Portraits 7th – 18th November 2018


7th – 18th November 2018

Preview: Wednesday 7th November 18:00 – 20:30

The Brick Lane Gallery – The Annexe

93-95 Sclater Street | London | E1 6HR | UK




The portraits exhibition in the annexe is a wonderful mix of styles and genres: each artist expresses themselves in their own way. This exhibition is a bright and bold visual experience, celebrating each artist’s talent. A range of art works come together to create a unique and engaging show.


K M GAVAGHAN ­­­­work touches on subjects such as growing up with Tourette’s, anxiety, religion and politics with the Irish community, failed relationships and the loss of loved ones. He paints organically straight onto the canvas with little planning or preparation. This process allows his images to grow from his subconscious, building from and reflecting his own unstructured growth in life. His paintings continue to develop throughout the process often changing their personality many time before settling on what he believes is, a reflection of truth within his thoughts.



Liz De Menezes is originally from Brazil and has lived in London since 2010. In the last year, Menezes has begun using pieces of paper and glue in her work. Each piece reflects her enthusiasm and the way in which she as an artist is always evolving. The rich tonal palette of her work and her use of icons and celebrities is bold and exciting. It combines the bright colours and deliberate, dark outlines of pop art with an earthy, painterly quality that is visually compelling. Her work is joyful and endearing; “Art is part of my essence… more than a job it is a passion.”



Jonathan Howard is a London based artist and film-maker who creates fashion portraits with oil on canvas. His dynamic use of colour and texture captures the movement and texture of the material, the fluidity of fabric is shown in Howards work. The geometric, linear patterns add depth to his images and also present his unique point of view; his work is as graceful as its subject.



JardinOne is an avant-garde artist based in France. His work is eclectic and engaging, referencing icons from pop culture such as Pinocchio or Snoopy, his work is provocative and appears to comment on society. The richness of his palette and the texture of his pieces is eye-catching and evocative.



Andy Jouan ‘The past few years co-creating my own life along with astrology and creativity I am expressing this journey through my work.

The past 12 months Jupiter the benefic guru an expansive energy in our inner and outer world has been transiting Scorpio, the Zodiac sign that represents the deep unconscious, taboos, sex, death, transformation, taxes and inheritance…’

This work encourages us to not fear these areas but by exploration into the unconscious realms the healing process can begin. As an interesting collective energy when Jupiter entered Scorpio 12 months ago the #metoo movement expanded and the begining of change, empowerment and healing began.

What realms does the inner guru encourage you to explore?”