick Lane is a vivid cultural and artistic centre, a Glamorous corner

becoming famous all over the world. The place where artists are born and

new trends grow, ranging from music, fashion and environments

of the new world… Graffiti Art, Bansky and Ben Eine to name a few.

The exhibition space Brick Lane Gallery, will host the exhibition of the works of

a selected number of International Artists among the best performers

contemporaries ranging from painting to sculpture and photography in

variegated range of different styles and techniques that will dialogue with each other

in the footsteps of the Great Masters.



From Leonardo Da Vinci to Picasso, from Caravaggio to Monet, from Raffaello to Van

Gogh, from Botticelli to Cezanne, in London it is possible to admire the masterpieces of the

greatest Masters of all time.

The “Great Master” International Prize is inspired by the Great Masters

of the past that have always represented the source to which every artist is

it relates and compares itself, making a synthesis of the story but with the gaze directed

to the future in the continuous relationship between tradition and progress, between conservation

and innovation.


The Great Masters are not those of Ancient Art, but all those Artists who

they have made art the reason for their existence and through them

it draws on that creative energy that transforms them into a channel of

transmission to spread to humanity the highest feelings to which man is

never arrived.


All the artists taking part in the exhibition will receive the prize

“Great Master” 


Cultural Association ArtetrA