Art in Mind 7th – 18th November 2018

Art in Mind

7th – 18th November 2018

Preview: Wednesday 7th November 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery: 216 Brick Lane | London | E1 6SA | UK



This exhibition brings together a collection of thought-provoking and exciting work from contemporary artists in a variety of mediums and styles. From collage to wood-work to painting to photography amongst many, the Art in Mind exhibition is a sensory delight, inviting the viewer to explore and enage with each different piece.



ALEXANDRA HEASON studied Fine art at Falmouth University, and is a portrait painter and sculptural artist. Heason’s work explores the tortured, suppressed, and oppressed state of the female mind during the 19th century, and the stereotype of ‘The mad woman in the attic’. As of late she has become intrigued with archiving, documenting, and reporting the condition of the mind of real women incarcerated in public and private asylums, and uncovering as much undocumented information as she can about the women, their illnesses, and the treatment they received. Through her work, a restrained figure emerges from the gloom and shadow: there is a haunted, yet brutish and animalistic echo to the work; as if the female is a caged, trapped animal. Oil paint is applied and simultaneously stripped and sanded back upon a wood surface to show the degradation and frailty of the female’s mental state. This is often mixed with other materials such as turpentine, oil, wax, bleach, soap, and glue. The paintings are often left outside for prolonged periods of time to create damp and watermarks. After this, the piece may be burnt with a wax candle. Despite the obvious constant deterioration of the portrait, there is always a whisper of who the woman portrayed once was: Demur – fragile – human. The work may act as a report on the stereotype and treatment of mental illness over 150 years ago, but it still recognises and celebrates that these women are by all accounts, human beings.


JUAN EMILIO CHECA QUEVEDO (WABI-SABI CON MOJO) Juan Emilio Checa Quevedo, was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where he currently resides. His works are primarily acrylic on canvas. Having studied Engineering, he acquired a base knowledge of technical drawing. His creative father has influenced Juans work greatly. He explores the idea of searching for beauty through imperfection. Checa’s artistic vision is an accumulation of organized chaos, in which the equilibrium of disorder itself is sought, and his art reflects this. His work almost vibrates with movement; the rich texture of the white paint against the darker lines that almost break through suggest this idea of order and chaos, conversing with one another.


NIYA is a Turkish artist, born in Britain and based in Southampton and Istanbul. She has created her own style/ technique using the pen and ink medium; her works are detailed and thought provoking. Niya’s work is surrealist and symbolic; “There is trauma, headache, dilemmas and happiness found in my work”. Her work is almost mythical, with delicate pen marks that appear to almost move. Each drawing tells a story, rich with symbolism the eye darts from the ace of spades to a silhouette of a woman. A narrative unfolds from image to image, the composition of her art almost rhythmic. Niya invites us into an enchanting fantasy realm.



STEWART SMITH was born in Hackney. He has recently completed a series of oil paintings from the East End. These stark views contrast the old with the new and are in homage to the working class painters of the East End Group of the 1930’s. Smith’s depth of perspective is almost cinematic as well as voyeuristic, as if we are peering through a window out onto a river or looking at a still of a house surrounded by trees. His attention to detail and vivid colour palette brilliantly captures the grey, haziness of London and balances the stillness with the noise. His art is conversational, each painting with its own narrative.


PHOEBE BODDY’s art is stimulated by the environment and theories of psycho-geography; whereby she explore the psychological effects and behavioral changes ones environment can trigger. Collecting memories, thoughts and feelings as an archiver, Boddy is inspired by the joy of discovery as she interacts with her surroundings. All of Boddy’s experiences and everything that exists around her is challenging her internal processes and therefore provides an influential basis for her work. While making her pieces, she “contrasts the fluid, spontaneous movements with other obviously deliberate and static marks to reflect the infinite variations we endure within our environment; As if contrasting the idea of chance and control; choice and fate. My work becomes an exploration into internal and external subjects that exist through perpetual change and transformation.”



Bernd DentRich is a self-taught artist, who grew up in Germany, near Stuttgart and has been in London since 2009. His work is diverse and often complex, he creates evocative pieces that are multi-layered and textured. DentRich is a keen collector of unusual and unique things, which he often uses in his art. He has been influenced by British and international street art. His earlier work has some reference to tribal arts and his more recent work moves him from traditional painting into collage style art.
The work displayed in this exhibition has darker undertones; DentRich references the fleeting nature of human existence as well as alluding to something higher and unnamed through his choice of medium. The Tic Tac Toe series is a 3D /collage work style where at least 50% of the picture is made of old toys and other used objects. DentRich’s idea is to create a story and give new life to those objects, inspired by moments in day to day life, emotions, world history, life and expectations.

SUA ROSE KIM is an artist, photographer, actor and director based in London. Her work is atmospheric: smoky and sultry. It crackles and pops. The grainy, layered imagery evokes a sense of intrigue and mystery. Like a puzzle, Kim provokes us to answer the question her images seem to pose, to solve the riddle. The layering technique creates a very visually stimulating composition, we find more and more elements the longer we look.

OLEG PANCHUK “My art is my voice, an interpretation of my thoughts, emotions and desires. Through my artwork I try to capture the movement of life  and bring the outside in. I work  to develop art that speaks both to me and to others about the beauty that exists.

I work with oil paints as my main medium as well as trying to bring the well forgotten art of hand wood carving back to life”.