8th – 19th June

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LUCY MACQUEEN – @lucymacqueen_art

Lucy MacQueen is British, though she lives in the US. She has shown Texas, New York and Santa Fe and is now, finally, showing in London where it all began!

Lucy MacQueen is a landscape painter whose work depicts the changing light on land and water. Her intention, expressed by reducing her compositions to their simplest forms, is for the viewer to find themselves somewhere familiar, to jog a memory or lose themselves in the brooding sky or gently glinting water.


Maureen Gillespie – @maureengillespieart

Born in Limerick, Ireland. Now residing in Oxfordshire. Self-taught. Awarded Artist Residency at Cill Rillaigh. Exhibition for BNP Paribas in Jersey, regular exhibitor in the Cotswolds’. Featured in the Oxford Artbook.

Passionate about art, working in oil. Inspired by nature, capturing the mood, light atmosphere of Rural and Urban Land and Seascapes. Evoking a memory of a place or time.


Chantal Hulshoff – @chantal_hulshoff_art

Chantal her personality is reflected in her artwork. Enthusiastic, driven, creative. Always curious, playful and adventures.

The details in her work really bring it to life and give it real presence. She is known for her great visual language. She is not afraid to spread her creative wings. Always trying new things; in the use of structure, in combining different media as well as in the use of color combinations. She has a natural feeling for color and a good eye for composition. This combined with her curiosity and braveness result in colorful energetic artworks.

Chantal lives in a rural area of the Netherlands, where nature lives around the corner. This is her greatest source of inspiration. In nature she sees the hand of the Great Creator. His tender care, unending creativity and love for details move and inspire her.

Flying geese appear in almost all of Chantal’s works. To her they stand for being courageous and going where adventure calls you to go. For being true to yourself, to your hopes and dreams, using your talent and gifts. For daring to shine your light and being authentic. Following the whispers of your heart, the lure of His dreams about you.

“I hope that people find something in my work that resonates with their soul. That they may discover new things in all the layers of the painting every time they look at it. I want my art to be uplifting, empowering and life giving. With my art I want to show something of the love and light of the Great Creator. “


Emma Jackson –

An ethereal experience of an audience when viewing performance arts inspired my research, with a focus on dramatization of the mundane. Absence, loss, and memory are core themes during investigations into the transmogrification of the everyday to the theatrical. Observed and imagined landscapes serve as manifestations of a moment in time – an extension of the ‘self’ now departed.


Marie-Pierre de Gottrau – @mpdegttrau

Everything that has value for me is a source of inspiration. Paradoxically, it is also what is most fragile today, I mean culture, nature, and painting. I would like to evoke them in my works as references for the well-being of the viewer.

I liked what I saw, and I represented it. Whoever looks at this representation must in turn feel the same joy!”


Katy Hands – @katyhandsart 

Originally from Herefordshire, Katy finds peace in nature finding moments of calm and quiet and revelling in the nature order of things. Katy draws on these elements of getting lost in the wilderness. Immerse yourself in wildflower meadows, peaceful riverbanks, and coastlines. Explore a world bursting with colour, heavy textures and richness of oil paintings that capture the imagination. Katy is an artist in love with colour, these vivacious pieces turn natural subjects into bright, bold statements that aim to capture the energy of the natural world.

Katy is versatile, she uses a range of techniques and styles throughout her works, from bold palette knives to softer blended layers (akin to a watercolour-like finish). Best known for her natural Landscapes and her use of the elements to create an atmosphere Katy aims to bring the outside in. A window into the world. She enjoys the freedom to play and experiment with textures, colours, and mediums to create these vibrant pieces to bring joy and playfulness into clients’ worlds. Her work is collected and enjoyed by clients around the world.


Alejandra Mijares – @alejendramijaresart 

Alejandra Mijares is an artist born in 1988 in Mexico City, Mexico. She currently works in Geneva, Switzerland, where she lives with her husband and daughter.

Alejandra’s artwork stems from the study of nature, a passion for colour and inspiration from the poetic landscape and environments of animated film, among other unlikely references. This process results in pieces that combine familiar natural elements with a fantastic aspect.


Mariana Gumeniuc – @artmg4u 

“I am a self-taught artist from the Republic of Moldova, and from an early childhood I had a strong interest in painting.

I started studied at the Art School, but in short time I abandoned it. 18 years later, after moving to London, I decided to re-enter the world of art. From 2018 I follow my vocation in Art and color my own story! Each painting is a whole life, the inspirations come from what my eyes see, and then my mind combines them. Sensual woman is the main subject of my paintings. I use acrylics and oils that I mix directly on the canvas to give life to the ideas I have in mind. All my paintings have my personal signature as MG, from my name, Mariana Gumeniuc.

I participated in the exhibitions at Parallax Art Fair in February 2020 and October 2021, and I have a portfolio of about 50 paintings, of which 20 are sold.”


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