Art in Mind | 12th – 22nd May




Art in Mind
12th – 22nd May

Opening Night: 11th May, 6:00 – 8:30pm


Samy Snoussi
Paulina González
Monika Morito
Francisca Pincel
Arundhati Sudan
Katti Borre
Ishmael Lartey
Franz Canins



SAMY SNOUSSI – @samygsnoussi

The “line” has progressively detached itself from the movement that gave birth to it and has fragmented into a succession of lines or points. The essence of drawing is a line that explores, attentive to the slightest changes of rhythm and sensation that occur on the surface and in space.

It is rather a question of reproducing, through the gesture, the rhythms, and the movements of the world.


PAULINA GonzálezGONZÁLEZ CONTRERAS “RËIKA”– @esculturareikarte_

My name is Paulina González Contreras, I am a Mexican sculptress. I have a degree in Visual Arts for sculptural plastic expression. During my trajectory in the art world, I had the fortune to give art classes to children, then work in a foundry-workshop with national and international artists. Nowadays I make my own pieces and art tutorials on the handling of these materials.

Experimenting with different materials led me to the creation of different pieces that share the same objective: to discover the infinite possibilities that exist in the world of sculpture. One of the most interesting things is to know what is behind each piece and how the desired effect was achieved.


MONIKA MORITO – @monicamorito

Monika Morito is a multidisciplinary artist from Munich, Germany. She loves to combine abstract forms with stylized objects in different textures. Having the freedom to work analogue or digital, or even in combination, keeps her work exciting. She finds her inspiration not only in her everyday life through encounters, but especially in the Mediterranean and tropical nature. Having grown up in the Philippines, she would like to awaken in her viewers both their longing and an inner calm through her connection to the sea and the sun.


ISHMAEL LARTEY – @_niilarte

“My first memory of being out at night was in the safety of my brother’s car. As a young child, I was used to waking up at daybreak, and after coming home from school, getting ready for bed before nightfall. This is a significant memory in my life where I got to go out at night with my brother.” The painting gives you the artists’ perspective, placing the audience within a distant but not so far-gone memory. The simplicity of the work aims to evoke the feeling behind the memory as opposed to the memory itself. The mask represents the artists signature and is influenced by West African masks. This signature is entitled “Urban decay”.


FRANCISCA MORALES ALLIENDE – @loscoloresdefrancisca

Francisca is a Chilean artist. She has been interested in art and music since she was a child. She studied at the University of Chile and Universidad Diego Portales, both important educational institutions in Chile. Currently, she is a distinguished painter, graphic designer, and singer-songwriter.

Her works focus on women, embodying different facets of life and history such as sorrow, empowerment, maternity, and love. Moreover, her art also focuses on the sea, especially on its magic, power, and mystery.


SILVERREIGN -@silverreign

A self-taught artist working with Psychedelic and Semantic psychological themes, attempting to replicate utopia within dystopian settings. Her illustrations and chromatic sequences are often driven by Gestalt principles.

Our brains are built to see structure and patterns for us to better understand the environment that we’re living in. Through micro detailing and extensive linework, she attempts to explore how humans’ group similar elements, recognize patterns and simplify complex images. Some of her works have been featured across CryptoArt exhibitions including CryptoArt Week Asia 2021.


KATTI BORRÉ – @kattiborrephotography & @katti_borre_the_artist

A photographer in education, I look for anything that stands out, not necessarily but it’s beauty, and through the medium of photography I create art, which purely exists for its aesthetic value rather than practical purpose. I use photography to create a reality, not as a medium to reflect reality as it is generally perceived; This puts me more in line with a painter than a photographer.


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