Abstract Art & Art in Mind | 14th to 24th April

Abstract Art
Art in Mind

14th to 24th April

Private view: 13th April, 6:00 – 8:30pm

This exhibition will present the work of 10 UK and international artists working with Abstract and Contemporary Art.
The focus for this exhibition will be on emerging and mid-career artists.
We hope you can join us at the opening on the 13th of April from 6 to 8.30 pm

10am – 6pm Monday to Friday
12 – 6pm Sunday



Nick Munier
Magdalena Targonska
Miguelle Mahuton
Maya May Jex
Eunsom Kwon
Katy Hands

Neisha Sullivan
Hanele Arts

JJ.PELA @jj.pela
I was born a long time ago in Warsaw … in winter. Now it’s spring and I’m in London…. For over 25 years I have been designing and making interior decorations … for others. My inner design was still waiting … and finally, one day it sprouted. And with great joy I watch it develop … and me together with it. I am inspired by our life … our world, still beautiful and generous. My work illustrates my thoughts, fears, questions, joy, love … life. The wood in which my sculptures are made, comes only from fallen trees.. . The technique is taken from the ancient, traditional Japanese technology of processing wood for construction – Shou Sugi Ban. However, “my fire” does not only heat wood, but is a chisel that gives shape, structure or color to a sculpture. It shows that it not only destroys wood by turning it into ash, but can also extend its life … combined with poetry and photo inspiration to have a new story. I believe that you can add something of yours to it… it is good to see you …


EUNSOM KWON @eunsomkw0n

We cover the ground and make nature. We exist nature in the position and form- like parks, flower beds, and pots in the city-we want and live by caring for each other. I pay attention to the plants in the city which-smoothly connects tension and relaxation in our lives-are similar with kind of urban residents who have to fulfill their roles and appearances

The photo works of this exhibition are the scenes of overlapping round boxwoods taken by setting the same distance between the camera and the plant. They were just like piles of green circles. But they had various shapes and sizes and when their identification photos are overlapped, its immersion allows plants to face as the main background as an auxiliary background in our daily life in the city and makes us feel both the fresh energy and tension of nature.

Photography and painting, which are the media I mainly deal with, are also ironic itself. Expressing a tree on a canvas made by breaking a tree, I have an intersection with urban development that covers the ground and plants as needed. Even the tree I created is not a plant, but a lump of paint and an image that does not require water and sunlight, a piece of data. I don’t mean to reject all plant-breaking activities and cry out for a return to the original state. By looking at things I was indifferent or taken for granted from a different angle, I hope I will recognize that there is life there, and that beautiful coexistence and vitality with them will be enriched in my life


KATY HANDS @katyhandsart

Katy is an artist in love with colour. Being self trained has allowed her the freedom to play and experiment with textures, colours and mediums to create vibrant pieces. Katy’s work is predominantly in Oil paints and she adopts a range of styles that aim to capture the imagination of the viewer to bring joy and playfulness into their worlds. Her work is collected and enjoyed by clients around the world.

MAGDALENA TARGONSKA @@targonskamagdalena

Magdalena Targonska (Age 44) City of Bath-based. Polish Artist/Photographer Modern and Contemporary (online Art Gallery) Based in the City of Bath, United Kingdom. In private life Mother of two sons.

From my youngest years, I was learning arts from Professor of Arts Robert G. in The House of Culture, Zamosc in Poland. When I was around 10 years old, I took place in lots of Art Gallery Events, Exhibitions, and Art Performances. I was creative very active in singing and playing guitar and instruments also composed later music on the piano. In my earlier years, I took part in theater permeances in School and the City of Zamosc. House of Culture of Zamosc was like my second home where I meet my artistic friends sharing the same talent: singing, painting, dancing, acting, and performances in also band for several years. I was graduated and finished the School of Economics, Zamosc with a Diploma of Maturity: in Economics, History, Language, Geography. With the title Tech. Economist.

Even I was working in management and office. I never stopped creating my art, I was doing always some paintings, drawings, designs also digital arts, and public relations. I was runner-up in a big photo contest in 2011 at Natural History Museum, London. Where I was awarded a Crystal trophy and won prize also and Winning Photo framed with emblems of Natural History Museum and Veolia, Category-Places (Scottish Town Perth-photo from the time when I was leaving in Aberdeen, Scotland) The contest was with 37ooo enterers. My creativity is Expression/Abstract Art and several years of voluntary photography for a local newspaper in the City of Bath also Teaching for Polish School in Bath and Book Reader/Supporter for English Primary School in Bath.

I finished Courses about Culture and Art like the History of Royal Fashion, Glasgow University, and Historic Royal Places. Also Course how to make a Poem, Metropolitan University Manchester.

I am an accomplished artist who works with a range of freedom of expression and abstract arts. My paints are thoughtful in time when I create. To the reality of objects or my imagination, I’m adding my abstract of going time to it. Sometimes My artworks need a special time to be finished because of the picture backgrounds with custom layers in other my techniques. I like to blend techniques into my style. I found this such a Joy. One of my favorites techniques is mixing Acrylic Paint with Pastels on special paper also painting on canvas which makes special texture, oil paints, ink, watercolor, manual art, woodworking, and photography light and form. I use my artistic skills to create: Illustrations, portraits, paintings and drawings of humans, nature, photography, prints, custom individual projects and designs, pen ink, and watercolors subject of my art is created in Contemporary and Modern Fine Arts, Abstract and Expression, Postimpressionism in nature, Surreal Fantasy, poem writing, Mythology Greek Characters and Philosophers with post-impressionistic Figures and Architecture, Astronomy Art-Planets and Universe, Portraits, Flowers, Nature. Rare, Unique, Artworks and Designs. Custom for collective art and photography collection and Limited-Edition Prints with Magdalenas Targonska Character of creation.


MAYA MAY JEX @maymayjex

British artist, mixed race Indian and English, studied Painting at Camberwell College of Arts.My work portrays distortion and illusion using abstract objects to explore an imaginary space in which things do not behave as expected. My intention is to create works that capture ones attention, pull the viewer in and exploit a willingness to believe in the optical illusions present in the work. I am intrigued by the ability paint holds to represent a fake or imagined three dimensional space on a two dimensional stage – something that is impossible to do in reality as one is bound by the laws of physics. My paintings begin as sketches outlining form and direction without a solid preconceived idea of how the ?inal outcome will look. I allow the compositions to grow intuitively, often changing elements such as colour and shadow multiple times until it feels harmonious as a composition. I use checkerboard patterns to convey a clear sense of direction – the squares move with the objects, giving the illusion of movement to what would otherwise be static blocks of colour, acting as contours to emphasise the warped distortion of the imaginary space.


MIGUELLE MAHUTON motionsandemotionsartgallery.com
A self-taught artist from Benin currently living in Nigeria, Miguelle Mahuton holds a master’s degree in Human Resources and communication. Her passion for an art started during her childhood when she did many landscapes using pen and also writing short stories.

When she became an adult she worked in a publishing house which brought her to reconnect with her artistic background and live in the professional world of writing and creations.


NEISHA SULLIVAN @neishasullivanartistry

I am a self-taught USA based fluid artist with a love of bold color as well as soft effects. I have been practicing fluid art for over a year now and continue to fall in love with it as time goes on. From selecting the colors to watching the compositions take shape, it is a thrilling experience for me. This is my second gallery event and I am excited to share with you the pieces I have carefully selected.

Nature is my biggest inspiration when it comes to color selection and is the primary inspiration for my collection at this gallery event. Each piece displays different elements of nature whether it be a hidden snake in “Hide and Snake”, the sand and waves in “Beachy Bliss”, the blossoming flowers and leafing trees in “Spring Stroll” or the striking colors of a sunset in “Vortex Sunset”. I hope my artwork sparks your imagination and a sense of joy as you view them!


NICK MUNIER @nmunier
Art has been my passion from a young age and I have a strong desire to create.

A lot of love flows into my work and abstract art in general appeals to me so much because the outcome is never fixed during the creative process.

Painting allows me to escape from the world of restaurants, everyday visuals, colours, music, places and fashion are sources of inspiration to me.

I enjoy working with bright primary colours and I mainly paint with acrylics with a rubber tool or spatula.


JON LLEWELYN @formworks_studio
Formworks Studio was founded by Jon Llewelyn in 2016. His inspiration is drawn from bold and geometric styles found in mid century architecture, furniture design, graphic art and the Bauhaus movement which, while studying typographic design at the London College of Printing, began to heavily influence his work before recently moving back to Wales where he now works as a practising artist.

Jon’s carefully considered works embrace the naturally occurring free and explorative creative process challenging the viewer’s sense of perception, depth and space, by exploring and exposing the boundless relationship of bold geometry, perspectives and colour play.

Strongly committed to originality and exclusivity of his work, each digital art edition is uniquely signed and numbered, and limited to ten or twenty editions. Acrylic and mixed media paintings are single editions and commissions are undertaken on request. In addition to the website’s curated collection, bespoke private and commercial projects may be undertaken.

The prints featured in the online gallery are available in various or bespoke sizes. Please check the specifications of each print for available sizing. Prints are sold framed or unframed.


HANELE ARTS @hanele_arts

My new found love for an art came as a direct result of a lockdown and me being 8 months furloughed. I opened myself to a whole new world and I started building up my confidence as an artist through a series of challenges. I manage to grow my portfolio (from a few to a few hundred paintings), my online presence, been exhibited in a local gallery, published in a prestigious magazine and most importantly I haven’t stopped painting. I come from a humble background, small town in Czech Republic, where I studied languages at local grammar school. I was never really sure where I fit until now and it has been the most enjoyable journey.

My paintings reflect my state of mind, my memories, my humour and my sassy attitude to life. I use contrasting, vivid colours and acrylic markers to bring a movement and little playfulness to my art. With every painting I change my perspective, shift my focus, explore different mediums and learn something new about myself. I adore that fluid moment of complete trance when creating a new piece, my esoteric reverie. I love colours, patterns and I like to experiment a lot. Taking chances and pushing my boundaries. You can come and see me at the Bath contemporary art fair on 10th April 2022.


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