Art in Mind & Contemporary Painting | 28th April – 8th May

Art in Mind & Contemporary Painting

28th April – 8th May

Private view: 27th April, 6:00 – 8:30pm

This exhibition will present the work of UK and international artists working with contemporary art and painting.
The focus for this exhibition will be on emerging and mid-career artists.
We hope you can join us at the opening on the 27th of April from 6 to 8.30 pm

10am – 6pm Monday to Friday
12 – 6pm Sunday



ELLIS KING – @elliskingart

Ellis King is an emerging contemporary painter living and working in Norwich. Her work focuses on portraiture of women and explores themes surrounding womanhood and identity – the individual and collective experience – in the 21st century.

King’s work is unique – mediating between figurative and abstract – and her latest series intends to unsettle audiences in both composition and colour, to explore and highlight the societal construct of beauty. Paintings are infused with exaggerated strokes to highlight the presence or absence of features, a representation of us exaggerating parts of ourselves while losing a sense of self.

King’s experiences as a woman are what led her to become an artist and inform the themes of her work. Her work is a voice in the protest gender inequality and, as such, refuses to sit quietly.


JIHAN AL-DIBOUNI – @artbyjihan

Through Tinted Eyes-

I’ve always been inspired by the process and journey of creating art. I enjoy going out and taking photographs, doing observational drawing, and translating what I see into colourful, abstract pieces. When I draw, I visualise my work through line and add colour and texture to bring my images to life. This series explores memory and location. We remember moments and events differently and it can sometimes be disjointed and seen through tinted eyes. The vibrant and playful use of colours, textured lines and blurriness represent this disembodiment of memory.


CELIE LILJA – @celielilja_art 

Curious Coordinations was a project that I studied on my BA Printed Textiles course at Middlesex University in the early 90’s. It was a game changer! I explored controversial themes, juxtaposed with contrasting colours and patterns. My work became very explicit, and I was encouraged to ‘tone it down’, so I compromised and looked at sex in nature and symbolism instead, from the titan arum to oysters.

Nature, erotic art and indigenous objects, such as Kachina dolls are my current interests and I explore these themes through printmaking, painting and collage. Contrast has always been an integral part of my life. I was born in Sweden, grew up in Ethiopia (my parents were scientists) and later came to Brixton. My interest in nature and indigenous objects originates from my formative years in East Africa and the early 90’s ‘underground’ rave scene has influenced my colour palette in terms of the UV paint that I use. The overall aesthetic outcome is important to me, but it’s the process I enjoy the most. I begin by drawing and painting from gallery visits or from photographs that I have taken, often painting directly onto tracing paper which I expose onto silkscreens. I explore different colourways and compositions while I screen print my paintings onto paper or fabric. My body of prints are either one-offs or varied editions. Rejects are worked over with mixed media techniques.


JOHN TEDSTONE – @johntombstone

John Tedstone is a British artist in his thirties working from the midlands.

Having gained a HND in Fine Art at college, he thought the best thing to do would be to leave education entirely, gain a terrible retail job until ultimately ending up in a factory. Despite this creatively devoid existence, he has exhibited in various locations across the UK and internationally.

He is influenced by the natural world, skateboard graphics, punk aesthetics, and booze.

John usually uses paint on canvas to work in his self-titled ‘unrealism’ style. He depicts characters isolated somewhere between the real world and somewhere else, often with a dark sense of humour. Other times the artist just paints for the hell of it avoiding the pretentious nature of explaining his art.

John’s works can be viewed as dreamlike with characters suspended in a lifeless, post-apocalyptic landscape. Or it can be viewed as Laziness on the artist’s behalf.


SELF – @santuariotabularasa 

(SELF) is a Mexican London-based Artist whose practice illuminates the inherent concurrence between the undertaking of the Being-process as such and the finite impermanence of the Being that discerns and fathoms it- unveiling the Self within Self. After graduating from their Master’s Degree as the Royal College of Art (2021) the artist’s exploration manifests through the unabridged embodiment (disembodiment) of sacred

technologies, tattoo technologies, and the performance of Rituals which the artist titles ‘Santuario Tabula Rasa’. Their most recent performances include ‘Glimpses of Satori’, University of Cambridge (2021) and ‘Santuario Tabula Rasa : Śūnyatā’, Asylum Chapel (2021). The installation shown is a unique appearance of a selection of 10 ‘̶ha̶̶nd̶̶s’ out of the 150 (and counting) that are shown in totality as part of ̶Self ‘Santuario Tabula Rasa’ Performance Rituals. ‘H̶a̶̶nd̶̶s’ are placed in a circle surrounding ‘c̶̶o̶n̶ti̶̶n̶ui̶̶ty̶̶’ and ‘̶e̶n̶ti̶̶ty̶’. The entire installation upholds an artwork in Ritual. Outlining the impermanence of form and matter yet proclaiming the agency of the sacred technology within the artwork to be the artwork itself- existing beyond form and tangibility.

The Self within the Self.


TEEBEE – @Teebee8275 

To produce a unique piece of art, set in a pyramid, to be the first to use this format.

Producing original one offs, all designs by the artist.


A BEAUTIFUL CURIOUS – JULES WILD @a_beautiful_curious

Jules Wild is the artist and founder of A Beautiful Curious.

With an obvious love and passion for all things 9loral, Jules’ artwork blends the beautifully romantic side of 9lorals with the grittier side of urban art and graf9iti references. Her work is a colourful, yet edgy and unique juxtaposition of the two, combining collaged, stencilled, painted and photographic elements.

“I love the ebb and 9low of life, the changing seasons and that nothing is ever really static or stable. Flowers are equally 9leeting in their beauty, as is the impermanence of heavily graf9itied walls, pasted with layers of torn posters and peeling club 9lyers. They tell such an interesting and diverse story.

I am also a huge fan of colour as well as mixed media, and through a process of layering and painting, cutting and pasting, my aim is to blend all these disparate elements together into something new, bold, exciting and ultimately everlasting”.

Jules Wild


ROSSELLA VINGELLI – @rossellavingelli 

Rossella Vingelli is a London based Italian conceptual artist. Protagonists of her painting are the imagination and flow of emotions.

Visual memories of everyday life compose her artistic sense in very different aspects: painting, photography, video, and poetry. Everything comes to surface as oneiric, like a result of a hypnosis.

She studied philosophy both in Italy and in England and she is currently doing a MPhil Course in Philosophy at Kingston University.



Formworks Studio was founded by Jon Llewelyn in 2016. His inspiration is drawn from bold and geometric styles found in mid-century architecture, furniture design, graphic art and the Bauhaus movement which, while studying typographic design at the London College of Printing, began to heavily influence his work before recently moving back to Wales where he now works as a practising artist.

Jon’s carefully considered works embrace the naturally occurring free and explorative creative process challenging the viewer’s sense of perception, depth, and space, by exploring and exposing the boundless relationship of bold geometry, perspectives, and colour play.

Strongly committed to originality and exclusivity of his work, each digital art edition is uniquely signed and numbered, and limited to ten or twenty editions. Acrylic and mixed media paintings are single editions and commissions are undertaken on request. In addition to the website’s curated collection, bespoke private and commercial projects may be undertaken.


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