Photography Now 23rd October – 5th November


24th October – 4th November 2018
Preview: Wednesday 7th November 18:00 – 20:30
The Brick Lane Gallery- The Annexe, 93-95 Sclater Street, London, E1 6HR.


Fille Roelants is a Belgian based photographer with one goal: to travel and capture the whole world through his lens. When he’s not travelling, he is photographing weddings from Tuscany to Thailand, or photographing some of the world’s biggest festivals. Capturing beautiful light and special moments are his driving force. Whether he’s surfing a wave in Rio, or climbing a mountain top in New Zealand in the middle of the night, he always carries his camera with him to capture the unforeseen. The works depicted here include the lush beaches of Rio de Janeiro, a red tree forest, sand dunes, a lonely tree and a mountain top in New Zealand, a balloon gathering in France, a carpet of purple smoke in Belgium, and a Natural swimming pool in Cuba.

Ionut Caras was born in Romania in the late 70’s and is currently devoted to photography. All profits will be donated to the “Sf. Maria” Children Hospital through the Little People Association ( and/or the Regional Institute of Oncology. The artist believes that “you love the things that happen around so you always have a camera to capture moments, and then turn them into dreams and positive images of what you want. Pre-visualization is always nice. When I have a strong character, if I have a vision of how I want to use the image, I can create a scene in my head, long before I get home and sit in front of the computer. Other times, I have an idea and I look for a particular item to be able to bring my vision to life. My vision of a new work never ends. I find it easy to discover the beauty and interesting things in almost everything around me.” He would like the viewer to form their own unique reaction and be surprised with this wonderful work.

Max Ballhaus is a Photographer from Göttingen, Germany. He currently works as a photographer for a newspaper and before that he studied French and History. The inspiration for Ballhaus’ photography comes from the people he meets. He works to capture the beauty of brief moments before they fade away. His pictures are a collection of these interactions.

Nicholas Gentilli has been an architectural photographer all of his working life. Places and spaces interest and fascinate him. Nicholas’ work explores both the power of the single image and the rhythm and opportunity achieved through constructed images. He notes that “the initial challenge is to find a space or place that resonates beyond its immediate 3 dimensional form. The manner in which the environment speaks to me, informs my artistic expression going forward. Having considered this carefully, and only over several days, do I start taking photographs in great detail and numbers. Generally, I now use high-end digital cameras or 35mm hand-held cameras. Armed with my photographs, I start a lengthy review in the studio. This acts as a filtering process. Sometimes, if required and the opportunity presents itself, I will return to re-shoot. Slowly – and ever so rewardingly – the imagined place crystallises and I will move onto Photoshop to both build and create it. This represents the next and final stage in my artistic process.” The photographs featured are from his imaginary places series, which explores the relationship between place and time. The addition of countless elements from other images to form the constructed images explores the inherent tension and visual opportunity that lies between a still single image and a movie. The format of these pieces further strengthens this exploration.

Cody Choi is a professional dancer and photographer focussing on dance portraiture and theatre photography.
Cody’s dance photography journey started as he toured and danced around the world with Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake for 3 years. Capturing different places, theatres and fellow dancers whom he went on the road with filled his days.